Bildu, or how to succeed without condemning ETA

Bildu, or how to succeed without condemning ETA

San Juan : Argentina | Aug 06, 2011 at 9:59 PM PDT
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Batasuna has been banned since 2003 for refusing to condemn acts of violence by ETA

Since I crossed the Rubicon of violence and, with permission of the Constitutional Court on the legality democratic camp, it's all good news for the people of Batasuna Bildu. Thanks to the institutional power won at the polls, many old paintings and mayors of the outlawed Batasuna contaminated to justice seat are finding work and old powers as advisers and staff confidence in the new corporations. The old dilemma of bombs or votes, which raised many discussions internally within seven decades of collusion with ETA, has opted for the polls so overwhelming right now, no one dares question their ranks in the strategic shift towards "improvement" of the "armed struggle". This becomes the first message that the leaders of Batasuna ETA run these days: "Have you seen? The silence of the guns legalized and allowed us to take the institutional power of the hand the system itself. With you in action, we would never have won the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastián City Council and the hundred of municipalities that now govern. "

The second message is implicit but clear in the gestures and declarations of affection and appreciation to the prisoners of the terrorist organization that elected representatives of Batasuna Bildu lavished lately: "Lasai egon [be assured,]. We will not abandon you to your fate. ETA pervivirá always among us. " That would be the main idea.

These are days of wine and roses for them, moments of euphoria, in which elected Bildu show signs of being more engaged in "nation building", extension-imposition of Euskera and popular participation in the affairs festive strictly municipal. The other problem is that Batasuna now has the votes-a bumper crop uncheck paid for their use of violence, no terrorist organization has renounced the pumps. Because, until proven otherwise, so there is no longer a "permanent ceasefire, comprehensive and verifiable," but, yes, emphatically endorsed by Batasuna Bildu as the beginning of the end.

"The armed struggle is over, just missing the direction of ETA decided to take the blind," says a former leader of Batasuna. What is therefore expected ETA? What kind of wants to open negotiations with the government?

With the legalization of Bildu, the state has lost the factor stressed in that world-votes pulse bombs and were forced to find a solution. And everything indicates that recovered the initiative and control of time, Batasuna has failed to hurry. In fact, the idea that the so-called left-wing nationalism has already taken steps that could give and that is now the turn of the central government and other political parties has been gaining strength in internal communications.

Even accepting that the path begun by Batasuna is irreversible, gains the question of whether the body can be given letter to a democratic nature as the present situation, in which the institutional representatives of Bildu refuse to condemn the killings of ETA and require the band disappears, thus endorsing the purpose of the terrorist organization to open a negotiation with the Executive.

Despite the claim that "the time for violence is over", this year on the anniversary, they have destroyed the funerary stele installed on Mount Burnikurutzeta Legorreta (Gipuzkoa) in memory of Juan Mari Jauregui socialist, assassinated ago 11. The same applies to the poor wooden cross reminded Lasarte mountain landscape where murdered Miguel Angel Blanco and other modest monoliths erected in tribute to victims of last ETA.

Batasuna has been declared officially extinct and the epidemic of hatred and barbarism publicly reject these acts does not entail the automatic healing of the sick patriotic fanaticism, or the extinction of the active centers of soulless, deaf to the proclamation of the "change cycle ".

There in that world a collective effort to erase the past at all costs and void load searing reproach. Now they see that the "armed struggle" has no meaning and discover the benefits of the democratic system, it is as if they wanted to make a clean sweep and declare the zero point of the story. In this way, their "historians" are busy in the task of compiling lists of actual or alleged victims of police abuses in recent decades to oppose symbolically the 858 murders committed by ETA.

Faced with the tragic reality of the Basques take decades to recover, the deputy general of Guipuzcoa, Martin Garitano, can not think of another answer to allude to "the gutters filled with dead Navarre from 36." As if ETA had not killed also anti-Franco fighters and committed people for freedom, Democrats blameless and brave people left.

