Pakistan's natural beauty 'Maree':

Pakistan's natural beauty 'Maree':

Rāwalpindi : Pakistan | Apr 03, 2011 at 8:31 AM PDT
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Traveling on Murree Expressway in rain

Pakistan's natural beauty 'Maree':

Sbzrng qdaur of green, thick and green trees, home business 'Queen Kohsar dead' spring caravan tent these days is female. Thousand feet high that peaks from December to February were dhky snow, ice sheet now stretches out away from are peep. roads are open, silver rays of the sun on a tree, another tree prphylayy flying birds also chatter happily at the end of severe winter has started. kunplyn new outbreaks have begun in trees. dhluanun heavily on are desperate to open flowers. some shop and hotel owners in the plains due to severe cold were gone they prepare to welcome visitors to have started to return to his native shrku.

Murree, Pakistan is the famous hill stations in the top. This seven thousand feet above sea level height is located at more than. In fact, branches are dead and khuth Himalayan hills. The hills are composed of five parallel series in which a particular disease the chain.

Died from a road trip begins in Rawalpindi. Murree road to suit his name 'Murree Road' has been set. The road from Islamabad to change sides and seems to rise above. The left side of the road sometimes the right deep deep khayyan who are full of vegetation. Marri as the tourists dominated by deep khayyan roofs are polarizing and tourists here ranayyun of natural beauty and become dldadh start.

Each step on the way to live is to stay. Chauٴn here is thick everywhere. Be playing Shah oak, OAK, OAK Silver, slky OAK, cedar, plndr, baytr, eagle, Brahma the bomber and the oldest tree height beyond this setting that the power can not without the Resolution. The ways are green because of the special. hngy addition, kayyn, olive, pit, Gill bnfsh, srnjan Gill, Gill trny wild flowers here as the natural reward pryhan grow.

Tourists do when such a beautiful view of valleys, miles of road traveled to reach the wealth of dead tuyun think of desert as a man with fire in Paradise. Murree Mall Road of this road is the last corner. This from camel humps similar position. ksmyrpuaynt Mount on top of dead bodies from point A. to spread like a fragrant drawer Mall is as heart disease. negotiator of her dead 'meet face' is also called. This road was the right hand mrty Lawrence College snubr path displayed above the trees high above cyyrlft sngryla passing beneath and beyond the Punjab House and the money aspect is amlty.

Sunny Bank Road on the other side of the head sbzu kldnh fresh views and his embrace a winding road from the right hand lane jhyka Government College before coming up, and have passed through the touch points Kashmir Road side property line becomes . the way most of Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad and Azad Kashmir nthyagly reach the tourists died. as dead come all the way from 'Mall' are the amlty.

Mall Road Murree area where they come from country and abroad have all come and stay. Here are nearly five hundred hotel. These restaurants every comfort of life and there is rest. Ayyrkndysnz in summer and in winter there are heaters . Yet even in the summer season here is very cold.

Last Mall around it there are all kinds of hotels. Ordinary hotels, cheap hutlz aalysan hotels yansbta. Hutlz of the way as to allow to stay in the pocket of h tr hutlz are present here. Hutlz also restaurants with around here is killing. hluh full breakfast in the morning you get used to eating food or prathy, many facilities are available at these restaurants. Then for lunch and dinner biryani here, qurmh, bhnh meat, qymh, poultry, bkry the sauce, rime, Halim, pudding, milk jlyby, rbry, tea, coffee purpose of which is what not to eat Mall.

Mall is located on the top of the hill and descend down around ghmauٴdarrasty. This way, even the dead are the local population. Here for local people shopping there are meat markets and multinational companies agencies dfatrbhy . In addition, the School of magazines and journals, like Lahore and Karachi surumzaur all other types of furniture and equipment manufacturing market are there for shopping. tourists come this way is less. here at the hotel and the local population tr s are specific dwellings.

Mall is a place where you most popular politician in the country, author, poet, athlete and all other top professionals ursksyat Visit also the plague would get. Barunq Mall Road Murree and the most open till late at night lasting position. Murree Road, from all kinds of clothes and cosmetics equipment ranging from minor things mltahy House decorations for every equipment purchase, so each person does something is prml Mall. Many new married couples come to die Honey Moon came to celebrate the day program so make Mall dlhnyn new fledgling make-up even with all bnauٴ arusy look round wrapped in aurkusbuuٴn encompasses apparel.

