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Why should I register on Allvoices?

Registering on Allvoices allows you to contribute in many ways (see "What Can I Contribute to Allvoices?"). You can also:

  • Express yourself and your opinions
  • Learn and develop reporting skills
  • Connect with others who share your perspectives
  • Be a part of a global community and site that is free from censorship and editorial oversight which is characteristic of traditional media organizations
  • Help validate and provide first-hand accounts on breaking stories as well as helping us build a vibrant experience around current events
  • Share in our success by earning cash rewards through our incentive program

How do I register on Allvoices?

STEP 1: Click the join button in the upper right on any page and enter the following:

  • Email (make sure to enter the correct email)
  • Username (choose carefully since changing this requires contacting support)
  • Password (twice)
  • Captcha image
  • Check the boxes to agree to the terms and enroll in the Incentive Program

STEP 2: Check for an email from Allvoices titled Registration verification at Allvoices.

STEP 3: When you receive the verification email:

  • Click the link inside the email or paste it into your browser (the "Your account has been activated!" page will appear)
  • Click your username in the upper right to view your profile page
  • Upload a profile image
  • Click [Edit] profile to manage your account preferences
  • Start contributing!

NOTE: After you have submitted 3 reports, the system will ask for additional information (see below).

The system does not recognize my city. What should I do?

  1. Check the spelling first.
  2. The system recognizes cities with 500 or more residents. If the city is still not recognized, please select the largest city near you.
  3. If the city has more than 500 residents and is not recognized, email us at We are constantly adding new locations so keep an eye out for your city.


  • To change your account/profile location, sign in and click [Edit] profile in the upper right.
  • To change the location of your report, sign in, go to your profile page to find your report, click on the title and click EDIT REPORT on the report page.

I did not receive a confirmation email when I registered.

  1. Check your spam folder first.
  2. If you still have not received an email from Allvoices, go to the Sign In page and click on the Need another activation email?
  3. Under Resend my activation email, enter your email and click SEND.

Contact us at if you still do not receive a registration verification email. There is no need to repeat Step 1 since you will already be in the system. For your protection, the system will not accept another registration using an identical email address or username.

How do I confirm my email address?

Registering on Allvoices requires you to confirm your email address.

  1. After successfully completing Step 1 of registration, check for an activation/confirmation email from Allvoices.
  2. Click on the activation link found in the email.
  3. Or copy and paste the link into your browser and click the Enter key (make sure you paste the entire link including any line breaks your email client might add to the link).
  4. The "Your account has been activated!" page will appear, and you can start contributing.

How do I upload a profile image?

You can easily upload an image directly from your profile page by clicking Upload a Profile Picture under the image box. This image can be changed. Personal photos are not required. You may choose any image to represent your Allvoices account/personality (i.e. an avatar).

How much does it cost to use Allvoices?

Using Allvoices is FREE, but standard SMS charges may be charged by your carrier if you contribute via cell phone. For more information about SMS, scroll to the bottom of any page and click Your Cellphone under CONTRIBUTIONS.

Why is the system asking me for additional information?

After you have submitted 3 reports or if you click to edit your profile the first time before your 4th report submission, the system will ask for additional information for your security and account identification. Also, the Allvoices experience is centered on places and people, and the community wants to know the location of contributors.

The "Additional Information Requested" page will appear requesting:

  • Date of Birth
  • Country, State (if applicable) and City
  • Education
  • How did you hear about Allvoices? We hope you will share this info. with us!

Who can sign up for Allvoices?

Allvoices is a global social media site, and we welcome all global citizens who accept our terms. Please read the Terms of Use section Ability to accept Terms of Use.

Use of this site is governed by our Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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