Hit man sent by Russian government to murder double agent could be Igor the Assassin!

Hit man sent by Russian government to murder double agent could be Igor the Assassin!

Moscow : Russia | Nov 16, 2010 at 6:20 PM PST
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Night Flight from Moscow (1973)

He is known only as "Igor the Assassin". He is a professional killer, who is suspected in the slow death poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, using a tiny bit of highly radion active polonium 210 and reportedly slipped it into the tea served for Litvinenko at a sushi bar in England of all places in 2006.

Litvinenko then suffered a very slow and angonizing death - by design!

Igor was behind that, and somehow managed to stay one step ahead of British police and intelligence officials who went all out in an effort to hunt this man to capture or kill him.

He was hunted by the best dogs of MI6, MI5, and Scottland yard at the time and he alluded everybody. But authorites did manage one thing in their dragnet pursuit of Igor, namely the have the only known picture of him in the world. This came by way of video camera at the airport when he borded a plane headed for Moscow using an alias.


He is suspected in the death, not only of Litvinenko, but half a dozen men in 4 countries.

Igor is without doubt Russia's most experienced top assassin and serial killer. He has even earned the nickname of the "Grim Reaper" and " the Angel of Death",

He the guy the President of Russia calls when he wants or need someone (anyone) murdered (anywhere) around the world.

Then President of Russia Vladimir Putin is the man who ordered the "hit" on Litvinenko in 2006, and Igor the assassin was the "son of a bitch" who carried it out!

He is particularly ruthless, and extremely dangerous, even without a weapon. All we really know about him is that he is an expert at Judo.

Igor's real name and true identity remain unknown (to us) at this time.

We have absolutely no idea where he was born, except that it was 1960 - making him around 50 years of age. In terms of physical describtion we have this: "He is slim, muscular, about 6ft tall, speaks perfect English, and Portuguese"- I find the fact that he speak Portuguese most interesting.

Of his past we know almost nothing, like where he went to school, when he joined the Russian Army...We know he is an ex spy, ex Russian Army Spetznaz officer, who may or may not be employed directly by SVR of Russian Foreign Intelligence Services.


Igor the Assassin is part of a shadowy group of ex SVR spies called: "Dignity and Honor" - the motto of the Russian Intelligence Services.

This group, "Dignity and Honor" was actually named in a document passed to police by Alexander Litvineko by way of a death bed confessional.

Little is known about this particular group, which is said to be a mercenary organization, in number about 40 or more, available all over the world to carry out assigned tasks like "assassination" via SVR Director.

The group reformed under then President of Russia Vladimir Putin who contracted Igor for the hit on Litvinenko and others in 2005-2006.

Oddly the group has a headquarters somewhere along a well known Moscow Street and fronts as an organization representing retired agents from the secret services and the police.

This group of spy killers, murderers and assassins are suspected of being used for "deniable" Wet Works and assassination operations by Russian Secret Services - too avoid too much scandal linked to governemnt.

Word on the street in Moscow is that "Dignity and Honor" group is an equal opportunity employer for freelance jit men who also worked for Secret Services.

The group operates in total secrecy using a unbeatable combination of high tech and low tech spy techniques, based on their effectives both now and in the past, including disguise techniques, forgery, and of course assassination. With different areas such as "sniper, accidents, clean up operations".

1) Accidents - referring to "staged accidents" to conceal a murder.

2) Clean up operations - like the one now to kill double agents.

3) Snipers - to kill at long range with a rifles.

Other groups inside "Dignity and Honor" specialize in sabotage, explosives and special weapons (like polonium 210 and others).

Dignity and Honor is considered to be one of the most dangerous organization on Earth, whose members "retire extremely dangerous" or RED.

Robert Tilford

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LaCrosse, Kansas 67548



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VIDEO: Moscow deaths double in Russia's 'worst ever' heat. Duration: 01:57
VIDEO: Moscow deaths double in Russia's 'worst ever' heat. Duration: 01:57
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