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Kathryn DeLong

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Kathryn DeLong's Biography

Kathryn Delong is a major part of the Ron Paul r3VOLution.  If you're a patriot with Ron Paul for any length of time there's a good chance you've watched Delong's 100 Reasons for Ron Paul YouTube videos, read her blog and have perhaps even retweeted one of her tweets.  

Delong says, "Some of the top reasons why I support Ron Paul: noninterventionist foreign policy, advocate of capitalism, subscribes to the Austrian school of economics, transcends political parties, believes in sound money, advocate of individual liberty and peace."  

Who is Kathryn Delong? 

Kathryn Delong was born in Seoul, Korea on September 14, 1991.  Her adoptive parents moved to the United States with her when she was four months old. Delong grew up in New York in a town northeast of Buffalo called Clarence.  She embraced education in the public school system, she says, "I read a lot of books and have a real thirst for knowledge."

After graduation she spent a year at Canisius College - a private Jesuit school.  Upon completion of her freshman year of college, she transferred to SUNY Buffalo, where she currently studies political science and economics. Her graduation goal is May 2013. Upon graduation, she plans on pursuing a PhD and entering the world of academia thereafter.

At SUNY Buffalo, the ambitious young lady became heavily involved with the College Republicans. She served on the executive board as treasurer and later was elected president.  She delved into social media which connected her with Neil McCabe, and has since written several articles on his site called Human Events.  She eventually stepped down from her position as treasurer after being ostracized for her libertarian beliefs and support for Ron Paul. 

"I would much rather be able to freely campaign for Ron than be tied down as president of a club where people didn't take my opinions seriously and challenged my intentions. I have never been afraid to call out the GOP, even when I considered myself a Republican/Conservative--I am a natural rights theorist and firmly believe in the Austrian school of economics," corresponded Ms. DeLong. 

In a virtual interview, she went on to express, "My ideology has evolved a lot this past year, and getting involved with the liberty movement has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life. I didn't always subscribe to libertarianism, but as I began to learn about the corruption and lies of the government (what the media ISN'T telling us), my views began to change drastically. Ron Paul's message of liberty and limited power of the state really resonated me."

"I actually met my boyfriend because of Ron Paul. Libertarianism is addicting. Once you get into it, you just want to learn more. I do consider myself an anarcho-capitalist, and ideally, I would like to see the elimination of the state, but a Ron Paul administration would drastically reduce the size and scope of government - much more so than other candidates."   

Tweet for Kathryn:  PirateDeepwater @kathryndelong Kathryn DeLong 2024

Article:  Ron Paul patriot YouTubes for her candidate, meet Kathryn DeLong

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How to be an Internet Libertarian.

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