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Using Allvoices


Where can I see the content that I have contributed to Allvoices?

Once content has been successfully submitted, you can view all of your contributions from your profile page. To view your profile page, sign in and click your username in the upper right. For more info on the profile page, see the User Profile Page section above.

If you cannot see your content, check your Internet connection and try re-submitting it. Contact if you continue to have issues.

Can I edit or make changes to content once I have submitted it?

Yes. You can edit all of your contributions from your profile page. See the Contributing section above for instructions to:

  • Edit reports
  • Replace or delete videos and images
  • Edit comments

Who creates the content on Allvoices?

Allvoices receives content from member contributions as well as mainstream news outlets such as Reuters. The Allvoices community generates content by creating original reports. Related news stories or links, videos, images and comments are added to new or existing reports.

Can I submit foreign language (non-English) content?

The Allvoices platform is currently built to support the English language. Users are welcome to submit or search for non-English content, and it will be displayed. However, the accuracy of the Allvoices system algorithms cannot be guaranteed for non-English content at this time.

We recommend Google Translate to translate your text to English. It is easy to use and is quite accurate.

Can I add my own content?

Allvoices is a citizen reporting and social media site and a platform for original content, global perspectives/opinions and self-expression. The site is built to aggregate existing content from mainstream sources and host original content from our community of users.

  • Register with Allvoices and contribute your own content
  • Write reports in your own words
  • Complement your reports with related media such as:
    • Links to other news stories
    • Other contributor reports
    • Videos, images
    • Comments
  • Encourage other users and the outside community to respond to your content by promoting. See Community, Promotion & Engagement section.

Can I republish content I find on Allvoices on my website or blog?

  • You can republish your own content only
  • You can link to Allvoices content by copying the link location (URL) and using it on your blog or website
  • Allvoices content that you do not have rights to cannot be fully copied (i.e. reports, videos, images or comments)
  • You can write a summary or introduction in your own words and link back to the full content on Allvoices

For more details on republishing rights of Allvoices content, see our Terms of Use.

Can I submit syndicated content?

You can submit links to syndicated content such as a regular column in a mainstream publication, but you cannot submit the content itself due to copyright law which prohibits republishing protected content.

Can I submit content I bought or own the rights to but did not create?

As long as you own the rights to a piece of content, you can submit it to Allvoices. For more information on copyright infringement, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Can I submit content from other sites?

You can submit links to other sites, but you cannot submit the content yourself if you do not own the rights to republish it. For more information on copyright infringement, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Once I submit a report to Allvoices, who owns the content?

You own the rights to the content you submit if you created the content or you acquired the rights to use it. Allvoices reserves the right to use and re-distribute your content. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Use.

You can link to any page on Allvoices. You can link to any page on Allvoices but please read the Terms of Use so that you are aware of how to use the content and if you are allowed to link to it.

Use of this site is governed by our Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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