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Last mentioned in Washington : DC : USA
Robert Swan Mueller III (born August 7, 1944) is the 6th and current Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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  • How the NSA Criminally Aids Criminal Cases

      News Source: Truthout | 1 month ago
    Rarely do you get a chance to ask a just-retired FBI director whether he had any legal qualms about what, in football, is called illegal procedure, but at the Justice Department is called parallel construction. Government wordsmiths have given us
  • “We had to wait for Snowden for proof”, an exchange with William Binney

      News Source: Open Democracy | 1 month ago
    When you do a Google query you get results coming back from those eight different banks...So anybody the NSA has given access to these databases can access them all over the world? The NSA lines are encrypted, so you'd have to use equipment that's
  • Panetta lecture panel weighs in on Snowden, Benghazi

      News Source: The Herald | 2 months ago
    Former CIA Director Leon Panetta spoke of the "constant tension" as old as the United States between protecting "our freedoms" and providing for the nation's security. "You can see it play out throughout history, particularly when we are facing
  • FBI Director Says New Agents Must Visit MLK Memorial

      News Source: | 3 months ago
    FBI Director James Comey told the Anti-Defamation League on Monday that he will require new FBI agents to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, just as they must tour the Holocaust Museum as part of their training. "Like you,"
  • Karen Greenberg: Abu Ghraib never left us

      News Source: War In Context | 3 months ago
    No one questions anymore whether the CIA waterboarded one individual 83 times or another 186 times. The basic facts are no longer in dispute either by those who champion torture or those who, like myself, despise the very idea of it. No one questions
  • FBI director in Chicago: 'Painfully aware' of city's gun violence

      News Source: Chicago Tribune | 3 months ago
    Tribune reporter In his first visit to Chicago since becoming director of the FBI, James Comey said today he is painfully aware of the city's seemingly intractable gun violence and plans to direct more federal resources at the problem. Comey, who was
  • Peter Van Buren: The divine right of President Obama?

      News Source: War In Context | 5 months ago
    a president and his top officials as self-professed assassins and proud of it, even attempting to gain political capital from it.  It's not that American presidents have never been associated with assassination attempts before.  At a National
  • The rise and fall of “eco-terrorist” Rebecca Rubin

      News Source: Toronto Star | 6 months ago
    They kicked our butts, says Ferreira, the former FBI investigator...Cell members vowed never to speak of an arson, even to one another...Most went by what Ferreira calls their earth names Tubbs was Dog, Rodgers was Avalon, Rubin was Little Missy (and

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