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Rush Hudson Limbaugh III ( /ˈlɪmbɔː/, LIM-baw; born January 12, 1951) is an American radio talk show host and political commentator. Since he was 16 Limbaugh has worked a series of...

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Cenk Fires Back at Rush Limbaugh on MSNBC

Cenk Uygur responds to a video of Rush Limbaugh analyzing a clip of Robert Reich on Cenk's MSNBC show discussing taxes and wealth redistribution. Uygur is especially amused by how Rush pronounces names - Cenk suggests that years of drugs (Oxycontin) screwed up Limbaugh's hearing. Transcript: 00:05 On Tuesday we had Robert Reich on this program and we suggested raising taxes and we knew 00:10 that was going to make conservatives angry and we also knew that it was completely supported 00:13 by the american people and the polls today bear that out but it made one guy angry Rush 00:19 Limbaugh and this is what he had to say about Secretary Reich. Rush Limbaugh:"He's talking 00:23 in terms of an actual war, he's telling the rich you better give up the money before the 00:27 people with pitch forks come to your house and and get it from you. Isn't that what's 00:32 happening in Wisconsin? Can we be honest, isn't this sort of what all this is about? 00:37 All these people occupying the capital building. And demanding all these public sector union 00:41 people demanding but it's not the rich they're demanding it from is it? It's average americans, 00:48 average americans many of them whom are underemployed, unemployed or what have you isn't that who 00:54 these teachers and public employees are saying give us more, it's what the king of Saudi 00:57 Arabia's doing, it's what Gaddafi is doing" Rush Limbaugh cares about the unemployed and 01:03 the underemployed when did that happen <b>...</b>
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