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Sinead O'Connor - Child Abuse

Gerry Adams's niece Aine, in Belfast Occupied Ireland, as a
13-year-old in 1987 told her Uncle Gerry that his brother Liam had
raped and abused her from the age of four. Uncle Gerry says he
believed her all those years ago and then he allowed Liam to work for
the best part of twenty years with children in Adams's West Belfast
constituency along with other republican children in Dundalk, Donegal
and Romania with his silence as Member of Parliament for the area and
president of provisional Sinn Fein.

The armed wing of his party at the time, the IRA's areas before Adams
sneaked the British paramilitary police in, were where Republicans
looked after their own and punished drug pushers, child abusers and
rapists, except, in Adam's instance, it now appears that criminals
related to the British media created political star, were free to do
what they liked.

Adams as President of the richest political party in occupied Ireland
and a long standing Member of the British Parliament, responsible for
West Belfast, covered up the crime, thus allegedly, colluding aiding
and abetting and possible enabling in child rape in the future,
looked for sympathy from his party and got it, instead of taking
responsibility in his position. H subsequently, despite all the
publicity around the matter, got one of the largest majorities in the
British General Election, from some of the same parents, whose
children were endangered as areult of his inactivity. For people of
conscience, its as surreal as the other Addams family and a horrific
example of the spread of a disease in the community, that Adams
claims his father had as well.

The facts according to Aine, the victim are, that from 1978 her father
regularly beat up her mother Sally, to make her run from the house,
giving him the chance to assault Aine sexually. Aine was too scared to
tell anyone. In 1983, Liam Adams was thrown out of the house by his
wife who made a fire of his possessions and prevented him from seeing
his children again. Aine had some peace until 1985 when she learned
her father with a new wife had another little girl. Worrying about
this other child's welfare, prompted her to tell her awful story to
her mother for the first time.

Her mother took her to the police, the social services and the most
powerful man in West Belfast, Uncle Gerry, who was told that a police
medical examination had confirmed Aine's story as being true. Aine
says her uncle gave the impression of being sympathetic and took her
to a meeting in which her father denied everything. She says she was
persuaded not to proceed with charges, although she never retracted
her story.Many times over the coming years, Uncle Gerry promised to
persuade Liam to apologise but nothing happened, soshe stopped seeing
Gerry Adams when he started to treat Liam not her as the victim.

Aine living in Scotland did not know her uncle allowed her father to
work from 1998 to 2003 in a youth club beside him, which he could have
stopped with a word with local priest or later nearby as a youth
officer. Aine decided just over a year ago that since her father
refused to sort out what her father done to her, she would pursue it
through the courts.

Liam disappeared, refusing to attend a court hearing where charges
were brought - and as a result Aine waived her right to anonymity.
Gerry Adams still failing to take responsibility minimized his own
role in failing to deal with his paedophile brother. Instead blaming
the paramilitary police for his brother not being dealt with, saying.
. . there's only so much an individual can do, it's up to the

The 'free state' of Ireland in the South has had numerous revelations
that for many years, the Roman Catholic bishops covered up the same
sort of priestly abuse of children as Adams did, along with the
collusion of police, politicians, lawyers, media and the ruling
establishment. In the Irish parliament, Adams spokesperson
hypocritically denounced those who 'colluded in crime, in depraved
sexual attacks, in an abuse of power and influence, they perverted the
course of justice, they protected the guilty with the following

'They, the paedophile priests, the bishops, archbishops and police who
protected them, I believe, and many others believe, are culpable in
the deaths by suicide of many, many abused children or later adults
whose lives were destroyed by the paedophiles and their protectors.'

He called for society 'to expose the wrong done to those children and
ensure that every step is taken to pursue the perpetrators and those
who failed or purposely refused to carry out their duties to protect
children and to investigate and prosecute criminals.'

A neighbour who knew Adam's brother Liam and who's family treated him
like one of their own and selected him to be a Godfather to his
sister, was shocked and disgusted with Gerry Adams' claim, that he did
everything to ensure that anybody who knew his brother were aware of
the allegations. He categorically stated his family was never made
aware of any of this and nor were the numorous community projects and
youth groups where he was heavily involved, told about it either.

All of this was happening against a political backdrop, of a long
protracted war being fought by Adams colleagues, who trusted him to
provide proper leadership, as President of a movement for social
change with justice in Ireland, with a noble tradition of many
sacrifices made. Ten young hunger strikers had just given their lives,
in the belief of change with social justice. British intelligence
along with Irish republican intelligence were well aware of what was
happening which raises extremely serious questions about the ethics of
Adam's leadership.

All traditional Irish republicans believe that in the absence of
providing the appropriate leadership and taking responsibility, he
should have taken the honourable option and resigned immediately. His
actions they say were devoid of honesty, compassion, integrity and the
serious nature of the crime. They are offended by the odious Mr Adams,
whom they say should no longer be in a position to pollute the living
rooms of Ireland with pompous, hypocritical opinions. His presence
they maintain along with that of his cronies shames all Irish
republicans who have a belief in justice. Now ironically, it is Adams,
working for the British along with his gang, who have their former
comrades of political conscience, imprisoned, tortured on a daily
basis, in dire conditions in Britain's remaining concentration camp in
Occupied Ireland precisely the same as Bobby Sand and the ten Hunger
strikers who died protesting British injustice in Ireland.

British controlled media in Ireland with spin doctors who put Adams on
a pedestal because of his surrender to the british, have spun these
facts in such a way with an accompanying blanket of censorship, that a
significant part of the population, many of them parents of endangered
children, incredibly returned Adams with one of the biggest majorities
in the British Parliament, to represent Castle Catholics who put Adams
and their personal greed, ahead of their own children.

Two groups have been formed on Facebook regarding this matter.
One of the prinicipal reasons for the formation of these groups is
that Gerry Adams is possibly Ireland's best known politician. As such
he is a role model for many aspiring boys and girls in Ireland , where
there just has been revelations, of thousand upon thousands of
children being raped in Ireland.

The British and the coat trailing Irish establishment are trying to
portray this man who surrendered a large part of the movement to the
British as a man of peace. Nothing could be further from the truth.
When their is justice in Ireland, there will be peace. The facts
outlined above, can be verified independently in many sources. To
ensure the survival of Adams there is blanket of censorship presently
being enforced in Ireland on this matter. I am asking you to examine
your conscience and if you believe like I do that the future
generations of children in Ireland deserve protection, then please
join these groups on Facebook and ask your friends to pass this on
because presently in occupied Ireland there is just disease being
passed on.

If you read this far, go raibh maith agat agus beir bua ! (Gaelic for
thank yo and we will prevail) For anyone international reading this,
we desperately need your help to bring international standards of
child care to Ireland, all of the country is being ruined by this


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She shut up the audience with courage and her mouth full of truth and strength. Live at Madison Square Garden, for the Bob Dylan Tribute.
BFClarkeNUJ is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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