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Yelp gives bad review to display ads, pivots to native advertising

By Joe Kukura on Jul 30, 2015

Yelp shareholders are squawking over the company's terrible earnings call this week. Yelp shares tumbled by a whopping 29 percent in just one morning after the company lowered its revenue forecasts on a Q2 earnings call. Yelp stock is now worth only one-fourth of its all-time high $101.75 from March 2014. Greeted with unkind headlines like Yelp is in a 'death spiral' (Business Insider) and Is Yelp on its deathbed? (CNN), the San Francisco-based online review aggregator is attempting to find new life with a powerful tool they already have: native advertising. The increasingly popular — and increasing difficult to define — format of native advertising will be explored in-depth at an ad:tech New York conference session called "Measuring Native Advertising Campaigns." Industry experts and nati