Sons and daughters of political parents

Sons and daughters of political parents

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Sons and daughters of political parents

74% of the children of political leaders study overseas and a large chunk of them are opting to be Barristers


Seventy four percent of the offspring of Bangladesh’s major national-level political leaders study abroad. Some of them return home to take up their respective professions, some join their parents’ business while quite a few remain abroad and settle in the country of their choice. Some marry foreign national and stay back there, and others bring home their foreign brides or grooms. But surprisingly, very few show any interest in pursuing politics. Very few follow their father’s footsteps, or mother’s footsteps, in the political arena. This was revealed in recent investigations of PROBE.

Before the 2008 election, 107 political parties applied for registration with the Election Commission. Only 39 parties manage to meet the criteria and were registered. So there are over a hundred registered and unregistered political parties in the country. These include the big names like Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party and Jamaat, as well as smaller less known parties. Some of the parties hardly exist other than on paper. Of the burgeoning number of politicians, not many have had the good fortune of winning a place in cabinet or a seat in parliament. They remain out of power, but politics remains in their blood.

Some leaders are extremely popular and others are not, but most of them are known to the people. However, the general people do not know much about their families. Yet there is a strong curiousity about what the children of these political leaders do, where they study, who they are and so on. PROBE has carried out an investigation on the sons and daughters of major leaders of 24 political parties of the country. These parties are Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party (Ershad), Jatiya Party (Manju), Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP), Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Communist Party of Bangladesh, JSD (Inu), JSD (Rab), Workers Party, Gono Forum, Samyabadi Dal, NAP (Muzaffar), Krishak Sramik Janata League, JAGPA, Bikalpadhara, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Democratic League, Progressive democratic Party (PDP), Islami Oikya Jote, Jameyate Ulema Islami Bangladesh, Khelafat Majlis, Progressive Nationalist Party of Kalyan Party.

Inquiring about their offspring, PROBE contacted political leaders and/or their spouses to collect the information. These included 34 leaders of Awami League, 32 of BNP, five of Jatiya Party (Ershad), six of Jamaat-e-Islami, two of JP, three of JSD (Inu), two of Workers Party, three of CPB, two of Gono Forum, two of LDP and leaders of 14 other parties.

Many of the leaders were happy to talk about their offspring, where they were studying their professions, achievements, etc. Some refrained from replying as it was “not proper”. Several were to busy to talk. Then again, in many cases it was the spouses of the leaders who readily provided the answers to PROBE’s queries. There were quite a few ministers who were happy to take time off to speak about their children.

PROBE spoke to 105 political leaders over the phone in this regard. According to their statements, the children of 24 out of 34 leaders of Awami League studied abroad. For BNP, it was 26 out of 32. In the case of Jamaat, five out of six of the party’s leaders had children studying abroad. For Jatiya Party (Ershad), it was four out of five, and for the other parties, the children of 15 out of 27 leaders studies abroad. That means that 74% of the children of political leaders went abroad to study. Number one on the list of countries they chose to study in was the US, followed by Britain, Canada, Australia and Malaysia.

Whatever differences the political leaders may have ideologically and otherwise, when it came to their children’s education, they were all one. Left, right, middle-of-the-road, Islamic, secular or whatever, there was an unmistakable consensus about sending the offspring overseas for studies. This was one clearly shared factor.

Top choice, Bar-at-Law

Many of their children have followed their parents’ wishes to study law. And a large percentage of these offspring chose to take the Bar-at-Law exam to become barristers. In the history of the South Asian region, it is seen that many Barristers and other lawyers made an impact in politics and were influential leaders. Perhaps that is why they want to see their children in this profession as they equate it with success.

Among the children of political leaders who have successfully passed the bar and are now practicing lawyers, are Barrister Sara Hossain, daughter of Dr. Kamal Hossain; Barrister tania Amir, daughter of Barrister Amir Ul Islam; Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh, son of the late Sheikh Moni, Barrister Andaleeb Rahman Partho and Wasiqur Rahman, sons of Naziur Rahman Manzur. Both Taposh and Partho are presently members of parliament. Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar’s son Naushad Jamir, Law Minister Barrister Shafiq Ahmed’s son Mahbub Shafiq, Shahjahan Siraj’s daughter Sarawat Siraj Shukla, Sheikh Selim’s son Sheikh Fazle Nayeem, BNP leader Mir Mohammed Nasiruddin’s son Mir Helaluddin and daughter Ishrat Nazneen, Oli Ahad’s daughter Rumeen Farhana, JAGPA chief Shafiul Alam Prodhan’s daughter Tasmia Prodhan, Jamaat Amir Matiur Rahman Nizami’s son Najibur Rahman and Mir Kasem’s son Mir Ahmmad Bin Kasem (Armaan) are all Barristers practicing in the High Court.

And presently studying law and Bar-at-Law are Asif Shams, eldest son of State Minister for Home Affairs Shamsul Huq Tuku; Tawfiqur Rashaad, son of Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni; Qareena Khan, youngest daughter of Commerce Minister Col. Farooq Khan; Ashiqur Rahman Khan, son of Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan; and Ambreen Rakhee, daughter of LGRD State Minister Jahangir Kabir Nanak.

Both daughters of BNP leader Barrister Nazmul Huda, Antara and Srabonti; Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain’s younger son Khandakar Maruf Hossain; Jatiya Party leader Kazi Firoz Rashid’s younger son Kazi Rajib Hasan; and JP Secretary General Ruhul Amin Howladar’s younger daughter Sarha Fiza Binte Amin are all studying at the Bar in London.

LDP leader Alamgir Kabir’s son Mahmudul Kabir Taposh and daughter Anna Luis Asha are both studying Law in Dhaka.

