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Tripoli : Libya | almost 2 years ago  
One of the more talked about clips to emerge from this debate is bound to be Mitt Romney challenging President Obama on what he said in the Rose Garden about Libya and being dead wrong....
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  • Gun Control Gets Light Treatment At US Presidential Debate 2

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and U.S. President Barack Obama at the second presidential debate Tuesday night. "President Obama," Nina Gonzalez, asked, "during the Democratic National Convention in 2008, you stated you wanted to keep AK-47s...
  • Debate fact check: Romney stumbles on energy

      The Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    At several points, Mitt Romney was right on energy facts but wrong on the context.    When energy policy took the floor on Tuesday night's presidential debate, the sparks began to fly. President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney sparred over oil...
  • Tuesday's presidential debate tops all political events on social media

      Star Tribune | almost 2 years ago
    The 90-minute nationally televised exchange between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney generated 12.24 million comments on Twitter and Facebook according to Blue Fin Labs, an analytics firm that studies social media's reaction to...
  • Obama vs. Romney, Round 2: 'Binders Full of Women' Starts Internet Craze

      Extra | almost 2 years ago
    Binders Full of Women' Starts Internet Craze October 17, 2012 Following his Big Bird comment in the first presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney unwittingly created yet another hilarious Internet trend with his binders full of women...
  • Expats debate: Romney thought he caught Obama in a lie – but he was wrong

      The Globe & Mail | almost 2 years ago
    CTV Video video Jennifer Khurana and Kieran Edling, members of The Globe's expats group, in Washington, D.C. The Globe and Mail U.S. election A combination of portraits of The Globe's panel of Canadian expats living in the U.S. From left to right:...
  • Presidential Debate Spins 'Binders Full Of Women' Meme, Fact Checks

      National Public Radio | almost 2 years ago
    The Guardian 's Emma Keller spawned some serious commentary about the passage. "The phrase objectified and dehumanized women," she said. "It played right into the perception that so many women have feared about a Romney administration that a...
  • Polls: Obama had edge in second poll

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    Instant polls gave President Obama the edge over Mitt Romney in Tuesday night's debate. Respondents to a CNN poll favored Obama by a 46%-39% margin -- though they also favored Romney's responses on economic issues by 18 percentage points. "Mitt...
  • Debate Watchers Get A Town Brawl

      National Public Radio | almost 2 years ago
    Or at least a lot of aggressive walking and glaring, vigorous head-shaking and interruptions, all glazed with equal parts feigned respect and visceral distaste. This season's presidential debates between incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama...
  • Obama Survives But Doesn't Advance

      Fox News | almost 2 years ago
    I don't look at my check but it's not as big as yours so it doesn't take as long...You also have investments outside the United States, you also have investments through a Cayman's trust.   -- Exchange from the second presidential debate .
  • Obama uses power of nope in bid to check Romney's debate momentum

      Fox News | almost 2 years ago President Obama bolted out of the second presidential debate after employing a strategy he's used to great effect on the stump -- the power of nope.  The words "not true" were a frequent rejoinder for the president, as he took pains to...
  • Viewing the Romney-Obama debate in battleground Ohio: a tribal experience

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    Columbus, Ohio What do you do when you're invited to two parties on the same night?
  • Live Coverage Of Last Night's Debate From Onion Politics

      The Onion | almost 2 years ago
    Nation Tunes In To See Which Sociopath More Likable This Time The Onion (@TheOnion) October 17, 2012 Last debate, Romney was a great sociopath. He looked very comfortable, even against a seasoned sociopath like Obama."
  • Small business owners give narrow debate victory to Obama

      Washington Post | almost 2 years ago
    President Obama and Mitt Romney argue during the second presidential debate at the David Mack Center at Hofstra University in New York. Text Size The Washington Post President Obama and Mitt Romney faced not one question pertaining directly to small...
  • Barack Obama, Mitt Romney's Second Presidential Debate: Stars React

      US Magazine | almost 2 years ago
    Tuesday evening's second Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney saw both contenders hit the floor in a town-hall style meeting at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York -- and the proceedings...
  • Heads Up: Morning headlines for Oct. 17

      Pittsburg City paper | almost 2 years ago
    If you still can't tell that there's no daylight between Romney and Bush on issues like taxation, for example, then there's no hope for you...Remember those malicious ads claiming Democratic AG candidate Kathleen Kane enabled child predators? Turns...
  • Debate Watch: The Fact-Check Heard Round the World

      Time-Arts Looking Around | almost 2 years ago
    Back before the Presidential debates, I suggested, naively, that as long as networks were devoting resources to fact-checking candidates, it would be more useful to viewers to have fact-checks appear in the lower third of the screen during the...
  • Africa: Calls for Obama, Romney to Debate Africa

