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Using Allvoices


I was warned for misusing the site for spam.

You received this warning because your messages, comments or reports were flagged as spam by other users. Spam is an abuse of electronic systems to indiscriminately send or post unsolicited bulk messages or information. You might not have intended to solicit other users, but repeatedly sending or posting the same message, comment or report is a violation of Allvoices' Terms of Use. This is strictly prohibited to protect our community and the integrity of the site.

May I promote my organization/business without being flagged for spam?

Yes. Although Allvoices does not allow users to send messages promoting or advertising a product, service, or opportunity, you can create a profile page and presence on Allvoices for your business or brands. A profile page on Allvoices will allow businesses and brands to deepen connections with users and give the ability to maximize viral promotion.

I was warned for harassing messages, comments or content.

You received this warning because you were flagged for behavior that other users found harassing. Sending threatening, sexually explicit, or harassing messages to others will not be tolerated. To avoid future warnings or action, please refrain from sending messages or posting comments of this kind.

I was warned for uploading an inappropriate photo/video.

You received this warning because a photo or video that you uploaded was flagged and removed for violating Allvoices' Terms of Use. Photos and videos containing nudity, drug use, gratuitous violence or other graphic content are not allowed.

To avoid future warnings or action, please refrain from posting inappropriate photos or videos and remove any that still exist on the site.

Why have I been blocked from sending PMs?

Your messages were flagged by the community, and Allvoices determined that you were sending spam or messages that violate our Terms of Use. Before you were blocked, you were given a warning.

Please be aware that continued abuse of the site can result in your account being permanently disabled and deleted from the site.

Why is my account disabled?

If your account has been suspended or disabled, you have been previously warned but your account was again flagged for violation of terms. Allvoices will review your account and determine if the account will be reactivated or permanently disabled and deleted.

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