Jamaat leaders opt for modern education over madrassas

PROBE’s inquiries reveal that the offspring of Islamic political leaders Moulana Mohiuddin Khan, Saikhul Hadith, Fazlul Huq Amini, Moulana Fazlul Karim and others are educated through the madrassa system. Most of them are either teaching at madrassas or someway of the other involved in madrassas.

The exceptions to the rule where Islamic parties are concerned, are the Jamaat-e-Islami leaders. None of the children of the top six Jamaat leaders have undergone madrassa education. They have all opted for mainstream modern education.

Ghulam Azam’s eldest son Mamun Al Azmi is working at the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah. His fourth son Brigadier (dismissed) Aman Al Azmi lives in Dhaka. His other four sons all live in London.

Matiur Rahman Nizami has four sons and two daughters. They have studied in the US, UK and Saudi Arabia. Among them is a doctor, barrister and university teacher.

Ali Ahsan Mujahid has three sons and one daughter. They have studied in Bangladesh, in various colleges and universities.

Qader Mollah has two sons and four daughters. His younger son Hasan Moudud is doing his BBA in Malaysia’s Islamic University. The others are in Bangladesh studying in college and university.

Muhammed Qamaruzzman has five sons and one daughter. One son and one daughter are studying in the country. Two sons are in studying in Sweden and one son in Malaysia.

Mir Kasem Ali has two sons and three daughters. Eldest son Salman is a dental surgeon. Next son Arman is a Barrister, eldest daughter Hasina is a nutritionist living in Sweden, and second daughter Suraiya Rabeya is studying International Relations in Malaysia’s Islamic University.

Progeny of anti-imperialist politicians chose the US

The left-leading political leaders of the country, both the hardcore purists and the not-so-hardcore socialists, based their politics on anti-imperialist ideology. They oppose America in almost every breath. Ironically, it is they who chose the US, Canada and the UK to send their children for higher studies and for a secured future. Capitalist countries are high on the socialist leaders’ list when it comes to their children.

PROBE’s investigations reveal that pro-China politician Industries Minister Dilip Barua has four daughters and all four of them are doctors. The eldest daughter lives in Dhaka, but the remaining three live with their husbands in the US.

CPB leader Mujaheedul Islam Selim has one daughter Sornali Islam. She lives with her husband in the US too. JSD (Inu) leader Mainuddin Khan Badal MP’s eldest son Sohel is an aerospace engineer and lives with his wife in Connecticut, USA. Sons Shakeel and Taimur and daughter Zahira Noor all studied in Canada.

JSD leader ASM Abdur Rab’s sons Ratul and Rabbul both are studying in the US.

Foreign spouses

Several sons and daughters of Bangladesh’s politicians, having gone abroad to study, have met their soul mates there and have married and settled in foreign countries. Some have brought their spouses back. In the past the parents would frown with disapproval on such mixed marriages, but now it is accepted quite easily. However, the number of political offspring marrying abroad is proportionately low.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajib Wazed Joy has married American lawyer Christine. Gono Forum President Dr. Kamal Hossain’s daughter Barrister Sara Hossain is married to David Bergman, a journalist. Sara’s younger sister Deena Hossain is married to an American and she lives with her husband in the States.

Former Speaker Jamiruddin Sircar’s daughter Nilofar Akhter did her LLM from Michigan University. She met and married Robin Knowles there. He is Irish and they have settled in Pennsylvania.

Awami League leader Maj. Gen. (retd.) Subed Ali Bhuiyan MP’s younger son Zulfiqar Ali studied in the US and now works there in Minneapolis for the Welles Fargo Bank. His wife Rebecca is an American.

JP leader Anwar Hossain Manju’s third daughter Maneezay Hossain did her Masters in Law from the University of Virginia. Her husband is Lebanese and they live in the US, working with a think tank there. Anwar Hossain Manju’s youngest daughter Anushay has marred an Iranian recently. She works for the Feminist Majority Foundation in the US and is a feminist writer herself.

Political progeny in politics

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajib Wazed Joy is a general member of Awami League, but is not a full time politician.

Khaleda Zia’s son Tarique Rahman is BNP’s Senior Vice Chairman.

Badruddoza Chowdhury’s son former MP Mahi B Chowdhury is Bikalpadhara’s Organising Secretary.

Awami League: Late Awami League leader Tajuddin Ahmed’s son Sohel Taj; Mohammed Nasim’s son Tanveer Shakil Joy; Naziur Rahman Manzur’s son Barrister Andaleep Rahman Partho; Sheikh Moni’s son Fazle Noor Taposh; late Jatiya Party leader Col. Malek’s son Zahid Malek Swapan; late Awami League leader of Gazipur Ahsanullah Master’s son Zahid Hasan Russel; late Moizuddin Ahmed’s daughter Meher Afroze Chumki ;and Madaripur’s Ilyas Chowdhury’s son Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury are all members of parliament at present.

Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni is the daughter of Awami League leader of Chandpur MA Wadud. State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Dr. Shireen Sharmeen Chowdhury is the daughter of former CSP late Rafiqullah Chowdhury.

BNP: Naser Rahman, son of former Finance Minister late BNP leader Saifur Rahman; Afroza Khanum, daughter of Harunur Rashid Monno; Shyama Obaid, daughter of KM Obaidur Rahman; and Barrister Naushad Jamir, son of former Speaker Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar are all directly and indirectly involved in politics.

Politicians speak of an educated nation…

Politicians, in power and out of power, always harp on the development of the nation, on the welfare of the people and project the vision of an educated nation. However, it is unfortunate that when it comes to developing the quality of education in Bangladesh, they have been a complete and utter failure. The violence and anarchy on the various campuses round the country itself speaks of the sad state of higher education here. As for primary and secondary education, the poor standard of studies is no secret.

