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Breaking News: Actor Harold Ramis dies
Posted by: kaikoi

Chicago :: IL :: USA | updated 2014-02-27 08:46:31 -0800 | obituaries-news

Filmmaker and actor, Harold Ramis has passed away. He was 69. Ramis was the strong writing and directing force behind the camera on films such as ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Groundhog Day and ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House,’ but was best known for his...
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Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2014-03-16 14:54:41 -0700 | obituaries-news

Skooter reports 03/15/14 A Texan believed to be the US Navy sailor kissing a nurse in an iconic end of World War Two photo has died. He was 86. That sailorman was Glenn McDuffie who died at a nursing home...
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Posted by: rsa76

Los Angeles :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-04-03 23:27:53 -0700 | obituaries-news

A man in California, USA , won the lottery the day after his wife died and attributes his luck to his deceased wife. As reported by the chain CNN , the wife of Timothy McDaniel died Saturday of a heart...
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Breaking News: Kate O'Mara, star of ‘Dynasty,' dies at 74
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2014-03-31 23:02:18 -0700 | obituaries-news

Skooter reports 03/31/14 Best known for her role in the 1980s soap opera “Dynasty” British actress Kate O’Mara, died Sunday at the age of 74, her agent said. In a nursing home in southern England, O’Mara died after a short...
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Posted by: rsa76

Miami :: FL :: USA | updated 2014-02-28 02:22:00 -0800 | obituaries-news

Cuban former rebel commander Huber Matos, who became an opposition leader after a long imprisonment, died at age 95 years in Miami, reported local media . Matos was one of the commanders of the Sierra Maestra with Fidel Castro who...
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Breaking News: James Rebhorn of Homeland is Dead
Posted by: ken_nic2009

South Orange :: NJ :: USA | updated 2014-03-25 16:21:46 -0700 | obituaries-news

The father of Claire Danes in the TV series Homeland, actor James Rebhorn, died at the age of 65 at his home on Friday, March 21, 2014. His agent Dianne Busch was the one to confirm this news. He sadly...
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Breaking News: Former union minister, senior BJP leader Narendra died
Posted by: chnarendra

Hyderabad :: India | updated 2014-04-10 20:44:33 -0700 | obituaries-news

Ale Narendra, senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party died here on Wednesday. He was admitted at Nampally Care Hospital early on Wednesday as he was critically ill. He breathed his last at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Born on August 21,...
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Breaking News: America's Most Disliked Preacher, Fred Phelps has died
Posted by: kaikoi

Topeka :: KS :: USA | updated 2014-03-23 10:57:39 -0700 | obituaries-news

Fred Phelps, the infamous pastor of Westboro Church located in Topeka, Kansas has died. Reports had been swirling for days that the controversial preacher was at death’s door. His son Timothy Phelps and daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper confirmed that their father...
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Breaking News: Mick Jagger's girlfriend found hanging
Posted by: kaikoi

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-03-20 16:32:21 -0700 | obituaries-news

L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer/model girlfriend of timeless rocker Mick Jagger, was found dead today. She was 47. It is believed the 6 feet 2 Utah native, who was discovered hanging from a scarf in her Manhattan apartment by her...
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Posted by: Sherrill Fulghum

Chicago :: IL :: USA | updated 2014-02-22 10:00:37 -0800 | obituaries-news

Bluesman Aaron Moore died November 27 at the age of 95 as a result of cancer. Moore is believed to be the last Chicago blues man that was born in Mississippi. Over the course of his career, the piano man...
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Breaking News: Daddy Gerry of Regine Velasquez Passes Away
Posted by: ken_nic2009

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2014-02-07 23:34:18 -0800 | obituaries-news

The 76-year-old Gerry Velasquez, or Mang Gerry as he is widely known in showbiz, passed away on Monday afternoon, February 03, 2014, at Pasig’s Medical City Hospital. Mang Gerry, who died due to cardiac arrest, is the father of singer...
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Breaking News: Sheila MacRae, star of classic sitcom ‘The Honeymooners' dies
Posted by: kaikoi

Englewood :: NJ :: USA | updated 2014-03-09 20:33:45 -0700 | obituaries-news

MacRae was best known for playing the tolerate wife (Alice) opposite Jackie Gleason’s character, Ralph Kramden, on the television series ‘The Honeymooners.’ According the actress’s granddaughter, Allison Mullvaey, MacRae died at the Lillian Booth Actors Home in Englewood,...
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Breaking News: UPDATE: late actor Mickey Rooney disinherited most family members
Posted by: kaikoi

Los Angeles :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-04-10 09:40:30 -0700 | obituaries-news

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney is dead. He was 93. The Los Angeles County Coronor has confirmed his death, but gave no further details. Born Joe Yule, Jr. in Brooklyn, New York, the actor was famously known for his 1930-40s “Andy...
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Breaking News: Actress from 1960's sitcom ‘Green Acres' has died
Posted by: kaikoi

Santa Barbara :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-02-19 03:31:41 -0800 | obituaries-news

Mary Grace Canfield, better known as Ralph Monroe, from the 1960’s television series ‘Green Acres’ has passed away. She was 89. Canfield’s daughter, Phoebe Alexiades, said her mother was in a hospice at the time of her death and died...
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Breaking News: Shirley Temple Black dead at 85
Posted by: harry68

San Francisco :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-02-15 09:40:26 -0800 | obituaries-news

Renowned American film and television actress, singer, and dancer, Shirley Temple Black, who was mostly famous as a child star in the 1930s, died of natural causes on Feb. 10, 2014. She was 85. Black was at her home in...
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