Limbaugh on Wikileaks, Obama, and Assange.

Limbaugh on Wikileaks, Obama, and Assange.

Roblin : Canada | Dec 05, 2010 at 8:32 AM PST
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Scenes from "Peter Pan" at Freedom Center

Rush is a bit strange at times but then aren't we all. What seems to impress him about Assange is the way he looks. If I were a psychiatrist I might surmise that Rush really has a problem with body image. In fact the title of the article on this site is Rush Analyzes the Wikileaks Waif. The alternative title might have been: "Fat is Beautiful"

Much of the article wanders off from the topic to talk of Obama's physique and his attempt to get people to slim down. Rush even takes time out to compare his gargantuan body parts with those of Obama:

""Folks, my forearms are larger than Obama's calves, all right? The only body part that Obama has larger than mine are his ears, all right? So here's King Abdullah looking across the table at Barack Obama, demanding that we go take out Iran. Now, would you look across the table at Barack Obama and say, "Hey, pal, we want you to go do X that involves the projection of power or force"? Is this not delusional on the king's part?""

Perhaps Rush will go to the defense of Assange in Sweden where he is charged with two counts of rape. I can hear Rush: "Your honor look at this Waif! He looks like he should be in a Peter Pan stage play. You must be delusional to think he could carry out a rape.""

For Rush, Assange is a little wuss who ought to be in Peter Pan. Rather unkindly I think Rush suggests he needs to be found and strung up wuss and waif though he be. In spite of this spate of negativity Rush is fascinated by the Wikileaks material even calling it fantastic.

In fact Rush claims the material is more interesting than the everyday news. He asks for more of the stuff. Hmm. If you want more of the stuff why do you want to string up the guy who made it possible and gave it to you? Oh I forgot. It is because he is a waif and a wuss.

The cable in which King Abdullah talks about the need to attack Iran interests Rush. Of course he has to go on a long diversion about how old the king is and how sick and how many planes accompanied him to the US and how much baggage there was etc. etc. But he does point out the contrast between Obama and Abdullah. Obama wanted to talk about how important it was to have peace with Palestine while Abdullah seemed to care less about that and wanted the U.S. to attack Iran. Sometimes Rush deviates into sense.

Well how do you have a climax to your spiel and add a little spice. A conspiracy theory. Perhaps Rush has achieved another first. He is the first prominent personality in the U.S. to think that this is all a government approved leak:

" know, Michael Ledeen has a piece today. He used to work for the State Department. When he got a job there, he called Henry Kissinger, and he said, "Give me the best piece of advice you can in the State Department." He said, "Don't write a memo unless you expect it to be leaked," which is the point. All of this stuff comes out of the State Department -- who's run that for the last two years? This stuff is only three years old. All of this is coming out of the Clinton State Department. Is this really accidental? How is it that the WikiLeaks guy remains free? ""

As conclusive evidence that this was deliberate Rush assures us that if the government were truly worried about the leaks Assange would already be dead,"" back in the old days when men were men and countries were countries, this guy would die of lead poisoning from a bullet in the brain, and nobody would know who put it there! I mean, if our secrets were really being compromised like this,"" But it seems that Rush has already forgotten what he had just written that Obama like Assange is a wuss and you cant expect him to do anything like this. What Rush says would apply back when men were men and countries were countries. Now men are waifs and presidents have much smaller body parts than Rush. But to be fair and balanced like Fox News, Rush is forgetful, illogical and fat.

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Julian Assange as Peter Pan
Rush Limbaugh says the Assange looks like a waif who should star in Peter Pan.
northsunm32 is based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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