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Breaking News: State Department puts freeze on Keystone XL pipeline
Posted by: PrairieDogPress

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 09:41:04 -0700 | political-news

Controversial political news often comes late on Fridays and the State Department announcement delaying approval for the Keystone XL pipeline was no exception. In a one-paragraph statement, the decision was pushed back without any deadline mentioned citing complications from a...
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Breaking News: Vladimir Putin plans military installations on disputed Kuril Islands
Posted by: RenoBerkeley SelectMedia

Okinawa :: Japan | updated 2014-04-19 09:40:33 -0700 | political-news

If anyone needs any more proof that Vladimir Putin is on a mission to rebuild the glory of the Soviet Union, look no further than the Kuril Islands, located between the northern tip of Japan and Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. This...
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Breaking News: Easter in the Ukrainian conflict zone
Posted by: Dava Castillo SelectMedia

Slav'yans'k :: Ukraine | updated 2014-04-19 09:28:48 -0700 | political-news

The ancient art of Ukrainian Easter egg decoration called “pysanka” originated in the pre-Christian era when Ukrainians worshipped the sun god Dazhboh. Considered the source of all life, the sun was portrayed on the decorated eggs together with celebrated nature...
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Breaking News: Cliven Bundy: Welfare moocher or freedom fighter?
Posted by: RenoBerkeley SelectMedia

Bunkerville :: NV :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 09:57:22 -0700 | political-news

Why did the Bureau of Land Management commandeer Las Vegas police SWAT vans? Why were the feds outfitted in bullet-proof vests and semi-automatic weapons? If they were there simply to protect the desert tortoise and to teach Cliven Bundy that...
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Breaking News: Iowa Gov. Branstad violates separation of church and state, proclaims prayer, fasting

Des Moines :: IA :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 09:43:37 -0700 | political-news

On April 8, Gov. Terry Branstad issued a proclamation declaring July 14, 2014, as a day of prayer, fasting and repentance in the state of Iowa. The edict, issued in the "name and by the authority of the State of...
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Breaking News: Why men cheat
Posted by: VeronicaS SelectMedia

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 09:15:43 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Cheating has long been hotly debated and I suspect will continue to be, and while both sides of the human species engage in stealing love or lust on the side, this article is about the male perspective. So why do...
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Breaking News: Decent wages should not be a political controversy
Posted by: Michael Rappaport

Griffin :: GA :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 05:51:18 -0700 | political-news

What does the expression "working full time" mean? In the days before labor unions and labor laws, it meant working six days a week and as much as 14 hours a day for as little as an employer wanted to...
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Breaking News: Silicon Valley tech boom leads to a $17 million McDonald's
Posted by: Joe Kukura

San Francisco :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 02:25:01 -0700 | technology-news

I've heard of the "Golden Arches", but this is ridiculous. The hottest piece of real estate in one of the hottest markets in the US is not a luxury condominium, a posh hotel or a corporate high-rise. It is a...
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Breaking News: Pilgrims from Europe and Asia join Palestinian Christians for Easter weekend
Posted by: saleh1966

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2014-04-19 11:04:29 -0700 | spirituality-religion-news

Palestinian Christians and pilgrims from Italy, Poland, Romania and as far away as the Philippines trod the streets of ancient Jerusalem on the day the New Testament says Jesus Christ took his last supper with his disciples on the eve...
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Posted by: MandyRobinson

Los Angeles :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-04-18 23:56:11 -0700 | entertainment-news

Fans of "Deadliest Catch" will be glad to know that it is returning for a 10th season. The show will premiere on April 22 and you don't want to miss it. You can check out the preview in the video...
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Breaking News: NBA playoff preview: Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets
Posted by: Jake Brown SelectMedia

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 11:17:46 -0700 | sports-news

Before the start of the season, the talk in the Atlantic Division surrounded which team in New York would win it. The 76ers were clearly set to be one of the worst teams in NBA history. The Celtics compiled future...
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Breaking News: Obama signed a law that prevents entry into Iran UN Ambassador
Posted by: M Furqan

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 04:57:10 -0700 | political-news

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday signed a law that will prevent Hamid Abutalebí inauguration of Iran's ambassador to the United Nations because of its alleged connection with the storming of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979 . The...
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Breaking News: School official commits suicide as hopes for ferry passengers diminish
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Ansan :: South Korea | updated 2014-04-19 09:35:50 -0700 | disasters-news

An assistant principal from the high school attended by hundreds of students aboard the South Korean ferry that sank in the Yellow Sea this week committed suicide Friday outside a gymnasium where parents of the presumed victims had gathered. Kang...
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Breaking News: U.S. troops will be deployed in Poland before the crisis in Ukraine, says newspaper
Posted by: M Furqan

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 10:07:42 -0700 | political-news

Poland and the United States announced the following deployment of the U.S. Army in the Polish territory within the expansion of NATO's presence in Central and Eastern Europe in response to events in Ukraine is expected this week, the Sunday...
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Breaking News: The United States on delay of Keystone pipeline project
Posted by: Ritchllle

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 06:43:26 -0700 | political-news

The United States announced Friday a new delay a final decision on the disputed Canada to United States, saying more time was needed to perform the audit. United States Department of State said in a statement the eight federal agencies...
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