Wichita Chinese prostitution ring indicative of a much bigger problem - international organized crime and human smuggling!

Wichita Chinese prostitution ring indicative of a much bigger problem - international organized crime and human smuggling!

Wichita : KS : USA | Sep 24, 2010 at 9:32 AM PDT
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The announcement of the recent arrests by authorities of 10 people in Wichita, Kansas with participating in a Chinese prostitution network that centered around 'massages parlors' is indicative of a much more serious problem - international organized crime and human smuggling.

Those arrested in this case were Chinese nationals who 'paper tripped' into the United States using subterfuge, under our fatally flawed immigration laws by claiming falsely they were political refugees from China. As such they had a free ticket to ride here in the United States.

Deputy Chief Tom Stolz confirmed that seven of the women were Chinese nationals in the United States states here were political refugees seeking asylum. He said that eight massage parlors have been tied to a prostitution network.

Stolz added that the IRS and Bureau of Immigration Enforcement have joined in the investigation. Whatever that means. Perhaps it is in an attempt to apply RICO statues so they can seize assets or businesses. But that won't shut it down.

I used to live in Phoenix, and Chinese massage parlors were all over the place. Like Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey, Washington, North Carolina and San Francisco, and at least 20 other states.

Especially San Francisco, around China town and the Tenderloin district. It is common knowledge you can get a sex act preform on you at one of the many Chinese massage parlors. In San Franscisco members of Chinese organized crime, and the Triads control most of the massage parlors staffed by Chinese nationals.

Arrests however in San Franscisco are very rare due to the Asian Mafia ties to the police.

Word on the street is that the Triads charge $70,000 dollars US per person to smuggle these Chinese refugees into the US. That human smuggling and sex traficking has become a Billion dollar industry, that feeds back into all sorts of other illegal activities, like drugs for example.

In Seattle and San Francisco authorities routinely find dozens of Chinese immigrants stuffed into shipping containers. Part of the illegal trafficking of human beings into the United States. But Chinese Organized crime has found that it is easier to use our flawed immigration policies to exploit the system to there advantage.

Once here the girls are put to work so to speak in the sex trade to pay for their debts and fees to organized crime.

Often times extortion and blackmail are used to keep the girls in line. Violence is also not out of the question.

In Wichita, the police haven't got a clue what they are dealing with or how violent the Chinese Mafia can be. They will find out, Because prostitution in the United States is big business, and they will not allow authorities or the federal government to interfere with that.

Sex sells big time here in America and the Chinese know this. Hell they know it around the world. They know it where ever American soldiers are stationed! And they know it in places like Thailand where American men literally prowl the streets in search of "yum yum" from under age girls (and boys), some as young as 7 year old - who you can buy for around $50.00 American dollars, or less.

You can run a prostitution or sex sting in any state in America and catch men all day long. On-line the problem is even worse!

According to members of Perverted Justice and ABC news reporter Chris Hanssen the problem is so large there is no where they can't set up and catch men, some of whom will travel many miles to have sex with a under age teenage girl. The men caught in such prostitution and child sex stings run the gambit of the American public, judges, Doctors, Lawyers, Cops, Military, even Homeland Security Officers have been caught.

What's important to remember about the Wichita arrests of Chinese "refugees" is that all this is part of a much larger problem we have - one you will rarely read about in the local paper. It's both a criminal and social problem, we created.

People also tend to look at incidents like the one reported in Wichita as unrelated someone with what's going on across the country. I guess it is sort of a state of open denial on our parts so we don't have to think or deal with the problem in any real way.

In this respect the Wichita Eagle newspaper failed miserably to report on the wider story in this case. They also failed to scratch the surface of just how large the problem really is

Everyone in the "know" - knows not to mess with the freaking Chinese Mafia, which have been around over a hundred years, beginning with the "Tong" back in the 1880's.

They operate here in the US almost as if they were completely invisible. I suppose they are, no one in the Chinese community, for example will talk about it. Mention it to any Chinese people in Chinatown and they will say "no, no, no," and excuse themselves right away. Like you were trying to pass around a vile of plague virus or something.

Like Mexican organized Crime the Chinese employ "soldiers" within their organization recruited from Asian street gangs, who rule the Chinatowns in two states, California and New York and are found where ever there is a sizable Asian community here in the United States.

These Asian gangs usually break down along ethnic boundaries, so you have different groups like the Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos gangs... The dominant group by far is represented by the Chinese. It not surprising to me they found an inroad into Wichita - the home of a lot of lonely men, seeking the comfort of women, other than their wives and/or girlfriends.

The Chinese are 'super slick' about it too - their operations are very sophisticated in some cases.Quick to exploit gaps. For example in the relaxation of visa laws in places like Ecuador, where they are seeing upwards of 75 Chinese emigrating to that country every day. And that is not because of the food or hospitality. Ecuador offers unfettered Visa access to over 130 countries around the world. And it's just a hop, skip and a jump away from the US/Mexico border. Arriba!

How extensive is the problem, I'm not sure. But in 2006, the Department of Homeland Security reported that 39,000 Chinese nationals were awaiting deportation in the US back to China. of those only 300 remained in custody and the rest were 'catch and release' on their own recognizance awaiting legal proceedings.

Robert Tilford

LaCrosse, Kansas 67548


RobertTilford01 is based in La Crosse, Kansas, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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