Obama found LYING to the PUBLIC about Radiation!!!

Obama found LYING to the PUBLIC about Radiation!!!

Union : NJ : USA | Apr 11, 2011 at 7:46 AM PDT
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 Obama found LYING to the PUBLIC about Radiation!!!

The video was meant as a joke but this report isn't there is no ‘safe’ exposure to radiation. In a new article Brian Moench the president of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and a member of Union of Concerned Scientists details the dangers. He notes that radiation is now in our food, our air, our water. It certainly is in fact the Milk in Vermont has Cessium 137 in it - that goes right for the bones.

He explains how the nuclear cheerleaders one of whom we could safely assume is President Obama since he asked Congress to make funds available for GE partnered with TEPCO to build nuclear plants in Texas, these cheerleaders want people to believe that radiation in low doses is safe. As the author of this article regarding that plant in Texas said "Heaven help us because Obama won't".

Brian Moench explains bio-accumulation..

"To distract from the danger of man-made radioactivity, we hear from nuclear cheerleaders that watching TV and airline travel also expose us to radiation. True, although they never mention that flight crews have higher rates of breast and skin cancer. Equating those very different types of radiation is like equating the damage of being hit with ping pong balls (photons) with being hit by bullets (beta particles). Your TV doesn’t shoot bullets at you.

Even if your TV only shot a few bullets per show, you probably wouldn’t watch much TV. Furthermore, the damage done by these radioactive “bullets” can vary tremendously depending on which organs are hit. To carry the analogy one step further, spraying a few bullets into a large crowd can hardly be considered harmless even if the ratio of bullets per person is very low.

Bioaccumulation increases the concentration of many contaminants as one moves up the food chain. Beef is much higher in dioxins than cattle feed and tuna fish have much higher mercury than their marine environment. Radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium, all beta emitters, become concentrated in the food chain because of bioaccumulation. At the top of the food chain, of course, are humans, including fetuses, and human breast milk.

In 1963, one week after an atmospheric nuclear bomb test in Russia, our scientists observed the magnifying power of bioaccumulation when they detected radioactive iodine in the thyroids of mammals in North America even though they could not detect smaller amounts in the air or on vegetation.

Bioaccumulation is one reason why it is dishonest to equate the danger to humans living 5,000 miles away from Japan with the minute concentrations measured in our air. If we tried, we would now likely be able to measure radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium bioaccumulating in human embryos in this country. Pregnant women, are you OK with that?

Hermann Mueller, another Nobel Prize winner, is one of many scientists who would not have been OK with that. In a 1964 study, “Radiation and Heredity”, Mueller spelled out the genetic damage of ionizing radiation on humans. He predicted the gradual reduction of the survival of the human species as exposure to radioactivity steadily increased. Indeed, sperm counts, sperm viability and fertility rates worldwide have been dropping for decades."

In two other new reports they talk about the health risks one Warns Radiation risks from Fukushima 'no longer negligible' the other explains How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation both are worth the time to read.

You can read more about radiation in fish expected to reach the upper food chain and other experts opinions about the cumulative effects of radiation in this report.

Radiation Is Bad For You Don't Be Fooled...

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