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Posted by: rsa76

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 00:32:50 -0700 | odd-news

Researchers at Harvard University in the U.S. , said the Google Flu Trends tool, which supposedly helps predict flu outbreaks, is not effective. A more recent study says the best way to know if there is an epidemic of this...
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Posted by: rsa76

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-18 23:58:10 -0700 | odd-news

An 8 year old boy suffering from a degenerative disease fulfilled his dream of flying like Iron Men, the portal communicates Daily News . Vertin Max Dream became a reality thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, April 18, he arranged for...
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Posted by: rsa76

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 06:43:26 -0700 | odd-news

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration delayed its decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, likely until after the November election, to extend indefinitely the project review.AP In a surprise announcement on Friday, the State Department said federal agencies will have...
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Breaking News: More suicides than ever among U.S. special forces
Posted by: rsa76

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-18 23:28:49 -0700 | odd-news

Suicides in the special operations forces of the U.S., including elite Navy SEAL Navy and Army Rangers, are at unprecedented levels. The effective number of special operations forces who commit suicide has reached historic highs in the past two years,...
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Breaking News: South Sudan not investigating the attack on the peacekeepers
Posted by: rsa76

Jūbā :: Sudan | updated 2014-04-19 13:37:19 -0700 | odd-news

The UN Security Council called on the authorities of South Sudan as soon as possible to respond to what happened yesterday, an attack on a base of the UN Mission, which killed more than 50 people, about 100 people were...
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Breaking News: Iran celebrates Armed Forces Day with a grand military parade
Posted by: rsa76

Tehrān :: Iran | updated 2014-04-18 21:56:50 -0700 | odd-news

In Iran, Armed Forces Day was celebrated with a parade in the capital. The Persian leader, Hassan Rohani, chaired the event which included members of the various military and security bodies, according to local media. Paraded units of the Army,...
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Posted by: matthewsp20

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-04-19 00:02:23 -0700 | odd-news

We are please to announce our new integration with Mailchimp, making it super easy for WisePops customers to boost visitors sign-ups and set up automated welcome emails in just one click, and without any coding! How does it work? All...
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Breaking News: Mob attack on UN peacekeeping force base in South Sudan leaves 58 dead
Posted by: prabirghose

Khartoum :: Sudan | updated 2014-04-19 13:37:19 -0700 | odd-news

An angry mob of youths attacked the UN peacekeeping mission's camp in Bor in Jonglei state and left 58 persons dead - the ethnic Nuers had fled to this camp following fighting that broke out in the country in mid-December....
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Breaking News: 'Big Bird' runs amok in English countryside (Video)
Posted by: Anne Sewell

Stevenage :: United Kingdom | updated 2014-04-19 05:55:54 -0700 | odd-news

It happened near the little village of Nuthampstead, close to Stevenage in Herts, UK on Thursday. A retired geography teacher was out enjoying a cycle ride in the English countryside when he spotted a huge bird, about the size of...
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Breaking News: State failed to imprison convicted armed robber -- for 13 years
Posted by: Herbert Dyer, Jr.

St Louis :: MO :: USA | updated 2014-04-16 15:23:15 -0700 | odd-news

In 1999, Cornealious “Mike” Anderson and another man robbed a St. Louis Burger King manager as he deposited receipts into a night-deposit box. Anderson was arrested after an eyewitness gave police his license plate number, then released on bail pending...
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Posted by: rsa76

Rome :: Italy | updated 2014-03-24 09:37:04 -0700 | odd-news

The chosen song next contestant for 'The Voice' Italia was 'No one' by Alicia Keys. The song starts playing and participant sings the first stanza when the public stands. Coaches are surprised with the reaction of the public and one...
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Breaking News: English woman gets prison sentence for trolling herself on Facebook
Posted by: Robert Myles

Truro :: United Kingdom | updated 2014-02-07 08:11:56 -0800 | odd-news

In what’s believed to be the first case of its kind, a UK woman has been jailed for 20 months for self-trolling after bombarding her own Facebook account with abusive posts. Michelle Chapman’s father remarried and, after the 24-year-old fell...
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Breaking News: NASA acknowledges strange light on Mars
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Pasadena :: CA :: USA | updated 2014-04-09 11:06:03 -0700 | odd-news

NASA acknowledged for the first time Tuesday that a camera on one of its Mars rovers captured an image of what could be artificial light emanating from the planet’s surface. The image, noticed initially by a space blogger, has caused...
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Breaking News: Elephant destroys house, then rescues baby from rubble
Posted by: Anne Sewell

Kolkata :: India | updated 2014-03-16 08:58:59 -0700 | odd-news

An amazing story has come out of India of an elephant that was on a rampage through a village. Reportedly the elephant virtually destroyed a house, but then heard a baby crying. The male elephant then did a complete about-face...
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Breaking News: Ohio man sentenced to hold 'I am a bully' sign in public
Posted by: Anne Sewell

South Euclid :: OH :: USA | updated 2014-04-14 23:25:34 -0700 | odd-news

A judge in Ohio has found a new way to punish bullies. She sentenced 62-year-old Edmond Aviv of South Euclid to stand for hours on a street corner Sunday, holding a sign declaring to the world that he is a...
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