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Using Allvoices


What are the different ways of contributing to Allvoices from my cell phone?

You can submit content via:

  • SMS (Short Message Service)
    SMS is a telecommunications mobile standard for sending a text message.
  • MMS-to-email (Multimedia Messaging Service to an email address)
    MMS is an extension of SMS for sending messages that include multimedia (video, images, rich text) and messages of longer length. Some cell phones might divide these messages into two sub-categories instead (image and video messages).
  • Most cell phones today support MMS-to-email. Check with your cell phone network provider then refer to your manual for instructions for your particular phone and model.
  • Email directly from your cell phone email client

How do I report my news from a cell phone?

  • SMS: See below.
  • MMS-to-email: Send videos, images or text from your cell phone to
  • Email from phone: Send videos, images or text from your cell phone via email to
  • Website via handset: Follow the appropriate links for Report Your News and uploading videos, images, news stories, etc.

How do I review or edit the content I submit?

  • Registered users: You can sign in and review/edit the content you submit through your profile page.
  • Non-registered users: The uploaded media will show as an anonymous contribution until you register on the site.

How do I send an SMS to Allvoices?

The Allvoices SMS # to use depends on your region (see below).

United States SMS

Text your news to VOICES or 864237

International SMS

Depending on your region, text news to appropriate # below or check the coverage table.

+45 609 910280
+61 427 229537
+44 780 0000352


Other charges may apply. The cost of sending an Int'l SMS to Allvoices varies between 2-5 times the cost of local SMS. Please check with you carrier for the exact traffic charges that apply to you.


By sending us news via SMS or MMS you expressly agree to and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How long does it take for cell phone submissions to be delivered to Allvoices?

This should only take few minutes, but the time may vary depending on your cellular network's load and on the incoming traffic to Allvoices.

What happens to the SMS when it is received by Allvoices?

  • The message is processed and categorized.
  • For registered users: The message is either attached to a related existing report or a new report is created from the message.
  • If you have elected to receive email confirmations on the status of your contributions, you will be informed.
  • When Allvoices receives your message, the system will send you a report code so you or friends can contribute more content to the same report.

For further assistance, contact

Can my friends contribute to my report via cell phone?

  • Yes. Encourage them to contribute (comment, video and images) to your news report.
  • Share the SMS report code with your friends, or they can send contributions to your report to
  • The first word of the contribution needs to consist of @event code (of your news report)

How do I contribute to an existing report via cell phone?

  • Find the report code next to the cell phone icon in the right column of the report page you want to contribute to
  • The report code will be an "@" symbol followed by #s (for example @1234567)
  • Use the report code as the first word of the SMS or MMS message followed by a space then add your contribution (text, image or video). The report code insures the system attaches the content to the correct report.
  • For example: @1234567 This is an amazing image of Mars and a spring dust storm.

Where will I find my submitted SMS report?

  • Registered users: You will see the message in your profile page.
  • Non-registered users: You can register, and we will automatically show your previously submitted messages in your profile page.

I sent an SMS, but I do not see it posted on your site?

  1. First check your phone's message Outbox to make sure the SMS was sent
  2. Check that you used the right # to submit your SMS
  3. If you used the correct # and the message is in the Outbox and was sent recently, wait about 1 hour and check Allvoices again.
  4. SMS processing at Allvoices might take a little longer if the load on the site is heavy

If you still do not see your posting after some time, contact

My cell phone has a browser. Can I submit content directly via the mini-browser?

Yes, you can submit content using your cell phone-enable browser. Simply click the Login link at the top to sign in and contribute.

Does Allvoices send confirmation messages of cell phone contributions?

  • Registered users: You can choose to receive email confirmations of all your cell phone contributions.
  • Non-registered users: We are unable to send you a confirmation message if you are not registered.

Why was my content rejected?

Messages that violate terms (e.g. profanity, etc) will be blocked automatically. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

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