Babri Mosque Demolition: State Interference and , Media Negative Role

Babri Mosque Demolition: State Interference and , Media Negative Role

Ayodhya : India | Jan 02, 2011 at 12:15 AM PST
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Allahabad HC judge announces Ayodhya verdict

Babri Mosque Demolition: State Interference and , Media Negative Role

Babri Mosque and Indian Secularism

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


State Interference:


The fanatic Indian media has also taken a fascination to Ram. Ram, according to the media, is an international hero, and everyone ought to be as proud of him as are Indians. The more one strives to prove the existence of God, the more confused he or she would become, and, more important, more certain they would end up disproving God.

Today the power of media is such they can ignite another world war by terrorizing the world by feeding false reports and fake encounters that are necessary for the advancement of illegal interests of extra-corporate nations. By projecting the GST wars in Islamic world by the NATO terror syndicates as a genuine effort to stop terrorism, they only escort the imperialist powers in their resource hunt by genocides. Media, managed with corporate cash, mostly illegal money, promote state terrorism and anti-Islamism. India media play destructive role in nation building.

India is hailed as a country where democracy flourishes on large scale. December 6 is the date that Indian history will remember forever as the day that democracy was finally assassinated in India with the destruction of Babri Mosque and subsequent torture of the Muslims all over the country. Upon the destruction of the mosque, the then-ruling Congress pledged to reconstruct the mosque at the very site where it existed, but, to this date, the construction has not even started. In order to suppress the Muslims who demand the reconstruction of the mosque, the Indian state has only terrorized them through various nefarious actions harmful to and undermining the Muslims.

Media, the fourth estate charged with the task of defending the genuine interests of minorities as well, plays in India enough mischief in the breakdown in the society and country. They consider the Muslims are no-entity and therefore to be ignored and subjugated. No one needs a special course to understand the fact that US-led terror strategy has been very aptly utilized by India to target the Muslims in and outside the country. And Media are never tired of branding the Muslims as suspected terrorists and useless, burdensome, problematic people. Media have converted the Hindu masses into behaving like a shield to cultivate ill-feelings towards fellow Muslims.

The attitude that ‘India is a Hindu nation and the Hindus alone decide what to do with Indian judiciary and Muslims’ cannot be a good approach at all. Since the media play havoc in the perceptive domains of majority of Indians, a few lines would help these self proclaimed patriots to understand the factual position. Muslims lead a pathetic and strained life as offered to them by the governments of India and states. The state as well as the media ignores the role of the Muslims in India's independence, wherein many of them lost lives for the country's sake. Muslims also made multiple, positive contributions to the country's development. Issues like Pakistan’s politics and terrorism are cleverly brought in to play a destructive role in the lives of Muslims. While focusing on Muslims in India, the media and politicians, encouraged by the bureaucrats, make it appear that Muslims are a burden and that resources are wasted on them. Wonderfully, even by keeping a Muslim as President, India keeps doing what the USA does to Muslims all over the world. Insulting and bashing the Muslims is a routine event in the country, including New Delhi.

Media hide the fact that every year many Muslims are rounded up on the eve of December 6 anniversary, and not many return home quite safe. To date no one knows how many Muslims are in jails or for what crimes! Hatred is generated even from among wealthy Indians, particularly those settled down comfortably abroad, mainly in the West. They are both proud of and obsessed with the so-called Indian democratic values. They appear happy to see that the Muslims in India are painted in dirty colors and portrayed as bad guys deserving death. They are perhaps unaware of the fact that this country is contempt with legal aspects of the retaining detainees without trails. Of those who have been detained and tortured in Indian jails for over a decade, only a few are released, and some others are tried and punished.

Media cannot afford to conveniently forget the fact that the criminal razing of Babri Mosque is a glaring example of how the Muslims and Islamic institutions are treated in India. With advent of US sponsored war on the so-called terrorism, India has been ably using the terrorism plank to deny what is legitimately due to Muslims. Like the USA and the West, India too describes and views the Muslims as suspected terrorists. All Muslims thus are potential terrorists, if not real or suspected ones.

