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Allvoices Select Media Program

Effective Date: September 1, 2011 | Updated January 13, 2014

Paying Out More!

Based on the incredible success of the Allvoices Build Your Brand Program, we have established a new program called the Allvoices Select Media Program.

The Allvoices Select Media program is designed to reward our very best contributors for creating excellent, original, and engaging content geared toward a U.S. audience. Allvoices Anchors can take advantage of this program and join at any time. This option is available to Reporters and Stringers on an invite only basis.

The AV Select Media Program is:

Note: Content may earn money through either the BYB program or AV Select Media Program, but not both.

For content to be considered for selection as part of the AV Select Media Program:

  1. Author has a reputation for quality reporting.
  2. It must be at least 400 words, with rare exceptions for especially engaging reports of more than 350 words. Most Select Media submissions in excess of 1,000 words will not be considered for the program. Rare exceptions may be made, however, if little or no editing is required. Any notes or links added by Allvoices will not count toward the 1,000 words.
  3. It must be written for a U.S. audience, with relevant tags and keywords.
  4. It must not simply be rewritten news already covered by the media. You must bring a new story or a new perspective not covered anywhere else in a way that will remain fresh and interesting even after the news event is no longer "breaking."
  5. News stories must include some element of original reporting or research, in addition to links back to the sources used and citations of those sources in the report where appropriate. Opinion pieces also must include facts, statistics or other research to support the articles' claims, in addition to links back to the sources used.
  6. The writing must be excellent - well written, thoughtful, clear and coherent - with minimal grammatical or stylistic errors and no spelling or factual errors. Reports requiring heavy editing or containing copyright violations will not be approved. A guide to Allvoices Select Media style can be found here. Editors use their professional judgment when determining whether a given article meets the standards for excellent writing.
  7. It must be original and unique to Allvoices, not available anywhere else online or in print. If it is, please do not mark it as "Select Media."
  8. It must have strong potential for community engagement.

Check out this article for elaboration on these guidelines.

In order for Stringers and Reporters to be invited into the AV Select Media Program, they must meet all of these requirements:

  1. At least 15 quality reports and the support of our Anchors
  2. A complete profile page, with a bio and photo. Allvoices must know your identity
  3. A real Linked-in, Facebook and/or Twitter account.
  4. You must respond to all comments and questions on the reports in a timely manner

How Does the Allvoices Select Media Program Work?

Contributors who have been selected to participate in this program will see an AV SELECT MEDIA CHECKBOX on the report creation screen. If you feel your content meets all the requirements, click to select this box.

Once your report is published, Allvoices will review it and decide if it meets Select Media standards. The time from publication to review will vary for each report, but editors try to review stories as quickly as possible.

If approved: You will receive an email alert indicating your content has been selected. The report will then have a badge that states “Select Media” and will earn top revenue dollars. Once approved, your story can only be edited or modified by editors. Editing requests after approval should be sent to Stories are evaluated based on how they appear during the review.

If not approved: Your report will remain in the BYB Incentive Program and start earning revenue.

Note: Please do not email us about whether or not your content was approved or rejected or about the reasons behind our decisions on specific reports. Editors may contact you at their discretion to ask questions or offer feedback.

Allvoices Select Media Program Payment Information

All approved content in the AV Select Media Program earns the AV Select payment rate for monetizable page views.

In the metrics section of your profile, you will see a new section called Select Media. When you view your metrics, you will see:

How Are Payments Calculated?

Earnings = Your monetizable Select Media content page views for that month x AV Select Media payment rate
Monetizable page views are calculated as described in the Allvoices BYB program.

More Information on the AV Select Program:

If you have any questions about the AV Select Program that are not answered here, email us at

Click here to learn more about the AV Build Your Brand (BYB) Program.

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