The Turks & Caicos People Want British Rule? Disingenuous Remarks of Anthony L. Hall

The Turks & Caicos People Want British Rule? Disingenuous Remarks of Anthony L. Hall

Cockburn Harbour : Turks and Caicos Islands | Jul 11, 2010 at 5:18 AM PDT
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May 07 2008 TCI Featured In International Journal

This small island-country in the Caribbean has already gone through so much in one year, a coup by the UK, civil and human rights violations, land confiscations, etc. The last thing that the place needs is someone commenting on the politics of the islands who has no interest in seeing the country succeed and whose authority is merely that he's a descendant of the islands (his grandparents were born in Turks & Caicos).

The last thing that I want to do is to expend energy battling commenters who have little stock in Turks & Caicos' success. But I feel compelled to tackle a certain author's remarks last month.

Anthony L. Hall hails himself as a Turks & Caicos descendant, and from that point of view, feels it necessary to interject his strong-arm opinions into the matter of the British take over of the Islands last August.

Mr. Hall was once a contributor of TCI Journal in Turks & Caicos, a propaganda web tool used for the UK agenda there. From the standpoint of his background with TCI Journal, his June 1 article makes a lot more sense. To the layman, Mr. Hall's ranting and unproved statistics could be believed. But be assured, Mr. Hall tells his mainstream readers that the politics of Turks & Caicos are uninteresting and he vowed to refrain from speaking about it. Good thing too, because he's never lived in Turks & Caicos and has not been intimately following the peoples' suffering there.

As for his writing style? A little arrogant and verbose for my taste, and a bit boring, but okay.

First of all, I know that this is a bit nitpicky, but when will Mr. Hall discontinue calling the British occupation "the British interim government?" Interim suggested that there is a plan for the UK to leave Turks & Caicos, which there is not. The UK has repeatedly said that they will have a "permanent presence" in Turks & Caicos. Let's start by being honest and call the British the occupiers.

If Mr. Hall's ranting is read correctly, it appears that he is telling his reading audience that the people want the UK occupiers in Turks and Caicos. He even throws out a statistic, "90 percent of us who fully support our interim government." First of all, who's the "us" in this scenario? Mr. Hall lives and works in America and has never lived in Turks & Caicos. And, who's this 90% he's talking about?

Look, if Mr. Hall wants to throw out percentage statistics regarding the population that desire British rule in Turks & Caicos, please by all means, back it up. Why not let the people vote in a referendum? Is the UK occupier chicken to let the people decide? Or, wait a second, I did read somewhere -- I believe it was in Sir Robin Auld's report -- that the people in Turks & Caicos are corruptible. Maybe that's the excuse that the British will use to disallow elections and continue its strong hold on the people's hearts, minds and livelihood.

Mr. Hall doesn't believe that Gordon Wetherell is a dictator? What other label is there for a UK diplomat who runs the country with a special prosecutor and no separation of government powers? I thought Mr. Hall had a legal degree, and lives in Washington D.C. no less. How can he not know that this is highly illegal and most certainly is a dictatorship.

Mr. Hall, I have to debunk your comment that the international media reports on Turks & Caicos. It does not and has not reported on this matter at all, save and except the outset of the coup last August 2009 and a couple of articles in The Independent claiming that the local people want a British bail out. This is a great segue into a point about the funding. The people want their revenue back from the UK, not a bail out! Yes, I am shouting. The UK took the treasury and revenue and failed to pay the bills and caused the revenue downturn by spoiling foreign investment by targeting resort developers. This has left the government in dire economic hardship. You can find economists' analysis of this on the internet. It would be too painful to explain the finances on this forum. But rest assured, the UK's confiscations in Turks & Caicos were punitive and legally unsound.

Mr. Hall further blathers on about corruption. I am sure he does, he was one of the contributors of TCI Journal, a known propaganda pro-British web blog in the islands that convicts people of corruption by innuendo and rumor. Mr. Hall should denounce his tenure writing for that forum immediately if he is to have any credibility in his "opinions" (okay, I know he passes opinion off as facts and statistics, but I will let that go.) If the UK has proof of corruption, then let them bring it. Why are people like you, hanger's-on, so interested in making accusations when the UK has brought no proof?

