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Last mentioned in Washington : DC : USA
  Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a black father and a white mother. On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the...

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  • Beware ‘Astroturf Guy' David Axelrod

      News Source: Canadian Free Press | 10 days ago
    Empower small-c Conservatives who will block Obama's every move Beware Astroturf Guy' David Axelrod Don't believe Internet headlinesno matter from which sourcewarning that Democrats have major hurdles after the latest poll. Former top Obama campaign
  • Putin and Obama Singing from the same Choir Book

      News Source: Canadian Free Press | 29 days ago
    In the identifiable voices now rousing the world in the Red Choir of the Peoples Republic', Putin is the booming baritone.  Musical notes coming from Obama are more of the pipsqueak kind with a multitude of mainstream media voices being the stand-out
  • When Metrosexual Marxists Rule

      News Source: Canadian Free Press | 1 month ago
    And since they know everything, they see themselves as the rightful rulers of the common people, and arbiters of right and wrong, good and evil, and anything else you can think of. Since we have a Metrosexual Marxist squatting in the White House many
  • Carolyn Glick's words should be used by Obama victims everywhere

      News Source: Canadian Free Press | 1 month ago
    We aren't afraid of you', Glick told Breitbart News on Sunday. Threatening Israel could be Obama's cover for failing in Ukraine. Like most double crossing bullies, Obama only goes after those he perceives as vulnerable. Tiny Israel has been standing
  • Obama working to supplant God?

      News Source: Canadian Free Press | 1 month ago
    Barack Hussein Obama is doing what Satan has been trying to do down through the ages: supplant God. Urging young Organizing for Action (OFA) volunteers deployed to the task of persuading Americans to sign up for new health insurance plans created by
  • US needs to address Arab world?s concerns

      News Source: Arab News | 1 month ago
    AS the president of the most powerful nation in the Euro-American world meets with the king of the most influential nation in the Arab world, on an official visit slated for late next month, we are reminded of how auspiciously relations between
  • Ted Nugent: The voice of America?

      News Source: CNN | 1 month ago
    Ted Nugent sure knows how to stir controversy. The rock star turned provocateur has a history of making inflammatory statements, dating back to lyrics in songs such as "Jailbait" in his earlier days. In case you missed it, Texas Republican
  • The ‘Before Obama' and ‘After Obama' history lesson for school children

      News Source: Canadian Free Press | 1 month ago
    Teaching your children well is your best defense against the anti-American Barack Hussein Obama The Before Obama' and After Obama' history lesson for school children With Common Core spoon-feeding school children a steady school-day diet of anti-

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