Build Your Allvoices Brand Incentive Program

Allvoices Build Your Brand (BYB) Program

Build Your Brand – Gain Influence – Make Money

Effective Date: September 1, 2011

The Build Your Brand (BYB) Program is Allvoices' premiere program for site contributors. No one knows your city or your world better than you – you are the expert or on your way to becoming the expert, and no one has more passion for these stories, categories, topics and places than an Allvoices contributor. Our writers, journalists, bloggers, students, photographers, video makers and reporters are located all around the world and passionate about sharing their views of what’s happening around them in their own voice. . Ultimately, each contributor may earn extra cash for reporting news through text, images and videos. That is what makes Allvoices so different and so dynamic!

When you join the BYB Program, you have the opportunity to build your own personal or professional brand, including a complete, accurate profile, a portfolio and a global fan base. You’ll connect with the existing Allvoices users and invite others to join while you promote your contributions all around the web outside of the Allvoices website.

Today, we have 18 categories of interests and topics.

This exciting program is open to everyone:

What You Can Write About

Allvoices has 18 interest categories right now. You can write about more than just the news:

Joining and Earning is Easy!

Each individual can use the Allvoices platform to build a personal and/or professional brand along with a complete and accurate profile, a portfolio, and a global fan base by connecting with existing Allvoices users and inviting new users to join us. You will also have the added benefit of being able to promote your contributions outside of Allvoices around the web through the best social media tools. Each month's earnings are calculated from your score and your monetizable monthly page views, which is your page views from visitors in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Visitors from other countries do not generate advertising revenue for Allvoices, so those visits are not counted as monetizable.

Put your talent to use, build your brand and you may start earning an income TODAY

Why should I build my brand on Allvoices?

We elevate you to a level that no other social media site can through our technology and community. Allvoices will give you unprecedented:

  1. Exposure – instantly publish your news and content. We provide the platform that could help your content go viral
  2. Engagement – ability to engage and reach others from more than 191 countries.
  3. Global reach – social networking and sharing features to connect with others inside and outside the Allvoices community.
  4. Control – you own your BYB content, which enables you to post and promote your Allvoices reports on other sites and link or cross-post your content from your blog or external website to Allvoices.
  5. Revenue Potential – You can earn monthly revenue. Build your brand strong enough and you may become eligible to earn top dollars in our AV Select Media Program.

Contributor Levels

There are three levels of contributors within Allvoices. Each level is based on the reputation, credibility and quality of your work. As your work improves and you become more popular, you advance to the next level up.

Anchor – Top Level and highest earning potential

Reporter – Mid-level and high earning potential

Stringer – Beginner level


All new contributors to Allvoices begin as Stringers. At this level, you are building your reputation and your influence within the Allvoices community. Stringers have tremendous potential for advancement if they leverage the Allvoices platform and produce high-quality content.


Stringers who become popular, produce good content, have earned a good reputation on Allvoices and have demonstrated an increasing level of influence within their social network and fan base are promoted to the level of Reporter. In addition, the community of users on Allvoices must demonstrate respect for the Stringer's point of view. To become a Reporter, your last five to seven contributed reports must have a full credibility rating, and you must demonstrate an ability to create good, original content. Content that is copied or plagiarized from other sources (even with links back to those sources) is NOT original content.


Contributors who reach the level of Anchor are experienced writers, have been vetted by Allvoices or have risen through the ranks from Stringer to Reporter to Anchor. To achieve Anchor status, a contributor's last 15 reports must be published with full credibility, meaning they have no copyright violations and are well regarded by the community based on the community's content rating and the quality of the content.

To be an Anchor, you are at the top of your game – you pay attention to quality, and you are worthy of syndication. That means you write high-quality content in fluent English with no spelling or grammar mistakes. You generally write at least a few hundred words in your reports. Anchors are also automatically eligible to submit articles to our Select Media program to be considered for higher pay rates.

Being an Anchor requires consistent and sustained excellence: Anchors who fail to meet these guidelines over time will be demoted to the Reporter level at the discretion of the Allvoices team. Further, Anchors who post content that violates our Terms of Use will be demoted immediately and automatically to the Reporter level.

How You Earn Money

Earnings for the BYB Program are calculated from a combination of Your Score and Monetizable Monthly Page Views.