The onus lies particularly on those in power when it comes to developing a sound education system. The steady decline of education standards is a cause of deep concern. One on hand the politicians offer dreams of an educated nation, on the other hand their own lack of confidence in the local education system is apparent in the fact that they prefer sending their children abroad rather than have them study in their own country.

When the public observes that the political leaders are sending their offspring en masse abroad to study, and often to settle, they naturally question whether there will be any palpable effort to rescue the disintegrating education system.

[See booklet for further details]

Booklet For Collectors

Sons and daughters of political parents


This booklet concerning the sons and daughters of Bangladesh's major political leaders is a matter-of-fact record of their identity, where they have studied, what they do professionally, who they have married, etc. As the leaders, in most part, have been contacted personally for the information, it is as accurate as can be hoped.

Bangladesh Awami League

President Zillur Rahman: President Zillur Rahman has a son and two daughters. His son Najmul Huq Papon was elected MP of Kishoreganj-6 in the by-elections. He is the Managing Director of Bexipharma. The President’s elder daughter Moina Rahman is a housewife and younger daughter Tania Rahman owns a boutique.

Sheikh Hasina: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has two children, son Sajib Wazed Joy and daughter Saima Wazed Putul. Sajib Wazed Joy is an IT professional. He studied Computer Science at the University of Texas and did his Masters in Public Administration from Harvard. Joy’s wife Christine Wazed is a lawyer. They live in the US.

Saima Wazed Putul is married to Khandakar Masrur Hossain Mitu, son of Minister for Labour and Overseas Employment, Engineer Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain. Putul presently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Abul Mal Abdul Muhit: Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhit has two sons and a daughter. His daughter Samia Muhit is a banker. His elder son Shahid Muhit is an ecologist and his younger son Samir Muhit is a teacher. Minister Muhit’s wife Syeda Sabia Muhit is a designer.

Barrister Shafiq Ahmed: Law Minister Barrister Shafiq Ahmed has two sons and a daughter. His elder son Mahfuz Shafiq and daughter Masruba Shafiq are both doctors while younger son Barrister Mahbub Shafiq practices at the High Court. Barrister Shafiq Ahmed’s wife Mahfuza Khanum was a government college teacher and is now retired. She was the Vice President of DUCSU in 1967.

Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim: Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim has two sons and a daughter. His elder son Sheikh Fazle Fahim Subhash did his Masters in Political Economics from Harvard University. He is married to Nancy, the daughter of Musa Bin Shamsher, the manpower magnate.

Sheikh Selim’s young son Sheikh Fazle Nayeem is a Barrister, practicing at the High Court. His wife is Sarah Hasin Mahmud is the daughter of BNP leader Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku.

Selim’s only daughter Sheikh Sonia is married in Sylhet to businessman Prince.

Sheikh Selim’s wife Fatima Selim is a housewife.

Nuh Ul Alam Lenin: Nuh Ul Alam Lenin, Awami League’s Central Publicity and Publications Secretary, has two daughters. His elder daughter Tussi passed her Masters in Economics from Lalmatia College and is now a TV anchor. His younger daughter Trishna is an Economics (Hons) student at BRAC University.

Lenin’s wife Kazi Rokeya Sultana Raka is Director of a school she has founded for children in Kalabagan.

Abdul Latif Siddiqui: Minister for Jute and Textiles Latif Siddiqui has two daughters and a son. His elder daughter Nazrim Rhea lives with her husband and children in Canada. Younger daughter Raina Farzin Pritu is an IT expert. Son Anik Siddiqui is the youngest in the family and is a student of MBA at North South University.

Prof. Abu Sayeed: Prof. Abu Sayeed, central Committee Member of Awami League, has a daughter and two sons. His daughter Ahrita Shahit did her Masters in International Relations from London. She used to teach at North South University but now lives with her husband and children in Canada. She is working there. Prof. Sayeed’s elder son Ali Nazir Sayeed is doing his MBA and younger son is studying Fashion and Textiles in Canada.

Barrister Amir-Ul Islam: This veteran leader of Awami League has a daughter and two sons. His daughter Barrister Tania Amir is a renowned lawyer. His elder son Adil Islam works in a bank in Singapore and younger son Zahid Islam is studying law in England.

Shamsul Huq Tuku: State Minister for Home Affairs Shamsul Huq Tuku has three sons. His eldest son Asif Shams is studying to be a Barrister, at Holborn College in London. Second son SM Saif Shams (Sadi) is a lecturer of Computer Science at the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Sylhet. He is presently in South Korea on higher studies. Youngest son SM Nafis Shams (Roni) is doing his PhD in Solar Energy at Dublin University in Ireland. Minister Tuku’s wife Lutfunnessa is a college teacher.

Dr. Dipu Moni: Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni has one son and one daughter. Her son Tawfiqur Rashaad is a law student at University College, London. His is a winner of the UCL Global Excellence Scholarship from the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East Region. Dr. Dipu Moni’s daughter Tani Deepavali is already a concert violinist at the age of 15.

Abdul Matin Khasru: Former Law Minister Abdul Matin Khasru has one daughter and one son. Daughter Dr. Umme Habiba is doing her FCPS (Surgery) at BSMMU. Son Abdul Monem is doing his MA at Dhaka University and is also a freelance photographer.

Vice Principal Abdus Shahid: Chief Whip of the parliament Abdus Shahid has one son and two daughters. His son Marghub Morshed Romeo earned his BBA degree in Dhaka and is now doing his Masters in Human Resource Management in London. Elder daughter Umme Farzana is doing her Masters in Development Studies in East West University, Dhaka and younger daughter Umme Marzana is studying Economics (Hons) at the same university. Abdus Shahid’s spouse is a housewife.

