Tripoli : Libya | over 3 years ago  
Keeping the Iraqi and Afghan experiences in view now the U.S strategy on Libya is going to take a Machiavellian twist, that is to consider for arming the Libyan Opposition against Ruling...
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    Western and Arab allies were coordinating the use of military assets to thwart Gadhafi's offensive. Canada will be one of four principal partners helping to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya. Six Canadian CF-18 fighter jets are ... The first
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    Admiral Mullen explains what has happened and what is expected in Libya. The mission has been to degrade the Libyan offensive capability and not necessarily to overthrow Gaddafi. “We have halted him in the vicinity of Benghazi, which is where he .....
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    And what's the position of neighbouring revolutionary Egypt? “No intervention, period.” Full-blown military intervention beckons? By the time you're reading this, Gaddafi might have been Ceaucescued on Libyan television and the war will be over. But
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    It occurred to me that of the two sides in the Libyan civil war, one (Gadaffi) is relying on mercenaries, and the other is relying on non-mercenary foreign soldiers, what Machiavelli would call “auxiliaries.” ...
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    Despite President Sarkozy's Machiavellian preferences, I prefer French boots (as well as British, Egyptian and Saudi boots) — not GI boots–to be the preferred footwear on Libyan sand. If Sarkozy wants the glory, he is going to ... Actually, a French-
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    But unless you're suggesting that the aircraft being deployed in Libya now should be strafing IRGC bases or something, there's nothing about the Libyan operation that interferes with the Iranian project (assuming that the latter is actually being
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    The Libyan army and air force responded fiercely, and within the last week, began to rout the rebels in town after town, finally approaching the city of Benghazi, which as of this writing, is still in rebel hands. ...
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    And if anyone had it coming it is Moamar Gadaffi. The opportunities far outweigh the possible disadvantages. So Jeremy Corbyn should calm down and occupy his local Gadaffi family mansion, and add his support to the people of Bengazi ... When Kelvin
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    Despite President Sarkozy's Machiavellian preferences, I prefer French boots (as well as British, Egyptian and Saudi boots) -- not GI boots--to be the preferred footwear on Libyan sand. If Sarkozy wants the glory, ... Actually, a French- orchestrated
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    Apparently there was planning going on that the media wasn't privy to. Perhaps President Obama is aware that Colonel Gadaffi is not without a television. What Gadaffi probably is without now is a functional air defense system. ...... Consider the
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    I know the left reflexively hates him, but he sounds like he can talk a good game and is unwilling to put up with a lot of crap from people calling him a liar, like Bob Woodward. teke184 on March 23, 2011 at 2:59 PM ...
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    But look at the abstentions, five of them, including Russia and China, countries that know how to play the diplomatic game according to the only rules that matter – those once laid down by Niccolò Machiavelli. Now, as western missiles ...
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    Gaddafi's much worse than Mubarak and the Libyan opposition can't be nearly as bad as the Muslim Brotherhood. So a revolt in Libya is probably worth it, whereas the revolt in Egypt may end up being a bad thing. ..... Greatly as I admire you , I
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    The money for the missiles is already included in the MOD budget. This Libyan action will be funded by current budget. It will be costing less per month, than labour were spending in Iraq on an illegal war per day. ..... As for regime change, if they
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    Bruce, maybe you should explain that concept to your buddy Barry. Seems the world is not sufficiently terrified of Barry's "sternly worded memos". As Niccolo Machiavelli observed, it's better to be feared than to be loved. ...
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      vineyardsaker.blogspot.com | 4 months ago
    First, I was so mad at Russia that I did not bother looking a little deeper into possible Russian motives. Then, when Russia joined China and the Arab League in criticizing the resolution they had just authorized, ... What if the Russian intelligence
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    Very, very thought provoking stuff I'll be marinating in all day. And also? I think Gadaffi looks more like an MC Hammer fashionista than a Mickey Rourke one, but I'm willing to turn the other cheek on that. Marni recently posted. ... In regards to
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    Colonel Muammar Gadaffi who is often referred to as the President of the Libyan Socialist Jamahirya has, from all accounts, a well deserved reputation for brutality, repression and the support of terrorism. ... By bringing water into the Sahara
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    As for the future of Libya, the Jeremiahs are wrong. Firstly, there will be no 'stalemate'. Once Misratah is liberated, as it will be (better late than never) Gadaffi will have to retreat to Tripoli and his inevitable fate. The libyan ...
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    The people of Libya are quite ready to sacrifice their lives to get rid of Gadaffi and achieve freedom, why won't the steam-age Jeremiahs of STW allow them that inalienable human right? The only one they have, at present. ... This is the voice of the

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