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Breaking News: Baseball greats, fans gather in Cooperstown for star-studded Hall of Fame induction
Posted by: Punditty

Cooperstown :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-07-28 18:16:50 -0700 | sports-news

Babe Ruth. Ty Cobb. Christy Mathewson. Walter Johnson. Honus Wagner. Those were the five members of Major League Baseball’s first Hall of Fame induction class in 1936. On Saturday, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New...
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Breaking News: Back to school: How lead gen firms can help recent grads consolidate their student loans
Posted by: Maria Wood

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-07-25 19:54:47 -0700 | business-news

The numbers are staggering. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the total amount of outstanding student debt backed by the federal government now nears $1.2 trillion. Yes, that trillion, with a T. So colossal is the student loan...
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Breaking News: Like the Phoenix rising from ashes, Putin wants a 'Soviet re-Union'
Posted by: Barry Ellsworth SelectMedia

Moscow :: Russia | updated 2014-07-26 18:19:48 -0700 | disasters-news

(This is the second in a two-part series. For the first installment, click here.) Commentary Although he probably didn’t know it at the time, the last 15 years have demonstrated that Boris Yeltsin – the Russian president who became the...
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Breaking News: A nation divided without liberty and justice for all
Posted by: Dava Castillo

Vassar :: MI :: USA | updated 2014-07-26 21:32:03 -0700 | political-news

Commentary "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." This is the pledge that Americans take in...
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Breaking News: Royal children's toys to be displayed in new 'Royal Childhood' exhibit
Posted by: Julie Johnson

London :: United Kingdom | updated 2014-07-28 11:12:45 -0700 | arts-culture-news

A collection of toys, clothes, photographs and school work belonging to several generations of the British royal family will be on display for the rest of the summer starting July 26 in a new exhibit set up at the Buckingham...
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Breaking News: US accuses Russia of firing artillery at military sites in Ukraine
Posted by: preetamkaushik

Kiev :: Ukraine | updated 2014-07-28 16:54:49 -0700 | political-news

The armed conflict in Ukraine appears to have escalated with the US accusing Russia of firing artillery at military sites in Ukraine. According to the US, they have evidence that points to this. While the US and European countries have...
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Breaking News: Anti-immigration scholar: Being 'hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good' for Obama
Posted by: JOHN-THOMAS DIDYMUS SelectMedia

Sebring :: FL :: USA | updated 2014-07-28 15:06:20 -0700 | political-news

A senior policy analyst with a conservative think tank that supports reducing immigration into the US told a tea party gathering last week that being "hung, drawn and quartered" was too good for Obama on account of his use of...
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Breaking News: Palin's talk of impeaching Obama only serves to mobilize Democrats ahead of midterms
Posted by: Punditty SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-07-28 16:28:32 -0700 | political-news

Opinion Of the 44 men who have served as president of the United States since George Washington first took the oath of office in 1789, two have been impeached: Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. Both presidents...
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Breaking News: Marijuana legalization measure makes November ballot in Oregon
Posted by: Punditty

Salem :: OR :: USA | updated 2014-07-28 15:49:24 -0700 | political-news

In 2012, voters in Colorado and Washington did what would have been unthinkable just a few short years earlier: They voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. On Wednesday, Oregon joined Alaska in putting the question to voters this November....
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Breaking News: Microsoft to shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios
Posted by: Aby Sam Thomas

New York City :: NY :: USA | updated 2014-07-24 14:25:06 -0700 | business-news

Well, that was quick. Barely a few months after announcing its intention to get into original video content business, Microsoft has now decided to scrap that plan and shut down its Xbox Entertainment Studios for good. The closing of Xbox...
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Breaking News: Oceans a key factor in search for alien life
Posted by: Robert Myles

Norwich :: United Kingdom | updated 2014-07-23 14:38:41 -0700 | technology-news

New research published Monday could help determine whether other planets are capable of developing and sustaining life. As the number of exoplanets — planets outwith our solar system — discovered rises almost daily, researchers at the UK’s University of East...
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Breaking News: Escaped psych patient flies power glider over Austrian airport
Posted by: Anne Sewell

Klagenfurt :: Austria | updated 2014-07-21 11:57:40 -0700 | odd-news

A 28-year-old psychiatric patient escaped from the hospital and took a power glider in an unauthorized low pass over restricted airspace at Klagenfurt airport in Austria. The man was apparently a trainee pilot, and mentally ill. He took off from...
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Breaking News: Three French international rugby stars suffer horrific machete attack
Posted by: Robert Myles

Millau :: France | updated 2014-07-22 12:05:01 -0700 | disasters-news

Three French international rugby stars were hospitalized after being set upon by a group of men armed with sabres and machetes in a southern French town. Benjamin Kayser, Aurelien Rougerie and Julien Pierre, all members of the ASM Clermont Auvergne...
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Breaking News: Palestinians need a change of tactics in the fight against Israeli occupation (Part 3)
Posted by: JOHN-THOMAS DIDYMUS SelectMedia

Gaza :: Palestine | updated 2014-07-23 16:40:18 -0700 | disasters-news

Author's note: This concludes a three-part series. You may access Part Two here. Commentary [Hamas] has no map, and all its actions to date — targeting civilians, capturing Israeli soldiers, running in elections, passing laws and caring for the sick...
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Breaking News: Elizabeth Warren's supporters need to focus on her 2014 plan, not 2016
Posted by: JOHN-THOMAS DIDYMUS SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-07-22 14:49:57 -0700 | political-news

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was the cynosure at the annual Netroots Nation gathering of progressives. She received a wildly enthusiastic applause Friday with chants of "Run Liz, Run" as she delivered an address in which she talked about rising...
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