Mr. Hall, I speak directly to you. The British have not proved corruption, there is no inkling of a trial date for the corruption-accused and only weak circumstantial evidence which will assuredly be trumped up. The British have been there for one year and have had a special prosecutor team installed there for nearly a year. Where is the proof already? I know, I know -- they will find something. That's why all the efforts. They are trying very hard and they will probably come across something interesting or they might just have to manufacture something the way it's going. The UK is not there to investigate corruption, they are trying to force an argument of corruption.

Here is where I will start shouting. How dare Mr. Hall insult the efforts of UK's Lord Nigel Jones on behalf of his plan to restore democracy to Turks & Caicos! The Foreign Commonwealth Office made the decision to invade Turks & Caicos last August, not the parliament. This has Lord Jones upset at UK's actions. Parliament never voted on it. Not only did Parliament not get a vote, but the UN is furious and has published declarations to that end. Now, the Foreign Commonwealth Office reneges on allowing local elections in 2011. Not only should the UN and Lord Jones be furious, but the world (including you Mr. Hall) should be furious too that the UK is abusing power and taking civil rights.

Lord Jones is not stupid enough to repeat that weasel, MP Chris Bryant's, dismissive response whilst he sips tea, "It is important to restore right governance to Turks & Caicos." Really Mr. Bryant, that coming from a person who stole money from the UK tax payers caught in the MP expense scandal last year. Brilliant. A thief is covering up a huge British human and civil rights crisis in one of its territories. For God's sake already, if there is some covert operation that keeps the UK from spilling the truth of its agenda there, say so already. Because the pieces are adding up only to a handful of people. Lord Jones is evolved enough as a person and citizen of humanity to ask the right questions. Calling him nationally insensitive for standing up for the people of the territories, is simply a weak pot shot. Many are watching out for the UK's interests, who is watching out for Turks & Caicos?

Then Mr. Hall makes fun of the people of Turks & Caicos for marching for democracy? Let me lay this out for you Mr. Hall.

1. The UK took all the revenue from the islands and has damaged the island's investor confidence beyond repair. It has accused businesses and resorts of corruption and as such has driven out these foreign investors. There is no proof of corruption, yet their lands and bank accounts have been confiscated by UK's abuse of power re: the Serious Crime Office.

2. The UK has created severe economic suffering for the people who have lost their jobs and economic stimulus from the resorts, see item 1.

3. The UK has been confiscating land from both developers and regular citizens. These people purchased the lands and built on the lands in good faith and are not being afforded any legal democratic intervention.

4. The UK raised taxes on an already suffering people who pay $8 a gallon for milk because the cost of living is so high.

5. The UK has cut civil servants' salaries by 10% and vows to make further cuts. These are the people who can least afford to have their salaries cut.

6. The UK is intimidating the people and any dissenters by accusing them of corruption. Helen Garlick's team and TCI Journal is targeting anyone who speaks out. Oh yeah Mr. Hall, Shaun Malcolm has accused me of corruption and told me that Garlick is coming for me because I insulted him. Malcolm terrorizes people using his close connection to the special prosecutor. This is an abomination of justice and holds the people hostage. It's called a police state Mr. Hall.

7. The UK is rewriting the Turks & Caicos constitution without a vote from the people. This has also infuriated the United Nations which called this move "a blatant violation of the people’s human rights." So, how about a referendum on that too. Why not let the people vote if everything that the British does is on the up-and-up?

For these reasons and many others, the people protest. That you paint the people as unsophisticated and unknowing of why they are protesting, is an insult to the people of whom you purport to be a part.

Stand up for something honorable, Mr. Hall, or say nothing at all. The British already have a very evolved support system. I am sure that your contributions to this matter are being covered already by Shaun Malcolm.

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Chris Burke is based in San Francisco, California, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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