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Breaking News: Best-selling author Marianne Williamson running for US House seat in California
Posted by: Punditty

Beverly Hills :: CA :: USA | updated 2013-10-24 12:25:32 -0700 | political-news

Marianne Williamson, the best-selling author whose “A Return to Love” spent 39 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in 1992, announced Sunday that she is running as an independent for the US House of Representatives in California’s 33rd...
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Breaking News: Susan Rice tells Hamid Karzai to 'take or leave' U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement
Posted by: MrGrassroots

Kabul :: Afghanistan | updated 2013-11-29 13:41:33 -0800 | political-news

The United States involvement in the country of Afghanistan may be coming to an end sooner rather than later. The longest war in American history could terminate by the end of 2014, according to a readout released by the White...
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Breaking News: More than a million Americans lose unemployment benefits
Posted by: Phyllis L. Smith Asinyanbi

Chicago :: IL :: USA | updated 2014-05-15 12:29:34 -0700 | political-news

Funding for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program will end Saturday and 1.3 million across the US will lose benefits. The long-term benefit began in 2008 during the recession and provided extended compensation to the jobless who are looking for work....
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Breaking News: President Obama's favorite period in school? Recess!
Posted by: larsknutson SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-01-31 12:36:15 -0800 | political-news

It appears that the US Supreme Court, hearing amicus briefings from all of the 45 Republican senators in the US Senate, is not buying President Barack Obama's creative interpretation of the "recess appointment clause" to the United States Constitution. Reuters'...
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Breaking News: Federal judge orders end to NYPD's 'stop-and-frisk' policy, appoints special monitor
Posted by: Herbert Dyer, Jr. SelectMedia

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2013-09-30 16:07:08 -0700 | political-news

In a stunning decision handed down Monday morning by federal District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, New York City police were deemed “guilty” of “systematically stopping innocent people” in the streets of New York. As reported by the New York Times,...
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Breaking News: Can Republicans win elections anymore without cheating?
Posted by: Michael Rappaport

Griffin :: GA :: USA | updated 2014-02-07 07:55:20 -0800 | political-news

The Republican Party may be approaching the point where it becomes a criminal organization. So much of what they're doing is designed to help them win elections using at least deceptive and at worst completely dishonest tactics. Going back to...
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Posted by: hsaqib

Damascus :: Syria | updated 2013-12-11 13:13:42 -0800 | political-news

Syria has sought to join the global anti-chemical weapons treaty as part of the deal to avoid air strikes threatened by the United States. According to Reuters, the United Nations confirmed receiving a document from Syria on Thursday which is...
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Breaking News: House vote that defunded Obamacare may end in government shutdown
Posted by: Barry Ellsworth SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2013-09-30 16:07:08 -0700 | political-news

So what happens if the Republicans and Democrats stand their ground on the Obamacare showdown and the lights go out in Washington, D.C. in a few weeks? There is a very real possibility of a government shutdown after the Republicans...
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Breaking News: Can John Kerry pull off a trifecta on peace talks with Israelis and Palestinians?
Posted by: MrGrassroots

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2014-01-08 13:58:12 -0800 | political-news

US Secretary of State John Kerry has twice accomplished the unexpected: Syria's agreement to remove chemical weapons and Iran's agreement on nuclear weapons. Kerry is now attempting to accomplish a third major achievement. For the past three days, Kerry has...
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Breaking News: Atlanta snow: Is it plastic, is it real or is it a government conspiracy? It doesn't melt!
Posted by: Amee Ellsworth

Atlanta :: GA :: USA | updated 2014-02-11 10:55:07 -0800 | political-news

Stranded students sleeping in schools and on buses, coworkers camping out in vehicles on the side of the highway, and hundreds of cars abandoned on the side of the highway. This would all lead you to think that Atlanta has...
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Breaking News: Winners and losers in the government shutdown, debt default crisis
Posted by: MrGrassroots SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2013-10-21 16:58:24 -0700 | political-news

If someone gave you a nickel for every time an elected official in Washington, D.C., said there were no winners in the government shutdown drama, you could end up with a dozen rolls of nickels. President Barack Obama said as...
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Breaking News: Sochi 2014: Obama sends gay athletes as Putin tries to soften human rights image
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Moscow :: Russia | updated 2013-12-22 15:03:07 -0800 | political-news

Russia’s parliament approved Wednesday an amnesty law submitted by President Vladimir Putin, with the hopes of staving off worldwide criticism of his government’s human rights abuse record, which is reportedly keeping many world leaders away from the Sochi Olympics in...
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Posted by: northsunm32

Damascus :: Syria | updated 2014-03-12 13:18:57 -0700 | political-news

Syrian President Bashar Assad has signed a decree stating that Syria will accede to international law governing chemical weapons, according to a United Nations spokesperson. The spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said late Thursday: The secretary-general has today received...
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Breaking News: 2016 drama: Hillary Clinton weighs in on gun control as Lewinsky emerges
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-05-11 12:37:52 -0700 | political-news

Hillary Clinton, who picked up a key endorsement from Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine last week, let her opinion on gun control be known at a conference Tuesday for mental health at the National Council for Behavioral Health in Maryland, as...
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Breaking News: Obama administration takes major step to limit dirty coal carbon emissions
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2013-09-21 22:42:05 -0700 | political-news

Friday, based on President Barack Obama’s push to protect the environment and combat climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its modified draft rules to limit carbon emissions from new power plants, with rules for existing plants expected next...
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