Col. Farooq Khan (retd): Commerce Minister Farooq Khan has two daughters. Elder daughter Qantara Khan did her BBA from Australia and MBA in London. Her husband Kazi Asif Tareq also did his MBA from there and they are now living in London. Younger daughter Qareena Khan is studying Law at Nottingham University in England.

Farooq Khan’s wife Nilofar Khan is involved in the family business and social work.

Engineer Mosharraf Hossain: Engineer Mosharraf Hossain MP has three sons and a daughter. His eldest son Sajedur Rahman did his BBA in the US and has returned home to look after his father’s hotel and construction business. Second son Mahbubur Rahman earned his MBA from Finland. He runs a software business and also owns the Cineplex at Basundhara City. Youngest son Aminur Rahman is involved in his father’s business.

Engineer Mosharraf Hossain’s only daughter Rita is a doctor and earned her MD degree in the US. Her husband Asif is a doctor too and they live in Florida.

Abdul Jalil: Member of Awami League’s Advisory Council and former General Secretary of the party, Abdul Jalil has two wives. From his first wife he has two daughters, Moumita Jalil Julie and Jessie. They are both doctors, married and both live in Dhaka. From his second wife his has two sons. The elder son Nizamuddin Jalil is studying in London to be a Barrister. The younger son Jumeed Jalil Jumma is in Class Eight in Dhaka.

Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir: Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir has two sons, Jalal and Joy Alamgir. Elder son Dr. Jalaluddin Khan Alamgir teaches in the US.

Suranjit Sengupta: Member of Awami League’s Advisory Council Suranjit Sengupta has one son, Soumen Sengupta. He has done his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from North South University and Master’s in Canada. He is presently working in Dhaka. Soumen’s wife Dr. Rakhee Maitri Sengupta had been working at Kumidini Medical College and is now studying FCPS.

Suranjit Sengupta’s wife Jaya Sengupta has a doctorate degree in Bangla. She work’s with BRAC as Coordinator of its Secondary Education programme.

Shahjahan Khan: Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Ashiqur Rahman Khan did his Bachelors in Law at CODA in Dhaka and is now studying for Bar-at-Law in London. The minister’s daughter Oishi Khan is an ‘O’ Level student and younger son Ahmed Mahathir Khan is in kindergarten. Shahjahan Khan’s wife Syeda Rokeya Begum is a teacher in a private college in Madaripur.

Mohammed Nasim: Awami League presidium member Mohammed Nasim has three sons. Eldest son Tanveer Shakil Joy earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University in the US. He is an MP from the Sirajganj-1 seat. Joy’s wife Sabrina Sultana Chowdhury is an Assistant Professor of the Journalism Department at Dhaka University.

Nasim’s second son Tamal Mansur did his Bachelor’s in Economics from American University in the US. He lives with wife Maliha in Michigan, US.

Youngest son Tanmoy Mansur is studying Electrical Engineering at Michigan University.

Mohammed Nasim’s wife Arjuman Banu has a Master’s degree from Rajshahi University and presently works for an NGO.

Abdur Razzak: Abdur Razzak, member of Awami League’s Advisory Council, has two sons. Elder son Nahim Razzak did his MBA from Kingston University in London. Nahim’s wife Malya teaches at the Singapore International School in Dhaka.

Abdur Razzak’s younger son Fahim Razzak did his Bachelor’s from Middlesex University in England and now studying for his Masters in Journalism in City University, London.

Dr. Afsarul Amin: Minister for Primary and Mass Education Dr. Afsarul Amin has two sons. Elder son Faisal Amin is a BBA student at IUB. Younger son Mahid Bin Amin is a 3rd year MBBS student at Bangladesh Medical College. Afsarul Amin’s wife Dr. Qamrunnessa is an Assistant Professor of the Gynaecology at Suhrawardy Hospital.

Nurul Islam Nahid: Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid was two daughters. Elder daughter Nadia Nandita Islam is a teacher at the Modern Language Institute of Dhaka University. Younger daughter Nazia Samantha Islam has completed her BBA from IBA. Nahid’s wife Zohra Jasmeen recently retired from government service.

Tofail Ahmed: Awami League Advisory Council member Tofail Ahmed has one daughter, Dr. Taslima Ahmed Zaman. Dr. Taslima’s husband, Dr. Touhiduzzaman works at Square Hospital as a Cardiology Consultant. Taslima is not working at present. Tofail Ahmed’s wife Anwara Ahmed is a housewife.

Mukul Bose: Mukul Bose has one daughter and one son. Daughter Natasha Bose is an A Level student of Mastermind School and son Abhishek Bose is in Nursery at Dhanmondi Tutorial. Mukul Bose’s wife Preeti Kona Bose is a housewife.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna: Mahmudur Rahman Manna has one son and one daughter. His son Niloy is an ‘O’ Level student and daughter Nilom studies in Class VIII. Manna’s wife Meher Nigar runs a readymade garment business.

Dr. AFM Ruhul Huq: Health Minister Dr. Ruhul Huq has one son and one daughter. His son after doing his O Levels and A Levels from London, son Ziaul Huq graduated as a Telecommunications Networking Engineer from Bangalore in India. He worked for sometime at Banglalink. He now runs Trauma Centre, the clinic established by his father.

Ruhul Huq’s daughter Dr. Mehjabeen Huq works at BSMMU. She is married to Dr. Kamaruzzaman, Assistant Professor at Bangladesh Medical College.

Ruhul Huq’s wife Ila Huq is a housewife.

Syed Abul Hossain: Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain has two daughters. Elder daughter Syed Rubaiyat Hossain has done her MBA and PhD from the US. She is married to Ashique Mustafa. Both of them are film producers and film directors. Second daughter Syed Iffat Hossain is studying in the US.