      All Africa | almost 2 years ago
    October 2012 Cape Town American lobby groups advocating stronger United States government action to bring peace to Central and East Africa are calling on candidates in the U.S. presidential elections to give their views on the issue in their debates.
  • China a Punching Bag in U.S. Debate

      Asian Wall Street Journal | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney repeatedly chided China during Tuesday night's debate, elevating a sensitive economic and diplomatic issue just three weeks before the election. The issues raised included China's...
  • CNN's King Blames Romney for Crowley Deflecting His Attack on Obama

      Newsbusters | almost 2 years ago
    During Tuesday's post-debate coverage on CNN, as the panel discussed moderator Candy Crowley giving cover to President Obama's attempt to defend his initial flawed response to the Benghazi terrorist attack, CNN correspondent John King blamed former...
  • Dinan at Washington Times: Reporters Applauded (Literally) Obama's Dig at ...

      Newsbusters | almost 2 years ago
    At the Washington Times early this morning , Stephen Dinan reported that "The room set aside for reporters to watch Tuesday night's debate erupted into applause after President Obama ridiculed the size of Mitt Romney's personal wealth." Though he...
  • Reporters Applaud Obama's Debate Line About Romney's Wealth

      Newsbusters | almost 2 years ago
    If you needed any more evidence of just how corrupt America's media are, consider the following. According to the Washington Times, during Tuesday's presidential debate, reporters actually applauded when President Obama made a snarky comment about...
  • David Limbaugh Column: More Aggressive Obama Still Won't Make the Grade

      Newsbusters | almost 2 years ago
    This was intended for publication pre-debate on October 16...As he prepares for the second debate, Obama faces a major dilemma: how to be more aggressive without jeopardizing his alleged likability, the main thing he supposedly has going for him with...
  • Barack Obama's Mitt Romney rematch revealed the smiling assassin's art | ...

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama's Mitt Romney rematch revealed the smiling assassin's art Obama must hope the powerful visual impact he made in the second presidential debate leaves a lingering impression Smiles ahead Barack Obama shakes hands with Republican rival...
  • 'Million Puppet March' gears up for Washington D.C.

      The Dish Rag | almost 2 years ago
    Million Puppet March," scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 3, just three days before the 2012 presidential election. The march is in response to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney saying during the first presidential debate that one of the ways...
  • Presidential Debate Draws Celebrity Tweets

      Celebrity Gossip | almost 2 years ago
    It was another crucial evening for both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney as they faced off against each other in the second Presidential Debate. And while both sides made their respective points effectively, some of our favorite...
  • Obama regains his footing in feisty second debate

      GMA News | almost 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama put his re-election bid back on firm footing on Tuesday night with a strong debate performance that is likely to thrill his Democratic supporters and earn him a second look from the few voters who remain undecided.   With the...
  • On Last Night's Presidential Debate [Election 2012]

      College Candy | almost 2 years ago
    Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were significantly feistier than they were at the first debate. In fact, the candidates got so spirited that they actually came close to physical contact . They looked somewhat reminiscent of five-year old boys...
  • US voters react to second Obama-Romney presidential debate - video

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama appeared to secure the comeback he desperately needed against Mitt Romney, finishing the night on top after a series of fierce clashes in which the two made no attempt to hide the extent of their personal hostility
  • Hofstra presidential debate insta-polls: Obama beats Romney but not ...

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    polls suggest the president won the second debate. Photograph: Mike Segar/Reuters President Obama brought his A-game to the debate Tuesday evening. After demurring in the first presidential debate, this Obama was hardhitting and unwilling to cede...
  • Obama boosted by forceful Hofstra debate showing – US politics live

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    Latest first Oldest first Auto update: On Off Updates: Richard Adams put together a smashing live blog of the debate last night. Unfortunately this entry sent us fleeing to our spouses for a hug. Governor Romney just looks so angry. @ richarda I...
  • The best gifs from the Hofstra presidential debate – a round-up

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama speaks as Mitt Romney listens during the second presidential debate in New York. Photograph: Timothy A Clary/AFP/Getty Images The night's first question came from Jeremy, a junior in college who was perhaps even more endearing than...
  • Heritage Experts Analyze Second Presidential Debate

      Canadian Free Press | almost 2 years ago
    Below are some of the highlights of our experts' reactions to the major points made...ET for a Google hangout as Heritage experts discuss the debate with state and national bloggers...Submit questionsstarting nowon Twitter with the hashtag #...
  • Biden: Romney vague, 'sketchy' at debate

      Miami Herald | almost 2 years ago
    Three weeks before Election Day, first lady Michelle Obama sought to inject a sense of urgency into a crowd of college students Tuesday, telling them the presidential race “could all come down to what happens in a few key states like right here in...
  • The Best Moments of the Second Presidential Debate: On-Stage Clashes, ...

