Build Your Allvoices Brand Incentive Program

Allvoices Incentive Program is the largest community of media producers on the planet, producing more content than many traditional media companies. All of our writers and contributors have more than just a voice: they have an opportunity to be actually heard.

Allvoices wants to reward you for writing about the world around you and the things you love – and we want to invite YOU to become part of the future of reporting.

It’s not just about the news – it’s about YOUR passion!

Allvoices Build Your Brand (BYB) Program for Writers

An exciting, exclusive program is available to our very best contributors and anchors, with the highest pay rates ever! Discover how you can earn more and join an exclusive group of Allvoices news makers.

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Allvoices Select Media Program

Build your brand, gain influence and earn money by reporting original news, opinions and information about what’s happening in your world via text, images and videos.

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Allvoices Social Badges

Members of the community play an important role in keeping Allvoices clean and appropriate. Users have the ability to earn different levels of power across the Allvoices site by flagging content that violates our Terms of Use.

Reader Badge
Readers are earning the trust of the Allvoices community. They can flag articles or comments as inappropriate, which the Allvoices team will review. Once our team approves 20 flags submitted by a Reader, the Reader will become a Moderator.

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Moderators have proven their good judgment. They can delete inappropriate comments, and they can also flag articles for our Allvoices team to review. Once our team approves 50 total flags submitted by a Moderator, the Moderator will become a Super Moderator.

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Super Moderators have earned the Allvoices community's trust. They can delete inappropriate articles and comments.

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