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Posted by: prabirghose

Saint Petersburg :: Russia | updated 2014-03-28 01:43:34 -0700 | humanitarian-news

A total of 28 Greenpeace activists of the Arctic Sunrise and two journalists have been shifted to three separate jails in St Petersburg, Russia - they had initially been charged with piracy charges which was subsequently modified to lesser charges...
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Breaking News: Deadly buffet: Plastic debris kills whales, sea birds, seals and other marine animals
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Seattle :: WA :: USA | updated 2013-11-13 08:27:38 -0800 | green-news

For more than two decades there has been a swirling mass of plastic junk twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean - big enough to qualify for its own ZIP code. It’s known as the Great Pacific Garbage...
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Breaking News: Palm oil buyers to stimulate production.
Posted by: rwakareria1

Nairobi :: Kenya | updated 2013-11-12 00:06:22 -0800 | green-news

Palm oil buyers must do more to stimulate sustainable production. By Lawrence Mbae. Palm oil buyers are doing more than before but not nearly enough to encourage responsible growers to reduce the adverse impacts of producing the world’s most popular...
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Breaking News: Thousands feared dead in Philippines from massive typhoon
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Tacloban :: Philippines | updated 2013-11-13 14:25:25 -0800 | green-news

Upwards of 10,000 people were killed Friday when massive Typhoon Haiyan made landfill in central Philippines, far more than initial estimates had predicted. Still worse, thousands more residents are believed to be at risk as destruction from the deadly storm...
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Breaking News: At least 1,200 killed as massive typhoon plows through Philippines
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Tacloban :: Philippines | updated 2013-11-13 15:26:50 -0800 | green-news

Massive Typhoon Haiyan left at least 1,200 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless after it slammed into the central Philippines on Friday. The typhoon, regarded as the most powerful storm to make landfall anywhere on the planet this year, destroyed...
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Posted by: rwakareria1

Nairobi :: Kenya | updated 2013-11-09 01:40:22 -0800 | green-news

African Water Facility Turns Waste into Commercial Fertilizer and Energy in Ghana. By Lawrence Mbae. The African Water Facility (AWF) signed a €1 million grant in favour of the Ghanaian NGO Training, Research and Networking for Development (TREND) to support...
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Posted by: chnarendra

Gāndhīnagar :: India | updated 2013-11-08 22:34:49 -0800 | green-news

According to the National Forest Policy 1988, one-third of the geographical area of the country should be maintained as forest and tree cover. According to the State forest report of 2009, Gujarat has only 9.83% of its geographical area declared...
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Posted by: chnarendra

New Delhi :: India | updated 2013-11-08 20:04:36 -0800 | green-news

Expressing concern over the quantum of waste produced every year from construction and demolition (C&D) activities Union Minister of State for Urban Development Smt Deepa Dasmunshi has called for a holistic, integrated and sustainable waste management system in the country....
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Breaking News: Aftermath of typhoon Haiyan leaves Philippines with 10,000 feared dead
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2013-11-11 14:54:31 -0800 | green-news

The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan is rising and the loss of life has becoming more staggering than anticipated. Experts are now estimating the tell toll will be closer to 10,000 after the massive storm dealt a body blow to...
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Breaking News: Global Warming Threatens Half of Plant Species on Earth
Posted by: kokolucky

Paris :: France | updated 2013-11-07 22:12:00 -0800 | green-news

More than half of the species of plant and animal species will shrink one-third of his place by 2080 as a result of global warming . Thus stated in a study published on Sunday ( 12/05/2013 ) . Researchers from...
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Breaking News: Super typhoon reaches Philippines with 170 mph winds
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2013-11-11 15:01:48 -0800 | green-news

Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm of the year anywhere, made landfall Friday at the Philippines central islands, forcing millions to move to higher ground or seek safety in storm shelters. Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, brought winds gusting as high...
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Breaking News: Koch brothers win Rubber Dodo Award for environmental attacks, corporate greed
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

San Francisco :: CA :: USA | updated 2013-11-07 15:05:13 -0800 | green-news

Last week the Koch brothers got a huge raspberry from the environmental community. The Koch brothers beat out other distinguished propagators of environmental ignorance to claim the 2013 Rubber Dodo Award from an annual contest held by the Center for...
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Breaking News: Poaching drives rare western black rhino to extinction
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Sangmélima :: Cameroon | updated 2013-11-07 21:10:52 -0800 | green-news

Thanks to human activity, a unique species is gone forever. A report by the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on Thursday has declared the western black rhino, a subspecies of the black rhino, extinct, as reported in Science Time....
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Breaking News: Report: World powers could settle for interim agreement on Iran's nuclear program
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Geneva :: Switzerland | updated 2013-11-10 15:26:11 -0800 | green-news

World powers could accept an interim agreement with Iran to begin curtailing its nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief, a senior US official said Wednesday. "What we're looking for is a first phase, a first step, an initial...
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Posted by: prabirghose

San Juan :: Puerto Rico | updated 2014-04-24 02:39:29 -0700 | odd-news

Puerto Rico has embarked on a massive garbage cleanup operation in the San Juan Estuary to save the wildlife and, within a few hours, have succeeded in removing nearly 12,600 pounds (5,700 kilograms) of trash. The estuary is believed to...
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