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What to do about the scum that hurt children

The chairperson of the World's leading human rights organisation Amnesty International in Finland, has described Israel as a “scum state”. Mr. Frank Johansson used the phrase “Israel on nikkimaa”. He also said that his friend who lived in Israel for several years, told him,“he has come to the conclusion that 'Israel is a scum state.' Mr Johansson said, “On the basis of my own visit, which occurred during the 1970s and 1990s for the final time, I agree." “Scum” is a Google translation of nikki. When I initially googled “nilkki”, I got “twat”. Other translations are “punk state” or “creep state”. So it is quite clear that this top official, of a leading human rights organisation, whose credibility is the right to criticise governments worldwide without those governments writing Amnesty off, as prejudiced.

However as was pointed out in global media, All Voices yesterday, the shame of the world's number worst "Scum State" belongs to British Occupied Ireland, where child rape in politically correct. According to yesterday's article, "At least one out of five Irish boys and one out of three Irish girls in British Occupied Ireland will be abused or raped before they reach the age of eighteen."

In defence of Israel, the All Voices journalist elaborated; "The word “enabler” is used to describe people like leading politicians for example who provide an environment for paedophiles to operate in. It’s a secondary act of abuse against the innocent child. Enabling is illegal in Israel, where it is criminal in instances of failure to report child abuse or where reporting is required or mandated by law or where the enablers interfere with the course of justice. The head of Finland's Amnesty international's, Mr. Frank Johansson has just termed Israel a "scum state. Many agree. The President of British occupied Ireland's largest political party, Gerry Adams was elected in the full knowledge of a forced admission prior to his election, by one of the largest majorities of voters, including parents, in Britain's last General election.

Raising the question Brian Clarke asked before he was 'DISAPPEARED' ;


British Occupied Ireland is certainly not a place to take your children on holiday, where voters who voted for Adam's Party in the full knowledge of an Adams and British State cover up of child rape. Adams has also come under fierce criticism after revelations about the murder of Jean McConville a widow with 10 children, with less than a dollar in her purse to feed them. Jean McConville was 'disappeared' for decades like the recently 'disappeared' Irish Journalist, who was fiercely critical of Adams and child rape which is used as a political tool of oppression, in British Occupied Ireland.

The legendary freedom fighter Brendan Hughes claimed he never carried out a major action without the go ahead of Gerry Adams. The 'DISAPPEARED' and murdered poor widow with 10 children, were left to wander the streets of Belfast searching for their murdered mother and food. At the same time as Gerry Adam's brother and father were as Adams himself was forced to admit, active paedophiles, raising fresh questions about who actually found the evidence against the poor widow and the real reason for the order to murder and orphan her 10 hungry children of Belfast. This amtter has caused specific threats, delivered in a language other than english to be issued to the 'DISAPPEARED' Irish journalist.

Adams who enabled his brother whom he believed an active paedophile, to work in three youth clubs over decades of a cover-up, has the full support of his British bosses, his party and the media duped electorate. In a "Scum State' of total media blackout of anger by all right thinking people, virtually all of the Irish media is under the control of the British secret services. The age old human right of any semi-civilized state, Habeas Corpus no longer exists. The right of free assembly to protest, is being removed by Adam's party. Political assassination by agents of British secret services on political dissidents is enabled by Adam's party. Adam's party themselves regularly carry out with the help of the British, assassinations of political activists and critics. Journalists critical of the alliance with loyalist are branded dissident by Martin McGuinness, setting them up for political assassination as in the instance of Martin O'Hagan and Veronica Guerin.

Internment without trial is still the norm in occupied ireland, kangaroo courts without a jury, where non community British sponsored officials, conduct trials in the absence of the prisoner, in secret or in camera and political prisoners of conscience are sentenced to decades in prison on the word of sectarian police or highly paid political informers recruited by Adam's party. It is without doubt a fascist Nazi police state, within the open air prison known as British Occupied Ireland with Adam's and his party the chief enabler in exactly the same sense as enabling child rape and abuse for decades. This is all hidden beneath a veneer of civilized British spin and the British Broadcasting Corporation who portray it world wide as a domestic sectarian issue, conveniently forgetting that it was the invading British who stirred and cooked the passions of division to enable conquest leaving a trail of bloodshed around the world where their receipe of divide and conquer, be it along racial, religious, or ethnic lines, serving their purpose of colonial rape and pillage.

