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What is Mainstream News?

Allvoices aggregates news from reputable online resources. The Mainstream News is denoted by a red star icon and appears to the right of Contributor Reports on the home page.

Popular and This Just In are filters for Contributor Reports and Mainstream Reports.

  1. Popular shows reports that are the most relevant and active (views, comments) within the last 24 hours.
  2. This Just In shows reports that have just been submitted.

What is Most Buzz, Most Views and Most Comments?

  1. Most Buzz shows reports that have received the most coverage and response from the community.
  2. Most Views shows reports which received the most pageviews.
  3. Most Comments shows reports which received the most comments.

Who are the Top Contributors?

The Top Contributors list in the right column on the home page features contributors who have submitted reports with the most relevance, supporting activity, popularity and response from the community within the last week. They are regularly rotated because Allvoices highly values diversity on the site.

Top contributors in a specific region are shown on the region's main page. Enter a region, country, state or city in the Search field. Or you can scroll down any page and select an area under Hot Spots in the right column.

The home page highlights the Most Popular Images (most viewed), Popular Videos (most viewed) within the last 24 hours.

How does Allvoices rank content?

Content is ranked by a propriety algorithm based on multiple factors such as time, relevance, support from mainstream news sources and response from the Allvoices community. Content can be filtered by category and region. Content can also be filtered by Popular, This Just In or Most Buzz, Most Views or Most Comments.

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