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By Michael Essany on Apr 28, 2015


By Debbie Nicholson on Mar 26, 2015


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Corporate managers: America’s ‘most neglected’ employees

By John Egan on May 21, 2015

A new study paints a bleak picture of the state of developing a key group of talent in corporate America — managers. The study, conducted by business consultancy Root Inc. and Kelton Research, refers to the corporate manager as “America’s most neglected employee.” “The study shows emphatically that even those organizations with the foresight to conduct manager training are wasting their time and resources if senior leadership doesn’t show support, if the training doesn’t address both technical and leadership skills and if sustainment tools aren’t put into place,” said Tracey Nawrocki, director of manager development at Root. For the study, Root and Kelton Research surveyed about 200 Americans working in marketing, communications, HR, organizational development, training, operations, strate

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