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How do I notify Allvoices of copyright infringement or plagiarism?

  • You can send an email to to notify Allvoices if you suspect that some content, image, or video has been plagiarized or violates copyright law (unlawfully republished without permission).
  • You can also report infringement by clicking the FLAG icon on the report page (see next question and answer).

How do I report abusive content?

Allvoices believes in creating and promoting a safe, respectful platform for dialogue and perspectives. Therefore, posts containing content such as violent language, explicit sexual content or hate speech are strictly prohibited.

The Allvoices site is monitored by the community. We encourage all users to flag inappropriate content or content that violates our Terms of Use. Every report page has a FLAG icon below the report text. To report content that violates our terms:

  • Click the FLAG icon on the report page
  • Select a reason from the drop-down menu
  • Provide a few details
  • Enter the text in the image (captcha image validation)

This content will be reviewed by Allvoices. If the content is deemed to be a violation of the site terms, it will be removed.

Why was my content removed?

Your content was removed because Allvoices determined that it violates our Terms of Use to which you agreed to when you registered to use our site. The Allvoices terms includes our content, intellectual property and privacy policies.

Please re-read our Terms of Use to make certain your contributions comply.

Does Allvoices remove all content that gets flagged?

Allvoices reviews every report we receive to determine whether or not the content violates our Terms of Use. Any content that is considered sexually explicit, violent, malicious or otherwise offensive will be removed. If you received a warning about an item that was taken down, then we have established that it violated these terms.

Use of this site is governed by our Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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