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Source: The Daily Star
Beirut : Lebanon | almost 2 years ago  
The Daily Star Passengers carrying their baggage try to pass, after the main road leading to Beirut airport was blocked by relatives of the 11 Lebanese Shi'ite pilgrims that were abducted...
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  • Syrian Rebels State Terms for Freeing Iranians

      Voice of America | almost 2 years ago
    Pamela Dockins August 16, 2012 The rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) has laid out conditions for releasing 48 Iranians who were kidnapped in Damascus this month. In an interview with VOA, Deputy FSA Commander Colonel Malik al-Kurdi said the hostages would...
  • Air France flyers 'asked to chip in' for fuel

      The Courier-Mail | almost 2 years ago
    AIR France passengers on a flight which was diverted from Beirut and landed instead in Damascus were asked at one point to chip in and help pay to refuel the plane, a passenger has said. "We went down in Syria where there were lots of soldiers ... We...
  • Lebanon Shiite clan says it abducted more Syrians

      SF Gate | almost 2 years ago
    A powerful Shiite Muslim clan in Lebanon claimed Thursday to have captured more Syrian nationals in retaliation for the seizure of a family member by rebels in Syria this week. Later in the day, the clan said it was calling off "military operations"...
  • Syrian airstrike kills 40 in Azaz

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    EPA A heavy stench of death filled the air as a body was pulled from the ruins...At least 40 people are thought to have been killed when government jets bombarded the provincial town of Azaz on Wednesday. Yesterday, the full scale of the carnage...
  • Syria Civil War: Vice-President's Cousin becomes Latest High-Profile ...

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    More atrocities have been reported in Syria The cousin of Syria's vice-president has joined the rising flood of defectors in Syria and abandoned President Bashar al-Assad's regime. The Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV channel said that Gen Yuaarab al-...
  • Lebanon: Meqdad Kidnapping Clan Calls Halt to Syria Abductions

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    Shi'ite masked gunmen from the Meqdad clan, gather at the family's headquarters in southern suburbs in Beirut (Reuters) Apowerful clan in Lebanon responsible for kidnapping 40 Syrians it says are affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has called an...
  • It's A Family Matter: Why The Lebanese Are Kidnapping Syrian Nationals

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    The escalating violence in Syria is rocking an unsteady Lebanon. On Wednesday, a Lebanese Shiite clan abducted more than 20 Syrians and a Turkish national living in Beirut in retaliation for the Free Syrian Army taking one of its members hostage.
  • In Lebanon, Sunnis Threaten Shiites Over Kidnapping of Syrians

      The New York Times | almost 2 years ago
    The expanded kidnapping wave occurred as the war in Syria staggered on with battles in Aleppo and dozens of bodies found in a landfill outside the Syrian capital, Damascus, according to activists and it suggested that the threat of regional chaos was...
  • Kuwaiti citizens in Lebanon ‘safe’ – Gulf states tell ...

      Kuwait Times | almost 2 years ago
    Kuwaiti citizens currently in Lebanon are safe and sound, said charge d'affaires in Kuwait's embassy here Fahad Al-Masoud, noting that the consulate is working round the clock to secure their safe return home. Al-Masoud said that today there are...
  • Cabinet forms “crisis cell” to address kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims

      NOW Lebanon | almost 2 years ago
    The cabinet convened on Thursday and agreed to form a ministerial crisis cell to follow up on the abducted Lebanese pilgrims in Syria. According to Information Minister Wael al-Daouq, the cell includes Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn, Interior Minister...
  • Air France asks passengers for refuel...

      Arab News | almost 2 years ago
    The crew of an Air France plane that was re-routed via Damascus on Wednesday asked passengers how much cash they could stump up after Syrian authorities refused credit card payment to refuel the aircraft, the French airline said on Thursday...The...
  • Aleppo hit; OIC suspends ties with Syria

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    The Syrian government Thursday shelled Aleppo, the country's largest city, killing at least 49 people, activists said. Meanwhile, another kidnapping with a possible tie to the violence in Syria was reported in neighboring Lebanon, CNN reported.
  • Lebanon is open, prime minister says

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    The Lebanese prime minister said the country's main airport was open and the Lebanon was eager for tourists even amid fears of a Syrian crisis spillover. Kuwaiti, Saudi and United Arab Emirates leaders this week urged their citizens to leave Lebanon...
  • Syria hails stance by Russia, China

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    A political adviser to the Syrian president said in Beijing she welcomed the non-colonial ambitions of the Russian and Chinese governments. Bouthaina Shaaban, Syrian President Bashar Assad's media and political adviser, told China Daily the Middle...
  • UN to close Syria observer mission

      Al Jazeera | almost 2 years ago
    Gerard Araud, France's ambassador to the UN, referring to the mission by its acronym. Edmond Mulet, from the UN peacekeeping department, told reporters that the mission would "come to an end" at midnight on Sunday. Earlier this year, the United...
  • Syrian Vice President Defects: Report

