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By Christa Avampato on Feb 26, 2015


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Google rolls out its own ad-blocking service, Contributor

By Joe Kukura on Apr 27, 2015

Ad-blocking software is an anathema to the online advertising industry, which makes it curious that the world’s largest online advertiser is launching a new ad-blocking tool. But Google, which made nearly $60 billion in online advertising last year, is the latest and unlikeliest participant in the boom of ad-blocking software. They call it Google Contributor, and it allows users to block ads on select sites such as The Onion and Mashable for a monthly fee of $2, $5 or $10. Contributor by Google is a cross between a paid membership and a crowdfunding drive and is an out-of-the-box experiment in online ad revenue. The world's largest, wealthiest and most successful online advertising company is doing a crowdfunding campaign. We live in interesting times indeed.  Ad-blocking of programmatic a

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