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NEXT Showcase - Reel FX goes all-in on virtual reality

By Lawrence Bonk on Oct 31, 2014

Virtual reality used to be something of a dream concept, something seen in Star Trek but never thought of for practical, real-life applications. However, once Facebook purchased Oculus and their Rift VR device, that all changed. Virtual reality is poised to become mainstream and thank goodness for that. After all, real life drools and fake life rules! So the hardware is coming, and it's coming fast. Oculus isn’t the only big company that hopes to wrap their mitts around our hard-earned VR dollars. Samsung, Sony and several other tech luminaries also have their own VR-enabled devices on the way. But what good is all of this hardware without pertinent software to run on it? That’s where companies like Reel FX come in. You may have heard of Reel FX from their fantastic entertainment resume, w

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