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    The Best Moments of the Second Presidential Debate: On-Stage Clashes, Temper Tantrums and Romney's 'Binder Full Of Women' The second presidential debate was combative, surprisingly informative and -- at times -- slightly uncomfortable, as a...
  • Wednesday's live events

      CNN Blog | almost 2 years ago
    President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney face off October 22 in Boca Raton, Florida, in their third and final debate of the election season.  Watch Live for all your election coverage...Ryan in Ohio - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...
  • The Record: Letters, Oct. 17, 2012

      Passaic Valley Today | almost 2 years ago
    His attitude of intellectual superiority was made transparent by his sardonic grinning aimed at upstaging and distracting Ryan. His sneering and interrupting were condescending cheap shots. There was only one brief moment of humor, when the two men...
  • Romneya€™s a€˜binders full of womena€™ comment branded lie!

      Zee News | almost 2 years ago
    12 Washington: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised eyebrows during the second presidential debate when he claimed that as governor of Massachusetts, he had been so dismayed at the lack of female candidates in the cabinet that he sent...
  • Round 2 goes to Obama who slams Romney`s outsourcing policy

      Zee News | almost 2 years ago
    A combative Barack Obama on Tuesday hit back at Mitt Romney, retrieving lost ground in the second of the three high-stake presidential debates, declaring that his Republican rival's stance on outsourcing will only result in more jobs in India and...
  • Town-hall debate: This time, neither candidate pulls his punches

      Seattle Times | almost 2 years ago
    49 PM Page modified October 17, 2012 at 6:08 AM Town-hall debate: This time, neither candidate pulls his punches An aggressive President Obama accused challenger Mitt Romney of peddling a "sketchy deal" to fix the U.S. economy and playing politics...
  • Democracy in action at Obama-Romney town hall

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    As the Sundance Kid so famously said, "I'm better when I move." -- CNN , seriously, lose that undecided voter crawl. It is completely distracting and simply absurd how much value can there be in the real-time reactions of 35 undecided voters in Ohio?
  • Romney, Obama come out swinging in fiery second debate

      Chicago-Sun Times | almost 2 years ago
    A feistier President Barack Obama showed up for the second of three presidential debates Tuesday night, sparring with a just-as-fired-up Mitt Romney as each tried to steal momentum in the race as the Nov. 6 election nears.
  • A Stronger Showing At Hofstra, But Ghost Of Denver Still Haunts Obama

      National Public Radio | almost 2 years ago
    President Obama beat at least one of his adversaries on the stage at Hofstra University last night. He easily outperformed that guy whoever he was who debated against former Gov. Mitt Romney two weeks ago in Denver...The question now is whether it...
  • Has Obama reenergized Democrats with debate performance?

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    Obama's forceful performance Tuesday night is likely to quiet Democrats' doubts and help energize them for the tough final weeks of the campaign. Snap surveys judged Obama the winner, but the big question is whether his slide in the polls will stop...
  • Did Romney blow chance to nail president on Libya?

      Herald Tribune | almost 2 years ago
    N.Y.In unhappier days, when Mitt Romney spoke to Florida donors in view of a hidden camera, he reminisced about all the fun Ronald Reagan had when he ran against Jimmy Carter. The fact that we have hostages in Iran, I mean, that was all we talked...
  • Biden: Romney vague, 'sketchy' at debate

      Virginian-Pilot Online | almost 2 years ago
    Vice President Joe Biden is dismissing as "rhetoric but not much substance" Mitt Romney's answers to questions at Tuesday night's presidential debate. "Everything is sketchy," Biden said. President Barack Obama "had a great debate," Biden said, "and...
  • A Grand Strand Republican and Democrat weigh in on presidential debate

      Myrtle Beach Online | almost 2 years ago
    Both spoke to The Sun News during Tuesday night's town hall formatted debate, which immediately jumped to the job market, a core of local, state and federal campaigns across the Grand Strand and the country. Fry, a 27-year-old attorney, said Romney's...
  • Analysis: Lost in debate: reality of US-China ties

      Associated Press | almost 2 years ago
    In the simplistic narrative of U.S. presidential politics, China is a Hollywood villain, a monetary cheat that is stealing American jobs. But the one-dimensional caricature offered up by President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney...
  • Bozell Column: Reporters Say 'Libya, Schmibya'

      Newsbusters | almost 2 years ago
    Hillary Clinton declared while traveling in Peru weeks after the 9/11 attacks on our consulate in Benghazi that she was taking responsibility for the dreadful lack of security that cost the lives of our Ambassador to Libya and three others. But when...
  • Romney, Obama spar in full-contact debate

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney distanced himself in the second U.S. presidential debate from George W. Bush , but Barack Obama said Romney policies would be Bush to an extreme. "President Bush and I are different people, and these are different times, and that's why my...
  • Outside View: Ready, aim fire!

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney looks over at President Barack Obama while speaking at the first Presidential debate at the University of Denver's Ritchie Center on October 3, 2012 in Denver...Oct. 17 (UPI) -- Tuesday's presidential...

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