World-Renowned Gold and Oil Expert Predicts 'Financial Armageddon' if Global Financial Crisis not Soon Averted

World-Renowned Gold and Oil Expert Predicts 'Financial Armageddon' if Global Financial Crisis not Soon Averted

Athens : Greece | Jun 06, 2012 at 2:21 AM PDT
Source: PRWeb
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June 06, 2012

James Di Georgia, editor of, has a reputation for being one of the more colorful and controversial gold and oil analysts in the world. As the author of such books as the Global War for Oil: The coming oil shock and The New Bull Market in Gold: $1,000 Gold and the Many Ways to Profit from it, DiGeorgia was one of the very few to predict $100 oil and $1,000 gold a few years ahead of those commodities reaching those levels. The and FOX Business and Bloomberg in recent years, DiGeorgia has shown an uncanny accuracy with his bold predictions. In his latest monthly issue of the Gold and Energy Advisor he is now warning that a possible “financial Armageddon” will occur if the current global financial crisis continues to go unchecked.

The reasons for DiGeorgia’s predictions are multi-fold, pointing to historic “firsts”, including:

  •     Greece’s exit from the EuroZone is becoming more and more likely, which could send the European economy into financial implosion.
  •     All of the major nations of the world are in financial peril simultaneously.
  •     All of the central banks are printing money with abandon.
  •     Central bank balance sheets are skyrocketing, while global economies remain unresponsive.
  •     Both government and banking sectors are in trouble simultaneously.
  •     Many major nations at one time are digging “debt pits” for themselves that could take generations to get out of.
  •     Unlike the Great Depression, no viable policy tools remain available to dig the world governments out of their financial problems.

With the balance sheets of the four major central banks (United States, England, Europe and Japan) ballooning out of control, DiGeorgia points to several potentially catastrophic ramifications. “First, it represents a level of currency debauchery that’s completely unprecedented in history...Second, printing money on such a massive scale creates huge speculative bubbles, and we’ve all seen how destructive bursting bubbles can be,” DiGeorgia says.

DiGeorgia notes that the current economic state is a “perfect storm” that has never been seen before. “The banking system of an entire continent is on the verge of destruction,” he says.

According to DiGeorgia, triggers for a global financial crisis include:

  •     Greece bailing out of the Euro (also known as a “Grexit”). This will result in a massive “beating” to Greece’s creditors, who will then need to be paid in Greek drachmas or not get paid at all. Alternately (or in addition), Greece could threaten default in order to force its creditors to forgive some of its debt. A Greek “debt bomb”, according to DiGeorgia, could bring down banks throughout Europe.
  •     The disintegration of the Eurozone. DiGeorgia points out that explosions are also building in Spain and Italy. “In Spain, a collapse in the property market has destroyed large amounts of wealth throughout the economy, while in Italy government debt has soared by 175 billion euros,” he says.

“Never before have we seen such ominous threats to the entire global financial system. This is extremely challenging to inves¬tors, because nobody can anticipate the final outcome with any level of certainty,” says DiGeorgia. “However, the larger the crisis is, the larger the opportunity becomes. “My job is to make sure those who follow my research and recommendations are fully prepared for the financial, political and social hell storm that lies shortly ahead.”
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About The Gold and Energy Advisor
The Gold and Energy Advisor is a monthly newsletter that covers the precious metals and energy markets, with the single goal of delivering money making recommendations to its subscribers. It also provides frequent updates and special reports about investing. The Gold and Energy Advisor is edited by James DiGeorgia, who has extensive experience in precious metals and the energy markets, and is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities in both areas. For more information, visit

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