Your Score

Your Score is the sum of your:

  1. Reputation Score (35% of the total of Your Score)
  2. Participation Score (45% of the total of Your Score)
  3. Promotion Score (10% of the total of Your Score)
  4. Engagement Score (10% of the total of Your Score)

Your payment level is determined by the value of Your Score. This table below shows you how much you would make with different scores:

Let’s take a look at what each of these scores represent and how they add up to your monthly earnings:

Reputation Score

Reputation Score makes up 35% of the total of Contributor Score and is derived from the credibility of your reports. It only changes if you violate our Terms of Use by posting plagiarism, copyright infringing material, inappropriate content, or other content that violates our Terms of Use and is flagged by our community.

To maintain a high score:

Participation Score

Participation Score makes up 45% of the total of Contributor Score and is derived from participation on Allvoices. Participation includes writing reports, uploading images and videos, commenting and rating. At the beginning of every month, contributors will start with a score of 10 if their profile has been completed and they are using their real name. The score will increase over the month based on activity.

Score is affected by:

Activities that Contribute to my Participation Score:

The following table shows the activities required to reach each of the three different incentive payment rates. More details on how to use these activities to maximize your incentive earnings are below.

Activities that Contribute to Your Score
Level I Level II Level III
Profile Page* ACCURATE & 100% Complete
Number of Reports 6 10 15
Number of Quality Comments 10 20 30
Number of Ratings 10 25 50
Number of Images Uploaded 3 5 10
Number of Videos** 1 3 5
Sharing content on Twitter, +1 & Facebook 2 of the 3 social networks

*NOTE: To get paid, you must fill out a completed profile, which requires:

** YouTube videos can be embedded into your report as part of this program

Note: The Participation Score will reset at the beginning of each new month. Contributors will have the entire month to raise their scores for maximum rewards at the end of the month.

Promotion Score

Promotion Score makes up 10% of the total of Your Score and is based upon actively marketing content outside of Allvoices.

At the beginning of every month, contributors start with a baseline score. Sharing all content on Twitter and Facebook improves your Promotion Score and is as easy as Tweeting and Liking your reports on Allvoices.

How to increase your Promotion score:

Note: Expect Promotion Scores to be low at the beginning of each new month. Contributors, however, have the entire month to raise scores for maximum incentive rewards at the end of the month.

Engagement Score

Engagement score makes up 10% of the total of Your Score and is based upon how much engagement your content creates on the Allvoices site.

The Engagement score is derived from how much you market Allvoices content on Twitter and Facebook. To improve your score, read a report on Allvoices and then Tweet it to your followers and Like it on Facebook. This report must be posted by an Allvoices user other than you.

Monetizable Monthly Page Views

Allvoices must monetize site traffic so we can pay contributors the best possible rates. Because not all traffic can be monetized, and to help Allvoices' Programs remain the most competitive in the online industry, we can only pay our users for traffic from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Traffic from other countries does not generate advertising revenue for Allvoices.

Allvoices makes money from US readership

Your articles are monetized by our ability to sell advertising. Our clients are looking to reach the American audience. In other words, it all depends on how many people in the US read the reports and content you create.

As you know from reading newspapers like the New York Times, US readers like to read about US news, but they also care about news from other countries. The secret to reaching these readers is finding out how the story you wants to tell is connected to the US. Why should a reader in the US care about your article? If you can answer that question in your content, you will reach a greater number of US readers.

The Reach button at the end of your report will give you a breakdown of where your readers are coming from geographically.

How Your Monthly Earnings Are Calculated

The total monthly amount earned under the BYB Program is the payment rate established by Your Score multiplied by the number of monetizable page views.


Your Score at the end of the month: 75

Your payment rate based on Your Score: $1.50 per thousand monetizable page views

Your Monetizable Page Views for the month: 120,000

Earnings = $1.50 X (120,000/1,000) = $180.00!

If you have any questions about the Incentive Programs that are not answered here, please email us at

How do I get paid?

After you have earned $50 within a 90-day period, you will become eligible to receive payment upon submission of a completed and signed tax form by following these instructions:

  1. Download the applicable form:
  2. Print out, fill out and SIGN the form. IMPORTANT: You MUST sign the document by hand. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.
  3. Write your Allvoices USERNAME and EMAIL ADDRESS on the bottom of your tax form. Include your PAYPAL email address, if you choose this payment option.
  4. Scan and email the form to or fax it to +1-415-723-7399.
  5. While you are logged in to Allvoices, go to the Edit Your Profile page and click on "Incentive Program." Check the box to join the program.

Other important information:

If you have any questions about the Incentive Program that are not answered here, email us at

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