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Saif al-Adel

Last mentioned in Cairo : Egypt
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Saif al-Adel's Biography

AKA Muhammad Ibrahim Makkawi

Born: 11-Apr-1960
Birthplace: Egypt

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation:.........Nationality: Egypt
Executive summary: Al Qaeda embassy bomber

Military service: Egyptian army, colonel

Saif Al-Adel (Arabic: سيف العدل‎, meaning sword of justice) is the alias of a senior Egyptianmember of al-Qaeda. Along with Saeed al-Masri and Mahfouz Ould al-Walid, he is believed to have opposed the September 11 attacks two months prior to their execution. In May 2011 after the death of Osama bin Laden, he was reported to be the caretaker leader of al-QaedaAl-Adel is under indictmentfor his part in the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Africa. According to the indictment, al-Adel is a member of the majlis al shura of al-Qaeda and a member of its military committee, and he provided military and intelligence training to members of al-Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan, and to anti-UN Somali tribes.It is possible that his trainees included the Somalis of the first Battle of Mogadishu. He established the al-Qaeda training facility at Ras Kamboni in Somalia near the Kenyan border.


Al-Adel the one of the mastermind of assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Al Sadat, and left the country in 1988 to join the mujahideen in repelling the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.He is then believed to have traveled to southern Lebanon along with Abu Talha al-Sudani, Sayful Islam al-Masri, Abu Ja`far al-Masri, and Abu Salim al-Masri, where he trained alongside Hezbollah Al-Hejaz.In Khartoum, Al-Adel taught recruited militants how to handle explosives in the unused sections of Al-Damazin Farms.He is married to the daughter of Mustafa Hamid, and they have five children together

Militant connections

In 1993, he ordered Mohammed Odeh to Somalia to begin training troops thereSeveral months before the 1998 embassy bombings, Al-Adel was helping Bin Laden move his followers from Najim Jihad to Tarnak Farms. The group had begrudgingly agreed to care for the troublesome Canadian 16-year old Abdurahman Khadr, since his father was away and his mother couldn't control his drinking, smoking and violent outbursts. However, while in Kabul, Al-Adel was approached by bin Laden and asked to take Abdurahman to the bus station and have him sent back to his family's home.In approximately 2000, he was living in the Karte Parwan district of Kabul. On the local walkie-talkie communications in the city, he was identified as #1.On September 9, 2001 Al-Adel was approached by Feroz Ali Abbasi who said he was so impressed by the killing of Ahmed Shah Massoud that he wanted to volunteer for something similar.In early November 2001, the Taliban government announced they were bestowing official Afghan citizenship on him, as well as Bin Laden, Zawahiri, Mohammed Atef, and Shaykh Asim Abdulrahman.During the American bombardment of Kandahar, Al-Adl was present and witnessed the deaths of Abu-Ali al-Yafi'i and his wife, Abu-Usamah al-Ta'zi with his wife and two children, the wife of Rayyan al-Ta'zi, the wife of Abu-Usamah al-Kini, and the wife of Al-Barra al-Hijazi who was arrested in Morocco before the Casablanca bombings.On November 18, Al-Adl was working with Abu-Muhammad al-Abyad, Abd-al-Rahman al-Masri, and Abu-Usamah al-Filastini, Abu-Husayn al-Masri and Faruq al-Suri; all of whom were staying in his empty house with him at night. In the early morning hours of November 19, he woke them up just minutes before the al-Wafa charity building was bombed, phoning friends in the area, he learned that Abdul Wahid had been killed in the explosion. He later learned that Asim al-Yamani from Al Farouq training camp and the elderly Abu-Abd-al-Rahman Al-Abiy had run to the charity's headquarters and begun rescuing survivors and pulling out the dead bodies. The pair had then agreed the area was not safe, and sent their women to the smaller villages, while they used their two cars to try and unpack their house's contents. An American jet bombed the pair, killing al-Yamani and wounding al-Abiy. As it was the third day of Ramadan, the group in al-Adl's house began to prepare and eat Suhoor, but were interrupted by a cruise missile striking 100 metres away, destroying an empty house belonging to an Afghan Arab family, and a Taliban barracks. They gathered their belongings and quickly left, fearing another strike. Al-Adl went to the hospital, where he visited the wounded al-Abiy, and arranged for him to be transferred to a hospital in Pakistan.He was told by Abu Ali al-Suri that the American aircraft had machinegunned women leaving the city on the road to Banjway, and assured him that he would send aid. A convoy of 4-6 Corolla Fielders set out to Banjway, followed closely by American helicopters. The Americans attacked the lead vehicle, killing Abu-Ali al-Yafi'i, his wife, four women, and two children - and the second vehicle, killing Suraqah al-Yamani and Hamzah al-Suri. Abu-Ali al-Maliki quickly veered off the road with the third vehicle, turning off his headlights, and drove into the mountains escaping the attack.Since al-Qaeda's military chief Mohammed Atef was killed in 2001, it has sometimes been said that al-Adel would be his natural successor in that role.There has been speculation that al-Adel fled Afghanistan to Iran and is still there.Although Abu Hafs Al Mauritania was reported killed in a January 2002 American airstrike, it was also suggested he may have fled to Iran with al-Adl.In 2004, he published a "terrorist manual" entitled "The Base of the Vanguard", an Arabic pun on the phrases al-Qaeda ("the base") and the Vanguards of Conquest.Saif al-Adel was a key source in a 2005 book on al-Qaeda's global strategy by journalist Fouad Hussein.Al-Adel has been on the FBI's list of Most Wanted Terrorists since its inception in 2001. The State Department's Rewards for Justice Program is offering up to US$5 million for information on his location.

Writings of al-Adel

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Egyptian Saif al-Adel, a top Al-Qaeda strategist and senior military leader, has been tapped as "caretaker" chief
Egyptian Saif al-Adel, a top Al-Qaeda strategist and senior military leader, has been tapped as "caretaker" chief
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