Why the Washington State Government Is a Ruthless Vaccine Pusher

Why the Washington State Government Is a Ruthless Vaccine Pusher

Olympia : WA : USA | Mar 03, 2011 at 9:17 PM PST
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People arrive at a community clinic to get H1N1 vaccinations in Washington, DC, in January
For the third time in three years, the Washington State legislature is attempting to pass legislation in some form undermining parental rights to religious and philosophical vaccination exemption for their children according with the first, fourth and fourteenth amendments of the US Constitution.

This proposed legislation would force parents to seek a costly audience with a healthcare practitioner for their supposedly necessary education as to vaccine benefits, and to secure written permission for their child's exemption from that health professional, with no requirement that the healthcare professional provide such a signed permission slip after they deliver their pro-vaccine propaganda, or that they provide balanced information as to vaccines' considerable risks, such as that contained in vaccine makers' package inserts listing all of the toxic ingredients and risks contained in their allegedly preventative products.

The latest iteration of this attempt by the Washington State government to violate such constitutional rights are Senate Bill 5005 and House Bill 1015, introduced in mid-February 2011. Since there was almost no public notice of the first round of legislative hearings, the only persons in attendance were legislators, vaccine-friendly health practitioners and lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry, leaving some legislators with the impression that there was virtually no opposition to these bills. Accordingly, these bills passed their first and second readings in the Washington State House and Senate in late February 2011.

What is remarkable is that similar bills had been defeated in 2009, 2010 and years before on the basis of their being unconstitutional; one therefore wonders on what legal or logical basis their successors have been once again been proffered, since -- as far as can be determined by this writer given the present level of government transparency -- the US constitution has not been amended in the interim. Nor do the majority of Washington State legislators seem to be concerned that if they pass this unconstitutional legislation, it inevitably will be challenged in court, wasting large amounts of now allegedly scarce tax payer dollars.

Further, on September 23, 2009, Washington State Health Secretary Mary Selecky publicly announced that she had "temporarily" signed a waiver allowing an increase in toxic mercury preservative in H1N1 flu vaccines for pregnant women and children under three years of age. She was immediately and personally contacted by this writer via email and requested to rescind her waiver because of its risks to these most vulnerable populations.

Secretary Selecky at once personally responded and asked for further information for herself and one of her deputies, which was at once provided by this writer, again requesting that she rescind her waiver and provide public notice to this effect as soon as possible.

On January 29, 2010, after this writer had determined from Secretary Selecky's staff that, not only had she had not rescinded the waiver on increased mercury, but had even gone so far as to make it permanent in Washington State, this writer filed criminal charges with the FBI against her for criminal malfeasance, recommending that she be placed on leave of absence while these charges were investigated.

In early February 2010, this writer was contacted by several legislators asking for help to stop Secretary Selecky being given an award by the American Medical Association for meritorious service, as well as stopping a stealth bill to create a Washington Vaccine Corporation whose board of directors would consist of Secretary Selecky, some other state health officials and some representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, with the stated purpose of promoting vaccinations in Washington State and the unstated purpose of rendering these officials and vaccine makers immune, through the legal legerdemain of corporate personhood, from administrative or legal prosecution for any harm done by their allegedly preventative products.

It has always been the contention of and with this writer -- especially with single-issue activists by which she remains vastly outnumbered -- that issues need to be approached in a whole systems manner in order to be effectively addressed. Accordingly, this writer decided to mix -- in her usual heretical manner -- the issues of vaccine truth and what she has termed the "CAFR scam".

The CAFR scam is this: the practice of corporate governments of offering a public budget of a certain stated amount and concealing in their comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs) the actual funds that these governments have in dedicated trust funds. This is so they can quietly retain approximately two-thirds of taxpayer monies/public trust funds for corporate investments rather than for rebates or direct services to the people, thereby enriching their corporate masters, who in turn enrich government officials with corporate stocks, campaign contributions and bribes. This issue of government-concealed funds should have had more salience due to the recent alleged massive government shortfalls throughout the world, but has not, due to the reluctance of government officials to open their all-too-telling books, and denial and ignorance-based reluctance on the part of the public to insist that they do so.

The ongoing version of the CAFR scam within the Washington State government would seem would seem to explain why its corporate officials in both the legislative and executive branches have ruthlessly and relentlessly attempted to push vaccinations at the expense of the people of Washington State, despite such attempts' lack of support, lack of legality and lack of principle.

Here, gleaned from the CAFR of the Washington State Investment Board, are figures on huge corporate investments in the pharmaceutical industry made by the Washington State government in 2010 that would seem to be extremely relevant to the question at hand:

Bayer AG 16, 707, 818.50

CSL 9, 315,904.53

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) $133, 677, 412.83

Johnson & Johnson 2, 303, 340.00

Merck 30, 669, 265.57

Novartis 97, 378, 575.84

Pfizer 231,297.30

Roche Holdings AG 66,460, 012.24

Sanofi Synthelab 129, 605, 812.90

Syngenta AG 8, 466,508.28

Total Pharmaceutical $ 538, 546,434.50 or

Corporate Investments- $ 538.5 Billion

Washington State


This reveals a considerable conflict of interest on the part of the Washington State corporate government, which needs to be questioned by the people of this state; the personal investment portfolios of those state officials who have supported this unconstitutional and unethical legislation favoring effectively forced vaccinations need to be examined as well, with those having such personal investments recusing themselves from voting or providing staff support in regard to this matter.

Further, the people of all states, both US and other, would be wise to investigate the insidious and invidious template of corporate takeover of government throughout the world that this issue of health freedom in Washington State so manifestly demonstrates.

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A nurse fills syringes with H1N1 vaccine during a drive thru H1N1 vaccination clinic
A nurse fills syringes with H1N1 vaccine during a drive thru H1N1 vaccination clinic
RebeccaEmCampbell is based in Seattle, Washington, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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