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90 miles - Remember Republican PoW's Ireland

A Paedo Party which seems to have a lot of support in Ireland, seeks to lower the age of sexual consent and legalise child pornography and sex with animals.The party which cannot formally be named for legal reasons has caused international outrage but in Ireland it has not been criticized, because it is the norm for mothers to often look the other way and for many fathers to comprehend the seriousness of the crime, because of the strict censorship of International values, enforced on all of John Bull's other island by British occupation and a long tradition of child rape on the island by two foreign powers of monarchy both originating in Rome.

The British have always encouraged child rape in Ireland and used paedophiles as instruments of blackmail to maintain occupation and enable their agents to control all of its political management, along with the judiciary, police forces and media.The British also use it to control and organize 'death squads', paedophile torture rings, in interrogation centres and currently with their prison staff in a concentration camp of brutality in Ireland.

Recently in a throwback of British laws in the so called, Irish 'free state', the High Court ordered the immediate release of a man serving a three-year sentence for sex with a 12-year-old girl. Mary Laffoy the judge said his detention had been unlawful, because of the Supreme Court's decision striking out a law on statutory rape.The court also found that it did not have the power to continue to hold the 41-year-old, because British law in the Irish 'free state', says sex with children is a grey legal area. The prisoner claimed he was being held in prison on a warrant, which is based on a non-existent Irish law.This all the result of ignorance created by British media censorship of international norms in occupied Ireland.

Organised child rape in Ireland has a long tradition, from the monarchies of both the invading British and their allies the Roman church, which carved up Ireland between them and erased the old Celtic Church. An underground collaborative of some of the worst 'rings' within religious and political orders, go back centuries of Imperial systems of privilege with impunity, to rape the commoner natives, peasants and their children. The culture of paedophile 'ring' tradition continues to this very day, as the paedo parties and gombeen politicians rule on behalf of the occupation Absentia Britannia in the south.

Because of the prevailing ignorance on the seriousness of this most serious of crimes, devious, dangerous individuals climb to the top of the British food chain in Ireland, enabled by paedophile rings, long established in occupied Ireland by the British. These political party leaders in Ireland, would be kept away from normal society elsewhere but the British find them particularly useful, to continue their occupation of Ireland. One particular paedophile ring controlled by the British, was uncovered recently in Ireland still operating within the prison service. Paedophile acts taught by the British to them as children in child homes, such as Kincora, are to this very day being utilized, during strip searches of political prisoners and their families in an effort to break Irish resistance to an inherent British injustice that is carried in the genes of every Irish rebel.

Sexual rape and internal probing of political prisoner's anuses by British cultivated paedophiles, are prolonged and abused in a British cultivated atmosphere of dominance, degradation and provocation, almost daily, accompanied by brutal beatings for non compliance. Several of the Irish prisoners of conscience as a result, fore go much longed for family visits, because of the abuse and rape. The torture of the prisoners, is sanctioned by Gerry Adam's paedophile enabling party, along with Martin McGuinness who themselves are currently involved in major controversy.

Gerry Adams stands accused of ignoring and enabling abuse and child rape, following the publication in the Irish newspaper the Sunday Tribune, claims by two women that they were raped as children, by his colleagues who ignored their pleas for justice. In what is seen to be but the tip of the iceberg, both women were closely connected to senior republican families in Belfast, a relative of the IRA chief-of-staff Joe Cahill, and a now deceased IRA commander. Both women said Gerry Adams and other senior Sinn Fein figures knew about the rapes but did nothing.

The accusations came after Gerry Adams's admission that his father and brother sexually abused children in their own family but he remained silent in his capacity as President and MP, along with the British military, who together for 22 years enabled it to continue, while his brother proceeded to work in several youth clubs over a 15 year period, while still holding senior positions within Adam's party. Adams brother is still a freeman facing charges in the south almost 30 years later, while Adam's himself just received the unanimous endorsement of his party, including thousands of parents in WestBelfast in a general election.

In this shamefully sick society, enabled by a British media mafia censoring all protest, the product of centuries of both British and Roman imperialism, children continue to be raped, abused daily and then either grow up, to become either abusers themselves, believing it the norm and open to the British predators or become prisoners of conscience, to be again tortured by British paedophiles as political prisoners of conscience. Occupied Ireland is a vicious cycle of barbarian, bullying with censorship, blackmail and child rape, the principal tools.

Right now under the pretensions of a 'peace process' which in reality is a 'paedo process' censored, the brutality of Maghaberry prison is the interface of wills, to break the back of Irish resistance to the continuing John Bully's rape, of innocent Irish children. In dirty prison cells, a throwback to their comrades of Bobby Sands in 1981 and the 10 young Hunger Strikers, who gave their lives, rather than subject themselves to rape of their bodies, minds, spirits and emotions by the heartless British monster, of international torture and genocide of International War Crimes.

To those of you still sceptical of the extent of all of this i suggest you investigate other British colonies, such as Scotland who are also controlled by the British in a similar manner see the

link the truth seeker

for details.

A spokesperson for a group called the NON SECTARIAN GROUP TO ARREST ALL PAEDO ENABLING POLITICIANS IN IRELAND recently formed on Facebook, which I urgently ask you join, to prosecute politicians enabling paedophiles in Ireland, has recently received threats, says that Ireland as result of these paedophile enabling politicians, is quickly reinforcing its image as a place of vice for politically enabled drug addicts, paedophiles and porno fiends attracting even more British abuse. Ironically in a commentary, recently on the British media, a newsperson reportedly stated, that this was only to be expected in a catholic country who continue to fight the British.


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Video about Irish P.o.W's and there iscolated lives inside English based prisons with no contact with the outside world. Support is neeeded now.
BFClarkeNUJ is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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