Maj. Gen. (retd.) Subed Ali Bhuiyan: Maj. Gen. (retd) Subed Ali Bhuiyan has three sons. Eldest son Mohammed Ali did his HSC from Mirzapur Cadet College and then graduated from the Bangladesh Military Academy. He took voluntary retirement from the army while in the rank of Major. His wife Rohani Ambreen Tumpa did her Masters in Economics from Dhaka University and is now a housewife.

Second son Shawkat Ali did his HSC from Mirzapur Cadet College and his Bachelors from Hamilton College in the US. He did his Masters in Finance from the Northwestern University there. He now works as a Consultant for the British Petroleum Company in London. He is married to Shahab Yusuf, daughter of BNP leader Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf. They both live in London.

Third son Zulfiqar Ali also did his HSC from Mirzapur Cadet College and his higher studies in the US. He is now working with the Wells Fargo Bank in Minneapolis, USA. His wife Rebecca is an American.

Subed Ali Bhuiyan’s wife Mahmuda Akhter Nargis is a housewife.

Jahangir Kabir Nanak: State Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Jahangir Kabir Nanak has one son and one daughter. His daughter Ambreen Rakhee is a student of Law at London University. Her husband Asif Ibne Alam is also studying in London, a final year student of Chartered Accountancy.

Nanak’s son Shyam Ur Rahman is a final year BBA student at the State University in Dhaka.

Nanak’s wife Syeda Anjuman Ara Banu is a senior Vice President of United Commercial Bank Limited.

Engineer Khandakar Musharraf Hossain: Minister for Labour and Overseas Employment Engineer Khandakar Musharraf Hossain has one son and two daughters. His son is Engineer Masrur Khandakar Mitu. He lives with his wife and children in Canada. His wife is Saima Wazed Putul, daughter of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Engineer Khandakar Musharraf Hossain’s elder daughter is Sharita Millat Ritu. She lives in Ireland where she runs her own business. Her husband Dr. Habib A Millat is a heart surgeon at BIRDEM.

Younger daughter Pinky has done her MBA and lives with her husband Engineer Khaled in Switzerland.

Col. (retd) Shawkat Ali: Deputy Speaker Col. (retd.) Shawkat Ali has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Firoz Shawkat Ali is a Marine Engineer. He was the Captain of a ship, but now runs a business in Australia. He lives there with his wife and children.

Younger son Khaled Shawkat Ali is a physician. He works in Saudi Arabia. Khaled’s wife Dr. Tanima Khaled works at Labaid.

Col. Shawkat’s daughter Merina Shawkat Ali works with UNDP in Dhaka. Her husband Yusuf Ali is a businessman.

The Deputy Speaker’s wife Majeda Shawkat is a social worker.

Adv. Abdul Mannan Khan: State Minister for Public Works Abdul Mannan Khan has two sons. Elder son Hasin Mahmud Khan has completed his BBA internship at IBAIS. Younger son Hasib Mahmud Khan is studying Economics (Hons) at BRAC University. Mannan Khan’s wife Syeda Hasina Sultana is a housewife. She was the VP of Eden College during her student years.

Air Vice Marshal (retd) AK Khandakar: Planning Minister AK Khandakar has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Zafrul Karim Khandakar is an architect. He lives with his wife in Australia.

Younger son Ariful Karim Khandakar studied Computer Science and lives in Canberra. He and his wife Ruba Khandakar both work for the government in Australia.

AK Khandakar’s daughter Matuna Musreka has done her Masters in Economics. She lives in the US. Her husband Iftekhar Mustafa works at the World Bank Head Office in Washington.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party- BNP

Begum Khaleda Zia: BNP Chairperson and former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia has two sons, Tarique Rahman and Arafat Rahman. Tarique studied in Dhaka and Arafat studied in London. Tarique is married to Dr. Zubaida Rahman, daughter of former Naval Chief MA Khan. Tarique is presently undergoing medical treatment in London where he is living with his wife and daughter.

Khaleda Zia’s younger son Arafat Rahman is married and they are presently living in Singapore.

M Shamsul Islam: Senior BNP leader and former Minister M Shamsul Islam has two sons. Both elder son Sayeeful Islam and younger son Munadir Islam are involved in business. Sayeeful Islam is married with three children, a daughter and two sons. Sayeeful Islam’s wife Sabrina Islam is a business person and President of the Women’s Entrepreneur’s Association (WEA).

RA Ghani: Senior BNP leader RA Ghani has three daughters and a son. Son Nur Ain Ghani is a computer Engineer and lives in Canada. RA Ghani’s eldest daughter Yasmin Ara Ghani and youngest daughter engineer Sharmin Ghani live in the US. Second daughter Raunak Fauzi Ghani works in Action Aid, Dhaka.

Abdullah Al Noman: Abdullah Al Noman has one son and one daughter. Son Sayeed Al Noman is doing his PhD in the US. Daughter Tazin Noman did her MBBS from Dhaka Medical College and now practices in Dhaka. Noman’s wife Tasnim Ara Noman teaches at a college in Chittagong.

MK Anwar: BNP leader MK Anwar has two sons and a daughter. His elder son Mahmud Anwar was formerly a banker. He and his family now live with his father. Younger son Masud Anwar lives in the US. Daughter Khadija Anwar also lives in the US with her husband and children. None of MK Anwar’s children have any political ambitions. MK Anwar’s wife Mahmuda Anwar is a housewife.

