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Donna Brazile (born December 15, 1959) is an American author, academic, and political analyst currently serving as Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. She was...

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  • A new move for sensible gun laws « Donna Brazile

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Last week, as the cherry blossoms made their annual debut in Washington, D.C., the Capitol marked another anniversary: A year ago, Congress failed the nation by refusing to fix our broken gun background check system. In the year since, ...
  • Divert, deny, distract: The Republican way « Donna Brazile

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    In beating a hasty retreat from Cliven Bundy, their onetime Lonesome Cowboy icon, Republicans have resorted to a familiar tactic: divert, deny, distract. Divert attention by claiming the “media” made a story out of Cliven Bundy. The “media” ...
  • Why the land belongs to Bundy |

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    “Everybody else is paying their grazing fees,” intoned Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. “He should pay his fees as well.” With some variation, that's the standard line from both political factions. However, from the fact that “everybody else”

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Donna Brazile, Al Gore's Campaign Manager for the 2000 election. I guess that's ok since SHE is black. She is currently Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. No racism here…. Move along. LOL – no comment necessary ...
  • Holy cow! Busted? Was this Donna Brazile's most shameless ......

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    What's on your menu? Just got off the phone with my health care provider asking them to explain why my premium jumped up. No good answer!— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) February 27, 2013. Flashback boom! Donna Brazile is ...
  • 'We've got a debt to pay': Voices from the battlefield « ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    At the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act, four presidents remembered the battles and honored those who fought to form “a more perfect union” on the path to economic, educational and voting equality.
  • Amid TV and Politics, Called to the Classroom « Donna ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    In just a few days, I will deliver my final lecture of the semester in my “Women in American Politics” class here at Georgetown. Of all the lectures I give annually on campuses across the country, this is one of the most important. The words I ..
  • Brazile: Court gives rich the right to buy influence | ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Donna Brazile. By Donna Brazile. If you believe money is speech, corporations are people, and the wealthiest 1 percent are a persecuted minority, then you will love the recent Supreme Court decision on campaign finance (McCutcheon v.
  • Malcontent "Committee" Attack Robert E. Lee at W and L ...

      Blog Source: | 3 months ago
    Taylor said the "last straw" occurred during Lee-Jackson Day in January when a guest speaker, Democratic political consultant Donna Brazile, was introduced in the Lee Chapel amid the battle flags and it generated racist hate mail.
  • Health care works « Donna Brazile

      Blog Source: | 4 months ago
    'I have not had a physical in over 15 years,” Dionne Gilbert, 51, told The Associated Press. “I told myself, 'You need to do this. Your daughter loves you and needs you.'” Gilbert is what the Affordable Care Act is all about. For millions

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