Draconians, Jesuits, Zionists, & 2012

Draconians, Jesuits, Zionists, & 2012

Marietta : GA : USA | Aug 07, 2010 at 6:15 AM PDT
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Draconians, Jesuits, Zionists, & 2012

First of all, since virtually everything we learn from both the mainstream and alternative media is a lie or some form of deception, I don’t expect very many people to take this message seriously. Because we have been lied to and deceived for so long by a very sophisticated propaganda machine, most people regard the truth as totally absurd when it initially makes its appearance. Therefore, simply consider this information another opinion based on approximately 5,000 hours of my personal research over the past 4 years.

Next, some facts are verifiable, even for the most severely brainwashed people. The United States of America is a corporation owned and totally controlled by the Rothschild-led central bankers. The central bank of the United States is The Federal Reserve Bank. This is a private bank, owned and controlled by the Rothschild Family, the Rockefeller Family, and a few of their wealthy friends.

The Federal Reserve Bank is only one of the 165 central banks around the world owned and controlled by the Rothschild-led central bankers. This is not my opinion. This is a verifiable fact. The Rothschild Family was primarily responsible for the funding and success of Zionism, the political movement responsible for establishing Israel. Therefore, I will refer to the Rothschild-led central bankers as the Zionists.

Virtually every serious conspiracy researcher, from Eustace Mullins to Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Daryl Bradford Smith, Michael Collins Piper, Dr. Michel Chossudovsky and many others all believe the Rothschild-led central bankers are at or very near the top of the world’s most powerful and destructive criminal syndicate. Compared to this syndicate, Tony Soprano would be about as threatening as Mother Teresa.

Still other serious conspiracy researchers like Eric Jon Phelps, Avro Manhattan, Greg Szymanski, Dave Cleveland, and many others believe the Jesuits are at the very top of this criminal syndicate and the Zionists report directly to them. The Jesuits were originally the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church and in 1823, according to Eustace Mullins, Eric Jon Phelps, and others, they made the Rothschild Banking Institution the Vatican’s investment banker.

The Jesuits control the Vatican Treasury and have been the Rothschild’s biggest customer for the past 187 years. Together, they have managed to acquire ownership or control of virtually all of the world’s natural resources, corporations, banks, media, the medical establishment, both legal and illegal drug trade, and of course the governments of some 165 countries, including all politicians, judges, military, and intelligence operations.

Still other serious researchers like G.H. REES, Dana Horochowski, and others believe the Draconian Reptilians from the Draco star system have been in charge of everything on Earth since about 11,000 B.C. These researchers believe the Draconians, a reptilian race, has been at war with the Andromedians from Andromeda, a human-like race for hundreds of thousands, even millions of years.

The Draconians controlling Earth are allegedly led by Yahweh who rules us from his flagship death star-like space ship called Levan, the original name for our moon. Yes, that’s right; Yahweh supposedly resides in the moon where he rules over his evil empire here on Earth. The all-seeing eye, floating above the rest of the pyramid on our dollar bill, symbolizes Yahweh keeping an eye on us down here on Earth.

Allegedly, Yahweh’s second in command is Lucifer who serves as the captain of the Draconians’ second flagship called Lilith. Allegedly, Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. All religions were created by the Draconians to suit their evil agenda. Supposedly, in addition to these two flagships, the Draconians have an additional 118 war ships (battle planets) stationed in an orbiting position around the planet Jupiter.

For the past three years, or longer, some 960 battle planets of another star fleet belonging to the Andromedians, a race of beings who believe in a Loving Oneness, the good guys, have been assembling in the orbital rings of planet Saturn. Allegedly, they are here to protect Earth’s inhabitants when the evil Draconians make their final desperate move against Earth.

Over the past several years, allegedly, more than 40 astronomers have died, mysteriously, after reporting these metallic looking space objects gathering around the rings of Saturn. Of course, this has never been reported in the mainstream media.

Allegedly, our entire solar system, controlled by our Sun, is traveling through our galaxy at a speed in excess of 500,000 miles per hour. Our galaxy, The Milky Way, is also traveling at an enormous rate of speed through the universe. We are approaching a section of our universe where the vibratory rate is much higher than the Earth has ever experienced before. Apparently, sometime around December 21, 2012 the Earth will be traveling through a section of the universe where the vibration is too high for the Draconian Reptilians to survive.

Supposedly, there are 9, 10, or more dimensions of reality which vibrate at different rates. The higher is the dimension, the higher is the vibration required of any being in order to exist there. Allegedly, the 5th dimension is where the vibration of pure love begins and where no evil can exist. The Draconians must make their move sometime before the vibration becomes too intense for them.

Some believe they are planning a fake alien invasion, called Project Blue Beam, where they may pose as the good guys offering all of us a helpful hand by boarding one of their space craft to keep us safe. Instead, those foolish enough to board one of their ships will become part of their food supply. Allegedly, they enjoy eating us as much as we enjoy eating pigs and cows.

The Draconian race regards fear as strength and love as weakness. This long held belief has sentenced them to an eternity of life in the 4th dimension and below. Only through a loving vibration can one enter the 5th dimension and above. Of course, the only thing any Draconians needs to do, in order to ascend to the 5th dimension, is to change their faith and cultivate the necessary loving vibration.

The Draconians simply need to begin accepting the fact that The Prime Creator, the Intelligent Living Universe, is not only unified but is Love based, not fear based. It is amazing to me how such highly advanced and intelligent beings like the Draconians can continue making such an egregious error thereby denying themselves so much joy and peace.

Who knows, maybe the Prime Creator enjoys the drama.

bwinwright is based in Marietta, Georgia, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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