All these years since independence, the print media, English as well as vernaculars, have faithfully portrayed Muslims as evil, unwanted elements that need to be eliminated at all costs, secretly, or, if that is not possible, openly. The majority of Hindus are projected as the "tolerant ones" and "sufferers" and badly hit people by the "onslaught" of the Muslims, whereas the truth suggests the opposite. Lately, however, Indian media, under the prevailing circumstances, seem to have been caught between the 'duty' to go all out for shielding the majority and advancing the so-called national interest and the need to project India as the largest democracy, at the same time. The media that are used to paint the Muslim in India in dirty colors find it extremely difficult now to change their anti-Muslim format.

Media successfully fueled the anti-Muslim tragedy and promoted the anti-Islamic propaganda. The ugly depictions of Muslims, where the Muslims are shown as villains and ugly guys, have caused tensions in the society that led to the slow annihilation of the Muslims. The media that are so used to painting the Muslim, now would find it extremely difficult to change their anti-Muslim format for fear of angry reaction from the special sections that fomented friction in the society, apart from the worry about a possible slash in daily circulation affecting the profits of the media magnets controlling politics in the country.

More Indian Muslims are employed outside India than in the country, as India refuses to ensure their involvement in jobs and education. Neither the media nor the governments, both the central and the states, seem to be ashamed of the fact that Muslims have to look outside India for a livelihood. While criticizing the Muslims for that which they may or may not be responsible, the media refuse to give due credit. Indian Muslims, working both in India and in the Middle East, have contributed immensely to the upsurge of Indian economy during the past 20 years with their regular bank remittances. But for the Gulf countries, the plight of Muslims in "democratic" India would have been indescribable in a normal language. It is too difficult now, or at a later stage, to remold the mind of the people by giving real facts, even if the media want to set the record straight.

The crux of the issue is how to reset the mind-set of the readers who were made to believe as facts the fiction presented to them, even if the media wanted to undertake that. Indian newspaper readers and media viewers were earlier told that Muslims are a bad lot, terrorists, and suspects and that they shouldn't be entertained in societies at all. Muslims, deprived of any dependable leadership and resources to face the challenge from the media, are used as mere vote bank. The majority might question the veracity and reliability of news presented as new facts about Muslims. To accept the Muslims as fellow travelers, after targeting them thus far for no fault of their own, would be difficult. Readers would be required to treat the Muslims as humans, which would indeed be a difficult proposition. That would mean that democracy is farce.

The main worry of the media magnets and their political bosses seems to be economic advancement of Muslims, which they don’t wish for them. By re-projecting Muslims as humans now, the media indirectly try to make room for advancement of Muslims in the society. Because the governments, by taking cue from the media suggestions, would be compelled to pass necessary laws to uplift the Muslims as well. But the readers are well equipped to receive the supposedly change in mind of the journalistic justice. This is the real dilemma that media, like the bureaucracy and politicians, face today. This explains the reluctance on the part of the media to present facts as facts and turn away from the fictional, degrading portrayal of Muslims.

Media must give up once for all their petrified anti-Muslim mindset and help the nation and society rebuild the nation.


Every year December 6 has found governments across India in yet another crackdown of terrorizing the helpless Muslims, surrounded by their Hindus neighbors.

Using cricket or some other show as a useful tool of diversion on the anniversary of the destruction of Babri Mosque is not a bad strategic idea, but delaying the construction of Babri Mosque is not in the best interests of India and its helpless Muslims. India has conveniently capitalized the fact that the Arabs, supporting the Indian government for trade gains, don’t seem to appreciate the problems of Indian Muslims or Hindu fanatic operations and, therefore, don’t insist on the rebuilding Babri Mosque.

India has been successful in evading the most important responsibilities. One responsibility is granting independence to Kashmir that demanded independence since the time it was tactfully annexed by India. Another is the reconstruction of Babri Mosque as promised by the government of India India should show resolve in accomplishing these goals and establish cordial relations with the Muslims in the country as well as Kashmiris by respecting their loss sentiments. It is already too late to shed hatred politics and concentrate on mutual relationships.

Babri Mosque was pulled down by Indian majority terrorists with state support because they do not want the Mosque to exist so as to purse their illegal case against Babri Mosque. They were told that so long as the mosque existed, there is no case for Hindu fanatics and no political profits for the right wing extremist Hindu parties. So, there had been tremendous mobilization of Hindus from across the nation to converge in Ayodhya like they say the Ramayana TV serial on TV and destroy the mosque. They were assured of state support. Fearing expose of and punishment for their biased anti-Islamic actions, Indian strategists would like to use the successful terrorism ploy without hesitation. Of course, enough of the so-called terrorism, as this plan has harmed the Muslims more than any other section in the society in terms of living and advancement.

