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Breaking News: Two arrested in NYC smash-and-grab Cartier jewel heist
Posted by: Phyllis L. Smith Asinyanbi

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-02-02 07:45:50 -0800 | odd-news

Thieves smashed the display case at New York City's Cartier jewelry store on Thursday, stealing 16 watches valued at $710,000. Police said it happened in broad daylight, shortly after noon. Police Commissioner William Bratton announced Friday that two suspects have...
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Posted by: MandyRobinson

Jackson :: MS :: USA | updated 2014-06-25 21:26:35 -0700 | odd-news

If you are on social networks, you have seen the story about the little girl who was allegedly kicked out of KFC because of her facial scars from a dog bite. This story has been spreading all over today but...
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Breaking News: Imagine a world in which no one could lie
Posted by: Michael Rappaport

Griffin :: GA :: USA | updated 2014-06-02 10:49:51 -0700 | odd-news

Back in the late 1950s, Rod Serling created a wonderful show called "The Twilight Zone." The idea was to show the ironies of life and to attack problems of the day in fantastic stories. One of the overlooked stories in...
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Breaking News:  Another devaluation is needed in Venezuela
Posted by: rsa76

Caracas :: Venezuela | updated 2014-04-04 12:25:56 -0700 | odd-news

Nicolas Maduro regime is urgent need for another drastic devaluation and sideline definitely the official exchange rate of 6.3 bolivars per dollar to correct large imbalances afflicting the Venezuelan economy, according to a recent report by the Bank of America....
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Breaking News: The aircraft loses wing during flight in the United States
Posted by: aneela_khan

Orlando :: FL :: USA | updated 2014-03-18 04:43:46 -0700 | odd-news

Delta Airlines plane lost one wing of the Group during the flight from Orlando to Atlanta this Sunday, but landed safely, according to CNN. Airline spokesman Anthony Black said that "the people on board flight 2412 left wing group during...
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Breaking News: U.S. Scientists create model capable to predict the effects of hurricanes on the beaches
Posted by: M Furqan

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-02-25 21:51:05 -0800 | odd-news

Model emphasized the University of Florida ( UFA ) will " predict changes in habitat beaches in the next 90 years " Scientists from the University of Florida (Ufa) developed a computer model that can be used to predict the...
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Breaking News: American gives birth on the street in Manhattan
Posted by: M Furqan

Salem :: OR :: USA | updated 2014-02-27 16:55:05 -0800 | odd-news

Polly Anna McCourt waited for a taxi when she felt strong contractions , she could not get to the hospital and had her daughter on 68th street in the 3rd Avenue. American woman gave birth to a girl on the...
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Breaking News: Abandoned in the bathroom woman campaign to find his mother
Posted by: aneela_khan

Harrisburg :: PA :: USA | updated 2014-03-13 02:09:45 -0700 | odd-news

American Katherine Deprill pictures on Facebook to help find the mother , the picture was shared nearly 20,000 times. In an article published Kathryn American Deprill, 27 , on her Facebook page picture has been shared almost 20,000 times ....
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Breaking News: Old grandson take "incorrect" school in the United States
Posted by: M Furqan

Albany :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-03-02 15:11:06 -0800 | odd-news

You've just found 79 years old, who exchanged his grandson by another child out of school after he came home and his wife warned him. Police investigating the case. An elderly, 79, was wrong to seek their grandson at school...
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Breaking News: Escaped psych patient flies power glider over Austrian airport
Posted by: Anne Sewell

Klagenfurt :: Austria | updated 2014-07-21 11:57:40 -0700 | odd-news

A 28-year-old psychiatric patient escaped from the hospital and took a power glider in an unauthorized low pass over restricted airspace at Klagenfurt airport in Austria. The man was apparently a trainee pilot, and mentally ill. He took off from...
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Posted by: aneela_khan

Madison :: WI :: USA | updated 2014-06-21 11:57:09 -0700 | odd-news

A federal judge on Friday to put same-sex marriage in the state of Wisconsin on hold this week after it struck down the state's ban same-sex marriage unconstitutional, a move that allowed more than 500 couples married for the past...
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Breaking News: Fight as U.S. Girls Face circumcision abroad
Posted by: aneela_khan

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-06-11 01:56:30 -0700 | odd-news

Last summer, an American-born teenager Somali origin fled home of her parents in the suburbs here after she discovered that the holiday comes in Somalia will include sacred rite of passage: the cutting of her genitals. In Guinea, the New...
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Breaking News: The Dracula strategy to fight Alzheimer's - replace old blood with new
Posted by: prabirghose

London :: United Kingdom | updated 2014-05-08 11:53:13 -0700 | odd-news

A revolutionary concept to counter the dreaded threat of Alzheimer's disease is in the offing - it seems scientists feel that a Dracula-style intake of blood of the young can help to stave off the Alzheimer's in the aged. It...
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Breaking News: Donate your clothes and forget a bag of marijuana
Posted by: Carlaoram

Sugarcreek :: PA :: USA | updated 2014-02-22 09:50:31 -0800 | odd-news

Charity can go wrong for one of the Salvation Army donors Pennsylvania. Sugarcreek police said on Friday I got a call from the staff on the spot donations to announce the opening of a huge plastic bag with clothes ,...
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Breaking News: Judge strikes all bans on same-sex marriage in Arkansas
Posted by: Ritchllle

Little Rock :: AR :: USA | updated 2014-05-19 15:49:44 -0700 | odd-news

Gay marriage quickly resumed in Arkansas on Thursday after the judge of a previous order has sown confusion among County officials expanded their decision to remove all traces of the same-sex marriage bans from the laws of the State. The...
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