Legacy of the Neutered and Raped

Legacy of the Neutered and Raped

Philadelphia : PA : USA | Feb 10, 2011 at 9:39 PM PST
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Justice Long Over-Due

Note: This is the 2nd edition of a series entitled, "Stereotypes of a Black Male Misunderstood". Part 1 examines the history of the "peculiar culture" that surrounded lynching blacks as a pastime.

Part II:

Where were all the government appointed psychologists and mental health specialists for the millions of females (and boys) who were repeatedly raped over several generations by “massa” after the so-called abolishment of slavery?

If President Lincoln's cabinet really intended on all of the people in America coming together to live in a “united state of existence” equally under one banner, wouldn't they have provided some sort of psychological therapy, not to mention a 'new-career workshop' or two...something to assist and welcome these new “citizens”?

Use your common sense.

Even in the early 20th century, many everyday, working class mothers and wives were forced to stoop to the level of prostituting their bodies to feed their families when the “honky” came honking his horn in the evening for a quick shot of (melanin-rich) sex after more than a couple shots of whisky at the bar.

And what about all of these women's husbands, brothers and fathers? Since they were denied opportunities for employment due to racism, they could not have possibly met the basic, minimum requirement necessary to qualify as “bread winner” in the home.

How long does it take for a man's self-esteem to erode when he has no way to earn any money to feed his family? And even beyond that, what happens to his role within that family structure...in the bigger society?

What are the compounded effects to the psyche of the black male who has sat by helplessly for centuries and watched the barrage of insults and abuse from western society transform the reputation of what-was-once the world's most beautiful and virtuous wonder into the modern day “Whore of Babylon”?

These now broken spirits have been denied access to their true lineage as the descendants of great heroes in the ancient world...the legendary giants of folklore whom all tales of chivalry are based. The ones whose title to knightliness compelled the Spaniards many centuries later to address them as “Knights of the Granada, Gentlemen, albeit Moors.”

The feared as well as venerated, “Black-a-Moor”, who not only colonized Spain for 7 centuries (until the nightmarish year of 1492) but also attempted to civilize all of Europe with the wonders of math, science, literature, and music.

Who would ever believe that the origin of the warrior's code of ethics, or “bushido”, made famous in Japanese culture, could arguably be traced to a group of disenfranchised men who are held in contempt, not honour, for their achievements?

In 2011, any one of these neutered and housebroken pets could easily be said to be more reminiscent of a harmless lion at the zoo than any fearful Samurai of the Emperor.

“America is an unhealthy society...for anybody. It's based on greed and materialism” ~Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Umar Johnson, a respected school psychologist / child therapist, serving the greater Philadelphia community states that “there is nothing healthy about American society.” But over and beyond even this grim dilemma stands an imposing system of “sick-lical”, self-hatred set up to poison the minds of our children.

The absence of traditional family values, which begins with a healthy concept of womanhood / manhood virtues, is directly proportionate to the growing number of homosexuals within the black community. This is only one of the many “psychological imbalances” that is devastatingly detrimental for the entire community.

So, where does this sick, cycle of self-hatred begin?

Ironically, we learn it begins innocently enough with the indoctrination known simply as “school.”

“The only thing people care about with black boys (in school) is whether or not they can sit still long enough to be 'mis-educated”

For the children not interested in “sitting still”, they are sent to what was once known as the department of “child psychology” or “mental health”, but now has been renamed, “behavioral health.” Once there, without a second thought, these trusting souls are quickly prescribed mentally and physically damaging, psychotropic drugs by strangers in white coats who barely get to know the youngster's names.

Incidentally, why all the departmental name changes?

Umar Johnson explains that this clearly illustrates how they feel about our children:

“We (the system) don't care that the boy is depressed. We don't care that he has lost his father...or maybe a friend to gang violence. We don't care that he was molested... All we care about is how he acts (behaves)...'Behavioral” Health"

Too many of these abused children grow up totally neglected in a home environment where human compassion is virtually non-existent; so they have little opportunity to experience any feelings of love or grace...not even from family members.

Think about that deeply for a moment.

No one ever took time to talk to them or teach them anything; no one ever made them feel special...feel like a human being.

And as a result, they have no respect for their elders...hence, no respect for themselves.

Hmm, is this what rapper Li'l Wayne's album entitled, “I'm not a Human Being” is all about?

“And then many of us are shocked when a young brother pulls out a gun and blows another brother's brains out (just) for stepping on his toe... How could he do that? It's easy...he never learned the meaning of compassion...that stuff needs to be learned!”

In Part 3, Philadelphia's own expert on child psychology, Umar Johnson, will explain the "Emotional Pain Body" and it's dramatic effects on the individual, the family as well as the entire community.

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Where is the psychological therapy for all of this? For "massa" and his descendants too
Takuan Amaru is based in Kagoshima, Kagoshima, Japan, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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