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Last mentioned in Sydney : Australia
Kevin Michael Rudd (born 21 September 1957) is an Australian politician who was the 26th Prime Minister of Australia from 2007 to 2010. He also served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs...

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  • Letter From Australia (About a Ruinous Government)

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    The cause of their collective alarm was the size and scale, and haste and dubious design, of six appropriations bills that Kevin Rudd's government was about to ram through Parliament. These bills would transform the budget. The catalyst for .
  • Lines For Wayne Swan (1) | Table Talk: Bob Ellis on Film and ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    I invite my colleagues Julia Gillard, Lindsay Tanner, Kevin Rudd, Chris Bowen and Bill Shorten to sue for similar amounts and disperse the 8.35 million they make to whatever charitable cause, here or overseas, they favour.
  • Raising awareness | Catallaxy Files

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    I'm not sure if Scruton's words will be any comfort to Spike, but neither apparently was Kevin Rudd's pledge in 2008 that Labor would half the number of homeless by 2020. Last year a report by the federal Auditor-General found despite&
  • Ministerial Statement – Royal Hobart Hospital re-development ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    The hospital redevelopment had changed so much that a new Agreement was secretly signed with the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd just hours before the Federal election was called. This new agreement reduced the size and scope of the ...
  • Warning Signs: Downsizing Australia's Government and ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Gillard became the first woman PM after she challenged then PM Kevin Rudd to lead the Labor Party (which is politically liberal.) Like John Kerry, Gillard was against the taxes before she was for them. How liberal is Rudd? In February he was ...
  • Official Parliamentary Procedure in the Event of Ursine ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    It recalls the fussbudgety heyday of Australia's former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and, for no particularly good or explicable reason, postulates how that august individual might have approached the matter of an attack by a large, wild animal.).
  • Shinzo Abe's 'Quadrilateral Initiative': Gone and Forgotten? ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    In particular, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pulled Australia out of the QSD because its participation in that dialogue imperiled the trajectory of its relations with China. China, for its part, wasted no time in protesting what it saw as an&
  • Kevin Rudd: Former Prime Minister of Australia | UWire

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Kevin Rudd served as prime minister of Australia from 2007 through 2010 and again in 2013. Harvard Political Review: Your government was characterized by a desire for fairness; most notably you gave an apology to the Indigenous people ...
  • Why Kevin Rudd won't be the next UN Secretary General

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Wherever Kevin Rudd goes, leadership speculation seems to follow. During his time in Australia, it centred on the stewardship of the Australian Labor Party. Now that he is based in America, it involves an even more disparate, unruly and ...
  • Rudd wants to be UN Secretary General | Kiwiblog

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    The BBC's United Nations correspondent Nick Bryant says head winds face former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd if he wants the top UN job in 2017. He says the UN will adhere to ”geopolitical correctness”, meaning it is an Eastern ...

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