The British occupiers encourage and sponsor child rape in occupied Ireland, because it is an excellent tool of political control. The British secret service, principally MI5 select young men from families, with a culture of known child rape not just in Ireland but all over the UK, recruit them when they are young and keep them on a tight leash, with the blackmail of going public on child rape their stick. The secret services in the UK also control the judiciary and the media in this manner to the extent of controlling not just the UK but all of John Bull's other island which includes the "Scum State' of and the illusionary 'Free State'. If Adam's left his niece helpless who was raped at four years of age and stayed quiet for all of those years about it, what are we to believe, when the British would have challenged him with the evidence they had for fifty years, that his Father was also a paedophile ?. The 'disappeared Mr Clarke who was interrogated consistently over the years of the troubles, had some pretty strong sentiments on Adam's and his party, aiding and abetting the rape of Irish children all over British Occupied Ireland.

It is feared that the Irish journalist recently'DISAPPEARED' knew just a little too much, as he was also an ex-senior member in the early '80s, of Adam's party at Comhairle Cuige Uladh (Ulster Provincial Body)level, before he became totally disillusioned with what he witnessed and left. His researchers have filed considerable information on matters relating to the coup carried out by the Adam's Gang, within the Irish Republican movement with the help of the British, who gave Adam's the platform to undermine the Republican leadership of the time, post Sunningdale. Neither Adams or McGuinness in their respective roles adhered to the parties rules, structures and regulations to effect republican policy of that time and using the sop of a political platform offered to the party at that time in return for a ceasefire, instead used the political platform to enhance their own profile within the party and proceeded post Sunningdale, to undermine the leadership of the time, the movements policies, for their own personal British contrived agenda.

Child rape in serious instances, carried the punishment of execution, among traditional Irish republicans before the British mentored Adams coup and takeover. After the Adam's gang takeover, child rape became a talked about open secret within the republican community but for upstanding often religious Irish Republicans it was incomprehensible, that it would be sanctioned at the top. In hindsight the rank and file did not realize that in West Belfast, which became a law unto itself under Adams it was common knowledge and another British tool to undermine the movement.

Now with the Adam's Party being the biggest party in power in British occupied Ireland, it is clear child rape, hard drugs and general criminal activity is used to both recruit and control the criminal takeover of all of Ireland by the British, where children and teenagers are the prime victims. It is a merciless and ruthless tactic employed by the the British in conjunction with the Adam's Party to suppress the voice of the people of no property, who are desperately seeking to protect their children. Vicious enabled criminal gangs roam the streets in some instances used as bait, as in one instance recently in Belfast, to lure traditional republicans into the open to protect the community, to be summarily captured by the British with th help of the Adam's gangs.

The statistic of one Irish girl in every three and one boy in every five, being raped or abused is rising. Despite a 200 million inquiry, nothing has been done officially to protect the children in Ireland, except support Adams and his party, in their roles of enablers of child rape and crime. In the 'SCUM STATE' of British Occupied Ireland, child rape is Politically Correct and encouraged along with other sponsored crime as a tool to divide and conquer the Irish communities in their own land. Superficially the British and the Adam's Party have state sponsored bodies to help vulnerable children but are in reality staffed by his party and despite all the modern help available worldwide on this issue, in Occupied Ireland it is case of spreading the disease not recovery. Suicide particularly in west Belfast is at epidemic levels, in a culture of enablers top down. It is the most vulnerable, the children who are feeling the pain right now in the secret, dark place of British Occupied Ireland, while those brave enough to challenge its evil inherent nature, are summarily interned without a proper trial or any human rights.

The widow Jean McConville was murdered with 52 pence (less than a dollar) in her purse. Gerry Adams is currently a very wealthy man along with his gang members, courtesy of the British. He came from a home of child rape in West Belfast himself. The British monarchy system of born privilege, would say he did well for himself and one of these day Her Majesty will probably make him a knight of the realm in the form of Lord Adams for services rendered to the British Crown. Irish republicans and civilized people will tell you, he is the epitome of a 'SCUM STATE' of Occupied British barbarity, that another generation of Irish freedom fighters like Brendan Hughes and their patriot dead of 800 years, will have to stand up and fight again to achieve. They better get their leadership right before they do, because history shows, that perfidious Albion is already lining up the next Adams family.


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I thought that Ed Harris said it best in this movie.
AchuslaClarke is based in Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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