Khandakar Musharraf Hossain: Khandakar Musharraf Hossain has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Khandakar Mahbub Hossain is a graduate of Pittsburg University in the US. He now runs the family housing business. Younger son Khandakar Maruf Hossain is doing his Bar-at-Law from Cardiff University in the UK. Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain’s daughter Mahjabeen Khandakar is a student of Class Nine at the International School. His wife Bilkis Ara Hossain is a housewife.

Shahjahan Siraj: BNP leader Shahjahan Siraj, formerly of JSD, has one son and one daughter. His son Rajib Siraj has an MBA degree from the US and is running a business in Dhaka. Daughter Sarawat Siraj Shukla is practicing law as a Barrister and her husband is Barrister Omar Faruk. They are both involved in BNP politics. Shahjahan Siraj’s wife Rabeya Siraj is also involved in BNP politics.

Iqbal Hasan Mahmud: Former State Minister for Power and Mineral Resources Iqbal Hasan Mahmud has one son and one daughter. Son Abed Hasan Mahmud runs the family business. Daughter Sarah Hasin Mahmud has a degree in law from Dhaka and is married to Barrister Sheikh Fazle Nayeem, youngest son of Awami League leader Sheikh Selim.

Iqbal Hasan Mahmud’s wife Rumana Mahmud is an MP from the Sirajganj-2 seat.

Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury: Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury has two sons and a daughter. Sons Fazlul Quader Chowdhury and Hummam Quader Chowdhury both studied abroad and are presently involved in their father’s business. His daughter Farzin Quader Chowdhury is married.

Salahuddin Quader Chowdury’s wife Fahat Quader Chowdhury is a housewife.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir: BNP’s Senior Joint Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has two daughters. His elder daughter Mirza Shamaru is a teacher at Dhaka University, presently doing her PhD in Australia. His younger daughter Mirza Shajaru Shumi works in a private firm. Alamgir’s wife Rahat Ara Begum is the Vice Chairperson of Delta Life Insurance.

Lt. Gen. Mahbubur Rahman: Lt. Gen. Mahbubur Rahman has two sons. Elder son Tarek Mahbub did his Bachelors in English (Hons) from Dhaka University and his MBA in Ottawa, Canada. His is now the International Marketing Manager at Square Pharmaceuticals. Younger son Asif Mahbub earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from Atlanta University in the US and is now working in Dallas. Both the sons are married.

General Mahbub’s wife Nagina Mahbub has retired as a government college teacher.

Brig. Gen. (retd) Hannan Shah: Brig. Gen. (retd.) Hannan Shah has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Shah Rezaul Hannan is a graduate of Dhaka University. He runs an export-oriented readymade garment business. Younger son Riadul Hannan earned his Bachelors degree from Turkey and presently runs and export-import business in Dhaka. Hannan Shah’s daughter Sharmeen Hannan earned her BBA degree from Dhaka University and now teaches at a college in Canada. Sharmeen’s husband Imtiaz Ibne Sattar works with Standard Chartered Bank in Dhaka.

Hannan Shah’s wife is Nahid Hannan, a housewife.

Maj. (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed: Maj. (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed has two sons and a daughter. His elder son Shahrukh Hafiz Diko studied Computer Science in the US and now runs a business in Dhaka. He is involved in the poultry industry and export. Shahrukh recently got married. His wife Waseka Hafiz did her BBA in the US.

Second son Taharaf Hafiz Orko recently passed his ‘A’ Levels from Scholastica.

Daughter Shamama Shahreen Hafiz did her ‘A’ Levels from Scholastica, her BBA in Canada and MBA from North South University in Dhaka. Her husband Targhibul Islam earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from BUET and then his Masters from Melbourne University in Australia. He is now working with T&T.

Hafizuddin’s wife Dilara Hafiz was DG of the Education Directorate. She has now retired.

Ehsanul Huq Milon: Former Education Minister Ehsanul Huq Milon has one daughter, Tanzida Huq Nahar. She is an A Level student at the London College of Legal Studies in Dhaka. Milon’s wife Nazmunnahar Baby is also involved in BNP politics.

Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan: Former Secretary General of BNP, dropped after the 1/11 caretaker takeover, late Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan has two sons.

Elder son Anindya Mohaiymen earned his degree in Engineering from BUET and then in Computer Engineering from California University. He now works at Sisco Systems of the Microsoft Company in Sydney. Anindya is married to Rumpa Kabir, only daughter of Sheikh Kabir Hossain. Sheikh Kabir Hossain, incidentally, is the cousin of Bangabandhu Sheikh Majibur Rahman.

Abdul Mannan Bunyan’s younger son is Nandita Nahyan. He did his MBA from IBA, Dhaka University. He is working for City Bank in Dhaka. His wife Shumala Ashrab Urmi is a doctor working at BSMMU Hospital.

Neither Anindya nor Nandita were ever interested in following in either of their parent’s footsteps, where their professional careers were concerned, states their mother Marium Begum. Marium Begum is a retired teacher of Dhaka College.

M Saifur Rahman: Former Finance Minister late M Saifur Rahman has three sons and a daughter. Eldest son former MP Nasser Rahman is involved in business. He is the proprietor of Universal Label Company, producing garment accessories. Second son M Kasier Rahman is the proprietor of Quality Feed Ltd, a poultry feed industry. Youngest son M Shafiur Rahman Babu is the head of a business concern, Eastern Money Transfer. Babu’s wife Seemab Yusuf Rahman is the daughter of BNP leader Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf. Saifur Rahman’s daughter is Saifa Rahman Siddique, married to Amir Siddique, a businessman.

Barrister Moudud Ahmed: Moudud Ahmed has one son and one daughter. His son is Aman Moudud and daughter is Anna Moudud. Aman and Anna are studying in the UK.

Moudud Ahmed is married to Hasna Moudud, daughter of famous poet Jasimuddin.