The hoax to recreate two symmetrical violence feeds on the fallacy that the terrorist organization has been the result of the lack of freedom and attempts to conceal their ideological work of purification and repression and elimination of those who denounced his crimes. The script framework is that because of unresolved historical conflict here has been a confrontation with victims and violence of both sides, and that the time has come and bury the past and move on.

Save the memory would be a futile exercise that only leads to melancholy. Batasuna is to whiten your background, it does so by displaying their votes as an attribute because it needs purification discharge their responsibilities in the confusion and emptiness and pretend that terrorist violence has gone through its political independence without smudging. It aims to escape the question of why for 35 years has endorsed the savagery of ETA within a democratic, developed and rich.

Euskadi in the summer of 2011, relief and enthusiasm by the silence widespread terrorism and the belief that we witness the demilitarization of minds is combined with political and social uncertainty more disturbing as time passes and uncertainties persist . Growing anxiety and doubts resurface. The management Confebask public place to the left wing nationalists to "defeat terrorism" and to "build peace" and the constitutional parties begin to get impatient while waiting for the final communiqué of the terrorist organization that never comes. ¿Batasuna ETA has broken, as implied before the judges leader Arnaldo Otegi, or dragged to the ground both possibility and synchronize their movements to form the tandem ever, as one would infer from the statement in which terrorists boast of having won the state with the legalization of electoral Bildu brand?

For they are asleep, the pumps can not live with the votes in the service of the same political strategy, and the mere survival of ETA is an intolerable threat to block the move to a new era in Basque society. Bildu Batasuna has not cleared the question of whether it also intends to continue benefiting from the uncertainty and capitalize on that diffuse threat. Should we take them at their word and think that if you have taken the steps they have taken is only because they think that terrorism is no longer profitable and now backfires? The Basques can not resign themselves to an explanation as morally disappointing, because opening a new time and remove the shielding group psychological, political and emotional created in 35 years requires a minimum foundation of trust.

"There is no such confidence. Bildu is a fraud. Has submitted to the Deputy for Finance, Helena Franco, as a person without political profile when it is that lives in San Juan de Luz with a refugee from ETA that was already in jail . What confidence can give entrepreneurs blackmailed? "said Ramon Gomez, PP councilor in the city of San Sebastian. He adds: "Manda Batasuna's hardline. San Sebastian, where Bildu has two delegates and 11 advisers with only eight councilors, the mayor, Juan Karlos Izagirre, the consultation with counsel for all ETA prisoners and Aitor Ibero the former spokesman for Batasuna, Josetxo Ibazeta. Their dependence goes so far in the plenary session following the killing of a councilman Oslo sent their delegates to ask whether they should support the proposal to conduct a minute's silence. "

The PP is intended to remove Bildu Basque institutions by means of motions of censure. "We must not let that paralyze the big city projects and you will lose the category to the film festival, San Sebastian because then there will be 10 years backwards," says Ramon Gomez. Without going so far or go that fast, also in the PSE of widespread concern about the blocking of infrastructure plans and the proliferation of acts of complicity with the world of ETA. "What fear we have", he was surprised the general deputy of Gipuzkoa, Martin Garitano, in an interview on Basque television ETB.

It turns out that, in his recent official visit to Azpeitia, Martin Garitano effusively greeted relatives of ETA prisoners and echoed his claims, but did not approach the monolith, distant 200 meters, erected in memory of murdered businessman Inaxio Uría . It turns out that the general deputy of Gipuzkoa invites journalists to sit in the seat foral with youth activists from Segi prosecuted for illegal association. Even from the perspective of the world, it seems that gestures aimed at integrating the world of ETA in the new process require appease, if possible, twitching and relations with the victims.

Having acted deadweight for coexistence, peace, freedom, democracy and the economy for seven long decades, it seems imperative that at least Batasuna tried to lessen damage, instead of abusing and injuring more so victims of terrorism, its occupation desolate attend institutional power and frequent propaganda fanfare.

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Arnaldo Otegi wants Batasuna to be allowed to contest elections
Arnaldo Otegi wants Batasuna to be allowed to contest elections
Shaziakhan is based in Kahror Pakka, Punjab, Pakistan, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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