Liquid Examination

Liquid Examination

Quảng Ngãi : Vietnam | Jul 18, 2010 at 5:48 AM PDT
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Liquid Examination 2

Just because I do believe that the University is not a good test, Trinh Cong Sy - good student of High School Le Khiet(Quang Ngai) - have come to death. The departure of the sudden he turns 18 new students that parents, friends, teachers ... can not believe it's true.

On 14-7, we found the house in the countryside Trinh Cong Sy Phu Lam poor rural West (Thien Hanh commune, Nghia Hanh district, Quang Ngai). In small houses, mobile image plate with a white shirt still in high school the name of Zheng Jie Le Cong Sy (12 professional grade math) is placed on the altar incense smoke ngut think.

Hardy child

Le Thi Tuyet, Sy's mother, located just below the altar wine with attractive children. She did not speak. Although Sy was buried Tuesday from 13-7 but still busy with my friends, to neighborhood to incense smoke for pupils and shared some brief pain with parents Sy. Mr. Cheng Vang, a father Sy, choked up: "wife husband hardy, frugal farming brothers to school it is only with the desire to escape poverty. Both children are the pride of the husband and wife. So that ...".

Although hard work, two brothers and Sy are good at learning English is good in both areas. Brother Trinh Cong Tien Sy is still a student of Economics University of Vietnam, many years Sy is also good students. Neighbors said Sy is the first year students at the commune in the early hours to pass the Straits of Le Jie famous cases.

According to his brother Sy, Sy 11-7 am also invite you to visit his grandmother and uncle Ut. "I know it seems sad to go on to ask me to share encouragement. Initially to talk football then gradually move to a new University of story construction. She said all but block B is easy to understand why the exam do not be so sad "- Note Ut said.

"Do not dare to face tomorrow"

By lunch 11-7, dinner after cleaning is completed, Dr. Sy call about dinner with the Sy family say you're visiting. "But in fact it was at that Sy goodbye hug and two friends to go out of agriculture" - Tien said. Here, Sy took farewell phone message for you in grade 12 math (called T92).

Then Sy hoppers have been taking to suicide. Past noon, it did not feel good, family and village in search of Phu Lam Tay Sy. But until nearly 7am 12-7 last found the body of Sy. She choked Snow said: "Since it must be special school far from their families to the town school, sometimes to get your bike back to eating rice. So that ...".

After the burial is complete, the family opened the phone and read the lines of "suicide note" sent to parents: "... When you read these messages then maybe I went on another world, no voices, no laughter ... Lives which have no fun anymore now University dropped again, I do not dare to face tomorrow. I am sorry ...". Sy's Foreign just done to know the pain, "also in gold leaf on the tree, green leaves falling down ...".

Ms. Trinh Cong Sy chairman in two years (11 and 12 specialized math classes), Ms. Vo Thi Dung is out of character and learning resources Sy. She said: "Sy is gentle and obedient students learn very good. The few words but a very exciting Sy in class activities. I not only respect but a friend who also loves her teacher. "

On receiving Sy suicide, she was really shocked capacity. And even now she still does not understand why Sy action in a superficial way. "A good pupil gentle, dynamic and enthusiastic as Sy is how can such an action. Wild child too Sy Post! "- She uttered Capacity hurt.

Le Nam, friends since secondary school and was a friend of Sy grade math specialist, said that students specializing in math but Sy comprehensive study well. This year the competition into two blocks Sy A and B but the biggest wish is that the block B in Sy GP branch of City University of Medicine. A complete block final exam, Sy said there is a call to all good. But after exam block B, by making sure all work well so sad Sy.

Before losing Sy, Nam has received the message with the content of Sy "T92 farewell." Sy found strange message, the South recall questions Sy told nothing, saying only joking. Then Sy said the test is not good, very sad voice. "Do not all good with a good student who is not sad. Sy also make bags they only pain but then doubt where you look to death "- Male said sadly.

Thay Tran Dinh - High School assistant principal Le Jie - said: "Tin Trinh Cong Sy children die of suicide do not test well has made all shocked. Because so far never had such a situation occurs. As teachers, they learn good and wise sage Sy, but do not understand why such pressure. Many school children also under great pressure as competition in the famous universities in the country. Have you not pass the first year of competition but still determined to retake the following year. Till now our school is really still can not believe your ears anymore. "

Pressure from many sides

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong education - HCMC University of Pedagogy, the phenomenon of students committing suicide as the exams as you can not directly cause the students themselves create pressure for yourself. "They build themselves a good image, satisfactory, good student and always successful. They are proud of myself, many people around celebrating. When they failed to feel the fall "- Dr. Hong said.

Dr Dinh Phuong Duy psychologist concurred: "The pressure from the student body comes from the pressure of those around them: parents, teachers asked the children, their students must study well, to go to park high. When not achieve that, they feel shame, feel sorry for adults. "

Searching for root causes, Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Dean of Urban Studies Vietnam National University, said: "Students today under pressure from the larger society, particularly the exam pressure. By all means students must go to college. Even the institutions, social institutions can also do this. "

Dr. Le Bich Lien - Deputy Director of Children's Hospital 1, Ho Chi Minh City - Analysis: "How to educate pupils so natural now that lack of knowledge about life skills. Students only have a single concern is to learn and study, many children are heard in the conversation maize social behavior. Want bravery, students must have the construction process and practice. Upon failure, students do not know how to stand up to go next, ie solving skill shortage problems in life. "

"I'm a guide for students doing master's thesis. Conducting a survey with high school students: the difficulty of how children cope. Unexpectedly, 40% of students answered "when their own difficulties, endure not seek help from anyone." This figure is significant for us to think: why they do not believe teachers, parents and friends to pour out so pleased to be supporting the stalemate? "- Dr. Dinh Duy Phuong confided.

According to Dr. Wei, a number of young people today are manifestations of mental weakness, not daring to face the facts of life. When we talk or not, they fled in several ways: ignored (for example, will fail without a re-examination), suicide or blame others. From the way on the run, you have some self-destructive behavior myself and see it as a punishment. When the sad, lonely, too, then they do something and not fully aware of the consequences of suicide.

Dr. Le Bich Lien warned: "I think when they do not think suicide to their loved ones, and here parents, brothers and sisters ... would look like. They will be tormented, how painful. " Dr. Bich Hong said how important they understand that life there are always unexpected, stumble trip, failure is not unusual situation. Good students can still fail if the errors in the article at work. Must accept that failure to try to have success later.

But who will help students realize that? "No one other than the grades to parents. Try to accompany the milestone in the life of her son. When construction is complete, see the sadness, frustration, parents must reassure right "- Dr. Bich Hong proposal.

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Grandparents and parents still can not believe that Sy has gone forever
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