Then become brown like Pearl Continental Hotel, Lawrence J & M as of colleges and educational drsgahyn kanunt, golf courses, post office, mobile phone, hospital, mosque, church and everything just looks dead in that city as if it kasmupulytn There is shortly to become.

Dead city and most fun to see the weather looks beautiful and fascinating. Summer or winter, is spring, fall or rain. All-weather natural beauty of dead is more beautiful bnajata. Dhluanyn the mountains angnt srsbzusadab dense and full of trees and a variety of flowers lying. when temperatures in areas above a hundred and twenty foreign Haiti becomes even die temperature does not exceed the Foreign Haiti. summer weather here is moderate cotton clothes and goes through the day more fun. evening knky increases slightly in the air, people wearing coats and light suytr come out to walk.

Kahsn died a virgin in the spring at alhr dusyzh Hussein does not. Dusyzh pulses of this little summer dress, while rain Zeb body gets even more beautiful weather here. The weather here is so much rain that So dytrh year are cloudy days and 28 days in August towards the mynh. this month is a day when there is several inches rain rykardhuty. more rain forests and dense vegetation to die because the clouds towards which is dragging towards the chajun mynh.

It died mynh gives new life to the beauty and new life is syncta. Matr wild winds coming from tourists and permanent residents here to bring the message of health and pleasure. Kusnma such fields that exist in the forests where human beauty Might see the brhnh. susuft around the even more exclusive of dead trees are high. 53051 actor in a tree stand with dignity lavishly. fruany of springs and wall, nail, eagle, phlayy, mortgage, bhrngy, paludar , sysm walnuts and spread far kauٴ dense shade of trees in every season visitors here who understand they do view the kyrh surprised and turns eyes. trees died due to fresh breezes all year amajgah remains.

Inaugurated in mid-July is the monsoon. Baying dhluanun peaks and hours on the water is made. Mynh drops when the roof of the McCain tughr jltrng plays a Sarmad begin to feel ecstatic. Mculy eye clouds with the sun day continues throughout. when bad weather if the clouds come in every house. never encompasses you in the crowd of clouds sometimes become clouds below you.

August with rain off and the air becomes clear and bright it is. Ulfryb dead at the spring does not fall. Autumn brought sadness and land here, but do not bring flowers and fruits.

September the best month is dead. Pkty neighboring villages and apple walnut crop meets. Dead heart of the market are fresh fruits. Dydny sunset view is.

October with the arrival of winter comes. Tourists go back to their cities aurshr seems to rain on Homelessness. Bystrd Mall of closed mines and passed months becomes a fascinating view bsra forgotten dream start.

Starts in late December snowfall which continues until February. Trees peaks, as a heap, roads and housing chtyn kafury wearing clothes and take a dying city magic seems to appear. Once again, people like entertainment city face and they are enjoying the snowfall.

Queen Kohsar winter when white snow remains cadraurhty, his eyes shining beauty Does the kyrh. Bhrsy tourists to see her world ksan ksan ran towards him come out.

Died of natural beauty to enjoy most of the dead just for tourists is also important to get out. Dying tuph lower eastern direction, range and especially at night ptryath Viewing of the most fascinating and offers kusnma view is. changlh street Similarly, kyrh Street, and west of the city view kanspur view belongs to.

Disease spread around the city rich in natural beauty spots are you my example. Kuhalh Azad Kashmir via the two routes, DU Li Road and Lower Road kuhala braydl. Really dead Ask many fascinating places found on the road to the dead via nthyagly, Abbottabad abadsy matches. baryan, kyrh Street, changlh Street, ayubyh, kans Pur, Dong Street, kabal garden, Bara Gali, places of that nature in its embrace of kubsurtyun lazual not ending treasures are winding. sdabhardrktun of pine and cedar adorned with the beauty of mountain peaks that the region is lgadyty four moon.

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Pakistan's natural beauty 'Maree':
Pakistan's natural beauty 'Maree
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