Sirajul Hossain Khan: Former left leader, journalist, minister of Ershad’s government and later BNP’s Vice President, late Sirajul Hossain Khan has two sons and two daughters. Elder son Zahed H Khan is working at the World Bank office in Dhaka. Younger son Sadaat Hossain Khan lives in Texas, USA.

Sirajul Hossain Khan’s elder daughter Rounak Ara Amin is the First Secretary at the Bangladesh Embassy in Thailand. Her husband Faruk Amin has retired from Foreign Service.

Younger daughter Dr. Rafat Ara Khanam is a teacher at Dhaka Medical College. Her husband Dr. Saifullah works at BSMMU.

Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury: Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury has one son and one daughter. His son Israfil Khasru is the proprietor of a readymade garment industry. Daughter Tamina Khasru is teaching and researching at BRAC University. Both Israfil and Tamina are married.

Mir Mohammed Nasiruddin: Mir Mohammed Nasiruddin has one son and had two daughters. His wife and elder daughter died in a road accident in Saudi Arabia. His son Barrister Helaluddin is a lawyer at the High Court. Daughter Ishrat Nazneen recently completed her Bar-at-Law.

M Morshed Khan: BNP leader and former Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan has one son and four daughters. Son Faisal Morshed Khan runs his father’s business. The daughters are Samina, Faria, Marium and Shazreh.

Altaf Hossain Chowdhury: Former Air Force Chief, former Home Minister and central member of BNP, Altaf Hossain Chowdhury’s only son Akhter Hossain Chowdhury drowned while swimming. He had been a student of North South University at the time. His daughter Zubeida Akhter Chowdhury did her Masters from Oxford University and is now doing her PhD at Cambridge.

Shah Moazzem Hossain: Shah Moazzem Hossain has one son and one daughter. Son Shah Iftekhar Hossain is an aeronautical engineer. He lives and works in Kansas, USA. Daughter Rehnuma Afreen did her MA from Dhaka University and is married to Major Moazzem Hossain. Shah Moazzem Hossain’s wife late Saleha Hossain had been the headmistress of Wille’s Little Flowers School.

Barrister Nazmul Huda: BNP’s Vice Chairman and former Information Minister Barrister Nazmul Huda has two daughters. His elder daughter is Antara Huda and younger daughter Srabonti Huda. Both are studying in London.

Barrister Nazmul Huda is married to Sigma Huda, renowned lawyer and human rights activist.

Nazrul Islam Khan: Senior BNP leader Nazrul Islam Khan has a son and two daughters. His son Anik Khan is a cartoonist and graphic designer. Both daughters are studying medicine in Dhaka. Nazrul Islam’s wife Alifa Akhter is a Manager at Titas Gas Company.

Tariqul Islam: Former minister Tariqul Islam has two sons. Elder son Shantanu Islam Sumeet runs an import-export business in Dhaka. Younger son Anindya Islam Amit runs a business in Jessore. He is the proprietor of Lab Scan Private Hospital and United Flour Mills in Jessore. He is also the Executive editor of the daily Lok Samaj.

Both the brothers did their Masters at Dhaka University, Sumeet in Accounting and Amir in Pharmacy. Amit also did his MBA.

Tariqul Islam’s wife Nargis Begum is a retired college teacher.

Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf: BNP leader Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf has four daughters. Eldest daughter Nayab Yusuf has an MA degree. Her husband Albab Ahmed has a readymade garment business. Second daughter Seemab Yusuf did her bachelors from Maryland, USA. Her husband Shafiur Rahman is a businessman and son of former Finance Minister Saifur Rahman. Third daughter Shahab Yusuf has done her BA. Her husband is Shawkat Ali, son of Awami League leader Maj. Gen. (retd.) Subed Ali Bhuiyan MP. Shahab and Shawkat live in London. Youngest daughter Sadman Yusuf has done her bachelors exam from a private university in Dhaka. Kamal Yusuf’s wife Shaila Yusuf is a housewife.

Gaeswar Chandra Rai: Gaeswar Chandra Rai has one son and two daughters. Son Amitabh Rai earned his Bachelors degree and is now involved in business. He is married to Nipun Rai, the daughter of Advocate Nitai Rai Chowdhury. Nipun Rai is a student of Stamford University.

Gaeswar’s elder daughter Aparna Rai did her LLB from Bhuiyan Academy. Younger daughter Suparna Rai did her Masters from Dhaka University. Both the sisters are married to businessmen.

Gaeswar Rai’s wife Jharna Rai is a housewife.

Dr. Moyeen Khan: Former Minister of the four-party alliance government BNP leader Dr. Moyeen Khan has three daughters. Eldest daughter Maheen Khan has graduated from MIT in Economics and is now doing her Masters in Paris. Second daughter Nausheen Khan is doing her undergrads in Economics at Mount Holyoke in the US. Youngest daughter Naureen Khan is a student of Economics at the University of Warwick in the UK.

Moyeen Khan’s wife Adv. Rukhsana Khandakar Khan is the Executive Director of Khan Foundation.

Mirza Abbas: Mirza Abbas has two sons and a daughter. Elder son Yaser Abbas (Bhashon) is studying in Malaysia. Daughter Nabila Mirza Borsha is studying in the US. Youngest son Arafat Abbas (Azan) is a student of ISD.

Sadeq Hossain Khoka: Dhaka’s Mayor Sadek Hossain Khoka has one daughter and two sons. Daughter Sharika Sadek passed her BBA from Dhaka University and presently works with Mobil. Elder son Israq Hossain is studying Automobile Engineering in London. Younger son Isfaq Hossain is an ‘A’ Level student at Scholastica. Khoka’s wife Ismat Ara is a housewife.

Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar: Former Speaker Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar has one daughter and two sons. Daughter Nilofar Akhter did her Masters in Law at Dhaka University and then did her LLM again from Michigan University in the US. She is married to an Irishman, Robin Knowles. She lives with him in Pennsylvania.

Barrister Jamiruddin’s elder son Barrister Naushad Jamir is practicing at the High Court. He is one of the main young lawyers of the BNP ilk. He is the lawyer for Begum Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman in several of their cases. Naushad’s wife Dalia Parveen (Reena) is an Assistant Professor of Law at Dhaka University.

Barrister Jamiruddin’s younger son Barrister Naufel Arshad Jamir lives in London where he does business. His wife Tuhina Borhan is a computer engineer.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami

Ghulam Azam: Jamaat’s former Amir Ghulam Azam has six sons and 20 grandchildren. His wife is Syeda Afifa Azam. Ghulam Azam presently lives with his fourth son Brigadier General (dismissed) Abdullahil Aman Al Azmi.

His eldest son Abdullahil Mamun Al Azmi works with the Islamic Development Bank at Jeddah.

His other four sons are Abdullahil Amin Al Azmi, Abdullahil Momen Al Azmi, Abdullahil Noman Al Azmi and Abdullahil Salman Al Azmi. They all live with their families in Manchester, UK.

Matiur Rahman Nizami: Jamaat-e-Islami’s incumbent Amir Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami, has four sons and two daughters. The eldest, daughter Mohsina Fatema, did her Masters in Finance from North South University and is now a lecturer at the Dhaka campus of Chittagong’s International Islamic University.

Younger daughter Khadija lives in London with her husband. She has graduated in Child Education there and her husband has completed his Bar-at-Law.

Nizami’s eldest son Naquibur Rahman lives in the US with his wife. He earned his MBA and MIS degree there and is now doing his PhD in Finance.

The next two sons are twins. Of them, Najibur Rahman completed his studies at Riyadh University and now lives with his wife in London. In London he has carried out higher studies at Markfield University in Islamic Studies and Law. He has a Bar-at-Law degree. The other twin Naimur Rahman is a doctor and is studying for his FRCS in London.

Nizami’s youngest son Nadimur Rahman Talha is studying at Malaysia University.

Ali Ahsan Mujahid: Jamaat’s Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mujahid has three sons and a daughter. Eldest son Ali Ahmad Mohammed Tasdit did his Masters from Jahangirnagar University. Second son Ali Hasan Mohammed Tahqiq did his Masters from Dhaka University. Youngest son Ali Hasan Mohammed Mabrur has also done his Masters. Daughter Tamrina has done her Masters in English. All three sons are working in Dhaka.

Abdul Qader Mollah: Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General Abdul Qader Mollah has two sons and four daughters. His elder son has done his MBA from the Islamic University, He now works at Radiant Pharmaceuticals. Qader Mollah’s younger son Hasan Moudud is a BBA student at the Islamic University in Malaysia.

Qader Mollah’s eldest daughter Amatullah Parveen did her Masters in Social Welfare from Eden College. She is married to Mohirul Islam, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at Dhaka University.

Second daughter Amatullah Sharmeen has a Masters degree from the Home Economics College. Her husband Mohibullah Selim runs a furniture business.

The third daughter, Amatullah Larzin, is doing her BBA at the Islamic University. Youngest daughter Amatullah Nazneen is a Second Year Intermediate student at Siddeswari Girls College.

Muhammed Qamaruzzaman: Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General has five sons and a daughter. His eldest son Hasan Iqbal Wami has earned his Master’s degree in Media and Communication from Sweden. Second son Hasan Iqram Wali is doing his Bachelor’s in Human Rights, also in Sweden. Third son Hasan Zaman Wasi graduated from Malaysia and is now doing his Masters in Business Systems at Stockholm University in Sweden. Fourth son Hasan Imam Wafi earned his BBA degree from IUB in Dhaka. Fifth son Ahmed Hasan Zaman Asafi is studying Economics (Hons) in Malaysia.

Qamaruzzaman’s only daughter is a student of Class Three. His wife Nurunnahar is a housewife.

Mir Kasem Ali: Mir Kasem Ali has two sons and three daughters. His eldest son, Mohammed Bin Kasem Salman studied Dental Surgery on a SAARC scholarship in Karachi. He is the proprietor of the Dental and Medical Research Foundation which makes artificial teeth.

Second son Mir Ahmed Bin Kasem Armann did his Bar-at-Law from Lincoln’s Inn in the UK and is a Junior with Barrister Abdur Razzak.

Mir Kasem’s eldest daughter Hasina Tayyeba is a nutritionist, presently residing in Sweden. Hasina’s husband Saiful Islam is an Associate Professor at Chitttagong University. He is now doing his PhD in Sweden, carrying out research on cancer cells.

Second daughter Sumaiya Rabeya is studying International Relations at Malaysia’s Islamic University. Youngest daughter Tahera Tasmeen is studying Law at the London College of Legal Studies in Dhaka.

Mir Kasem’s wife Khandakar Ayesha Khatun is the principal of a school named Al Quraner Chhayar Toley, in Mirpur. This school provides education to slum children.

Jamiyat-e-Ulema Islam

Moulana Muhiuddin Khan: Moulana Muhiuddin Khan is the father of three sons and two daughters. The eldest son is Mostafa Moinuddin Khan, second son Murtaza Bashiruddin Khan and youngest Ahmed Badruddin Khan. All three sons are in the publication business....

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File photo shows Tareque Rahman (centre), son of Bangladesh's last prime minister Khaleda Zia in Dhaka
File photo shows Tareque Rahman (centre), son of Bangladesh's last prime minister Khaleda Zia in Dhaka
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