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    The vice president of Syria has reportedly defected from the regime of Bashar al-Assad. According to a broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV, Farouq al-Shara has called on the Syrian Army to join "the revolution" against Assad's rule. Share This Story The...
  • Hariri slams spree of kidnappings

      The Daily Star | almost 2 years ago
    Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri rejected Thursday the recent spree of kidnappings of Syrian nationals in Lebanon, saying that the Syrian regime is exploiting the abductions to fuel divisions. The kidnapping of any person in Lebanon, whether Syrian...
  • Amos: U.N. to increase financial aid for Lebanon's Syrian refugee efforts

      The Daily Star | almost 2 years ago
    The Daily Star United Nations emergency relief coordinator Valerie Amos (L) speaks during a joint news conference with Lebanon's Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abu Faour in Beirut, August 16, 2012. U.N. humanitarian chief Baroness Valerie Amos said...
  • Syria: More than '2.5 million' in need of humanitarian aid

      AKI | almost 2 years ago
    At least 2.5 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian aid, according to the United Nations. UN humanitarian affairs and emergency relief co-ordinator Valerie Amos on Thursday told reporters that the violance "has become more intense and is too...
  • Assad's feared brother lost leg in bomb attack: sources

      The Daily Star | almost 2 years ago
    Maher Assad, the president's youngest brother, commands Syria's best equipped army division and six brigades of the Republican Guards, responsible for security in the capital, Damascus. President Bashar al-Assad's feared brother Maher lost a leg in a...
  • Lebanon Kidnappings Cause Regional Scare

      Voice of America | almost 2 years ago
    Passengers carrying baggage try to pass, after main road leading to Beirut airport was blocked by relatives of the 11 Lebanese Shi'ite pilgrims who were abducted in Syria, August 15, 2012. Fears are growing that Lebanon could be drawn further into...
  • Maher al-Assad lost leg in Damascus bombing, report says

      NOW Lebanon | almost 2 years ago
    Maher al-Assad, brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, lost a leg in the attack that targeted top security officials in Damascus in July, Reuters reported on Thursday. We heard that [Maher al-Assad] lost one of his legs during the explosion,...
  • Hariri rejects abduction operations

      NOW Lebanon | almost 2 years ago
    Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Thursday condemned the abduction operations that targeted Lebanese in Syria, in addition to the ones aimed at Syrians and other non-Lebanese citizens in Lebanon. In the same way we rejected and renounced the...
  • Lebanese PM: Judiciary will act against those undermining security

      NOW Lebanon | almost 2 years ago
    Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Miqati said on Thursday that the he had requested Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi to follow up on the question of judicial orders issued against those tempering with the security of the state, the National News Agency...
  • Lebanon kidnappings spark fears of Syria spillover

      Jerusalem Post | almost 2 years ago
    Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain all told their nationals to leave at once...Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose Alawite minority is an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam, has long relied on support from Shi'ite Iran and its...
  • Syria violence fuels Lebanon kidnap drama

      BBC | almost 2 years ago
    For many years Beirut has been a vantage point from which journalists and analysts watched and reported the news from the wider Middle East. Now, suddenly, it is in the news again for the first time in a long time. Television bulletins here are...
  • Mikati calls for extraordinary government to tackle kidnappings

      The Daily Star | almost 2 years ago
    Prime Minister Najib Mikati called Thursday for the formation of an extraordinary government for an extraordinary time, in order to cope with the spate of kidnappings in Lebanon that recently took place in retaliation for the abduction of a Lebanese...
  • Eleven Syrians kidnapped across Lebanon

      The Daily Star | almost 2 years ago
    Eleven Syrian nationals were kidnapped in Lebanon Thursday in a spree of abductions targeting mainly Syrians across the country. A Syrian national was snatched in the east Lebanon town of Chtaura, security sources told The Daily Star. Hussam Yehya...
  • Meqdads: If relative killed, Turkish hostage to die

      The Daily Star | almost 2 years ago
    A spokesperson for the Lebanese Meqdad clan, which kidnapped a Turkish national and tens of Syrians in retaliation for the abduction of Hassan Meqdad in Damascus, said Thursday that if Hassan is killed, the Meqdads would kill their Turkish hostage. "...
  • SKeyes condemns attack on Al-Yasariya TV

      NOW Lebanon | almost 2 years ago
    Samir Kassir Eyes Foundation (SKeyes) issued a statement on Thursday condemning the attack on Al-Yasariya television in Beirut and the abduction of its employees, identified as Ahmad al-Haffar, Mohammad Diab, Aanoud al-Khatib and Mohammad Khazaal. [...
  • Tug of war: Retaliatory kidnappings pull Lebanon into Syrian conflict

      Russia Today | almost 2 years ago
    A Lebanese Shiite clan abducted over 20 Syrians and a Turk in retaliation for a family member kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army. The group threatened to capture more citizens from countries allied with Syrian rebels unless the hostage is released.

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