Of course, it is not to deny the fact that Indian Muslims are not conscientious enough to understand the undercurrents going on behind the political theater. Since they also, like their Hindu brethren do to them, cheat, insult and would not even hesitate to kill each other, if the network asks them to do. Mischief and distrust characterize the intra-relationship among the Muslims not only in Muslim dominated areas, but even in localities where there are hardly any Muslims living. Torture, physical as well as mental, inflicted by the state agencies upon the Muslims has driven them away from seeking any justice from the government agencies and seeking any share in the national development or resources. One does not know if that would be a victory for the State and the loyal media. Unhealthy attitude of the Muslims themselves has to be blamed for what the government is doing to them.

Ramayana is one of the best epics with well-nit magic plots and moral tales, but it is not the truth or reality. It remains a pure fiction and human imagination of the distance past. . It does not make any sense, however, for the title of hero to be given to the righteous Ram who first abandoned his wife Sita and retrieved her after a long haul and suffering, only to be lost forever. But demolishing a historic Mosque on false assumptions and fabricated evidence of a Hindu structure is the height of nonsense and a majority vandalism protected by state.

Refusal to admit farce might make the researchers discover many more such gods. Unable to comprehend God without proper form, people visualized God in their own creative manner depending on the stage of development of society and human mind. A formless, genderless, colorless, speechless, but omnipotent God was the final stage in the development of understanding and realization of God in modern times. Illegal and immoral destruction of Babri Mosque has reactivated the theme of Ram in India. Whether or not Ram existed at any point of time, lived like any other human being, or was also a prophet, or the Ramayana was only the fruits of the best possible human imagination of the distant past, the researchers can continue to research if they have the energy for that, but search for facts abut existence of gods is vaguer than the very search for God. However, the Babri Mosque was a reality, and it existed before the eyes of millions of human beings before it was pulled down in a terrorist method. Babri Mosque must be rebuilt. India should not confuse Babri Mosque commitment with its anti-Pakistan policy. The Central and state governments ought to exercise their obligation and responsibilities before the Muslim population in the country.

Of course, the Indian majority population, as well as those well-settled abroad with the help of Indian government agencies, does have a right to appreciate reality correctly, view their Muslim brethren correctly, and not to insult, thrash or kill them just for sadistic pleasures or for no reasons. Media have to play a constructive role in India already polluted by dirty religious and anti-Muslim politics. Will the Indian State and media magnets cooperate at least now to create a genuinely conducive media atmosphere promoting mutual respect across all sections of the people in India and thereby serve the national interest better? Or, is nurturing that kind of an idea of real secularism still a utopia? A particular section of population cannot be considered as anti-national, ill-treated, and denied, on some pretexts, their due share in national development of the so-called largest democracy. It would be nothing but a national shame!

Tue, Babri Mosque is not the only issue the Muslims have now, but it remains the most important one because their existence as Muslims in India is in question. Of course, there could be as many problems for Muslims as the country desires. After the construction of the Babri Mosque, the extremist elements among Hindus might go for some new trick but the judiciary must then step in.

Although justice delayed is justice denied, Muslims could forget that prophesy in this case, once the Babri Mosque back its original site at Ayodhya. A better future for the Muslims would be possible only if the Indian regime and media change their falsified historic mind-set in favor of supporting and uplifting the Muslims. It is time, therefore, now, after six decades of Indian independence, for the governments, both the central and the regional, to formulate afresh the media rules of portrayal of Indian reality without bias against Muslim or Islam. This would be in keeping with the growing urgency for a new face of journalism which should be against anti-Muslim format but reflect an all-people positive theme. They should separate criticism and terrorism from aspirations of innocent Muslims who are not agents or vote bank mobilizers.

Muslims still believe in the ultimate Justice. One hopes Indian Apex Courts strikes down the fanatic judgment of Allahabad Court and ask Indian government to keep its pledge to the nation and world to rebuild the Babri Mosque at the site where it stood as an Islamic prayer hall and a witness to the Hindu manipulative politics since 1947. Only Muslims should pray in mosques, including Babri Mosque.


د. عبد راف

Dr. Abdul Ruff,
Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Chronicler of Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher; Researcher, Columnist, Analyst in International Affairs; Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism". Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Unfortunately, we have many hypocrites among Muslims. (

abdulruff is based in Ankara, Ankara, Turkey, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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