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Using Allvoices

Account & Notifications

How do I edit my account information?

  • Sign in
  • Click on [Edit] profile in the upper right
  • You can edit personal account information such as password, location, education level, biography
  • You can manage your account

I clicked SAVE PROFILE to save my profile changes, but I'm being asked for more info.

If you click to edit your profile the first time before your 4th report submission, the system will ask for additional information for your security and account identification. The Allvoices experience is centered on places and people, and the community wants to know the location of contributors.

The "Additional Information Requested" page will appear requesting:

  • Date of Birth
  • Country, State (if applicable) and City
  • Education
  • How did you hear about Allvoices? We hope you will share this info. with us!

How do I change my username or email?

Changing your username or email requires contacting

How do I change or delete my profile image?

Sign in and click on Edit profile in the upper right. Once a profile image has been uploaded, you can replace it but not delete it. On the General tab, click Browse at the bottom and upload a new image.

What kind of notifications does Allvoices send?

Registered users have the option of receiving the following notifications:

  • Confirmation about my newly created news event
  • If someone comments on my news event
  • If someone responds to my comment
  • If someone I am a fan of reports a news event, comments or posts an image or video
  • If someone sends me a Private Message
  • Receive email with marketing or other updates from Allvoices
  • Receive SMS with marketing or other updates

How do I manage email notifications and updates from Allvoices?

Registered users have the option of receiving the following notifications:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click [Edit] profile in the upper right
  3. Click the Notification tab
  4. Opt-in or opt-out by checking or un-checking the boxes

What personal information can other people see on Allvoices?

Your profile page is public, and your username and location are always visible. The public can only view the personal information you choose to display. Your account management features (e.g. edit, delete, etc.) are only visible to you when signed in.

For more information, please read the Allvoices Privacy Policy.

What are the rules for using Allvoices?

Please read the Terms of Use for details on how to use Allvoices.

How do I close/delete my account?

To close your account, sign in and click Edit profile in the upper right. Click the Delete Account button on the General tab. Removing your account will delete your personal information, but Allvoices will retain all content you created. For more information, please read our Terms of Use.

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