Defending the Practitioners of Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Defending the Practitioners of Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Washington : DC : USA | May 17, 2010 at 8:02 AM PDT
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Andreas Moritz

The role of alternative and integrative practitioners in the prevention and treatment of cancer is a crucial one. When will the prejudice against them give way to acceptance?

The cancer industry continues to profit in the billions of dollars, but its protocol of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy reveal grim statistics when it comes to quality and length of life for its patients (or victims). These standard procedures simply do not work, have a terrible track record, and end far more lives than they save.

In addition, the cancer industry spends masses of its funding for the aggrandizement of doctors' boards and conferences, all for the purpose of perpetuating an industry which is at its core a lie.

As Ralph Moss states in his "Profits before Lives":

"In 1974, I began working at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the world's leading cancer treatment hospital. . . . A big part of my job as Assistant Director of Public Affairs was to write press releases for the media about cancer news and to write the in-hospital newsletter. I also handled calls from the press and public about cancer issues. So I was just doing a normal day's work—or so I thought—when I began interviewing an esteemed scientist at the Hospital for a newsletter article I was working on. It turned out that the scientist, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, had repeatedly gotten positive results shrinking tumors in mice studies with a natural substance called amygdalin. (You may have heard of it as ‘laetrile’.) Excitedly (and naively!) I told my ‘discovery’ of Sugiura's work to the Public Affairs Director and other superiors, and laid out my plans for an article about it. Then I got the shock of my life.

“They insisted that I stop working on this story immediately and never pick it up again. Why? They said that Dr. Sugiura's work was invalid and totally meaningless. But I had seen the results with my own eyes! And I knew Dr. Sugiura was a true scientist and an ethical person. Then my bosses gave me the order that I'll never forget: They told me to lie. Instead of the story I had been planning to write, they ordered me to write an article and press releases for all the major news stations emphatically stating that all amygdalin studies were negative and that the substance was worthless for cancer treatment. I protested and tried to reason with them, but it fell on deaf ears." Source: The Cancer Industry: Profit before Lives

The blatant ignoring of cures which really work and which are adjusted to the science of nutrition and its time-tested realities, speaks volumes of the truth of the intent: profits before lives. Insurance companies give patients no choices with regard to alternative treatments, and those who can really help in both prevention and treatment are quickly labeled as quacks and hucksters, a maneuver which can be readily recognized as so much scapegoating and projection on the part of mainstream medicine.

Once such practitioner who has been unfairly derided is Andreas Moritz.

Moritz is author of a host of books on natural preventative and healing methods. Highly trained as a practitioner - indeed, Moritz completed a grueling and intensive study at Maharishi European Research University (MERU) in 1980, and in 1981, another Intensive study in Ayurvedic medicine; again in 1988, at the British School of Shiatsu, London, UK - he is best known for his liver and gallbladder flush, which is a method which has its roots not only in certain practices in antiquity, but was a proven technique with the world renowned Jethro Kloss.

The liver as the seat of life, as the crux of the body's natural cleansing system, is an integral belief in the world of alternative medicine, and is certainly more in tune with the body's natural healing powers than the converse approaches taken by mainstream medicine. (See "Cancer is not a Disease, Says Author")

Yet predictably, Moritz has been labeled and derided as "unscientific" and even "dangerous" by those who hold to the profits industry of mainstream medical practice and research. ("For the sake of Science")

Indeed, one of the biggest arguments which mainstream practitioners make against alternative healers like Moritz is that their methods do not work. Yet a host of patients can show that they do, and many who are not helped were not soley due to the damaging and ravaging effects of the chemotherapy and radiation to which they were previously subjected.

Worse still, is the denigration as "quakery" of Moritz and his colleagues' emphasis on treating the whole patient: psyche, soul, and body; while the counter-intuitive treatment of the patient as a slab of meat separate from other aspects of the person is extolled as the ideal. Moritz use of painting as a healing technique was also put in practice by the great physician and analyst, Carl Gustav Jung.

One can only hope that the future will lead to real choices for cancer patients: insurance coverage for alternative and integrative methods which - as in the case of Farrah Fawcett, another victim of mainstream cancer treatment methods - those afflicted often turn to in despair when it is already too late:

Farrah Fawcett recently reminded the world that radiation and chemotherapy just don't work. When 40 percent of the population is expected to have a problem with cancer, and approximately half of them will die from it (from the cancer industry's own statistics), perhaps it's time for the population to recognize that what the medical establishment calls a "proven treatment" is only proven to leave about half of its recipients six feet under.(Source: "Chemo and Radiation do not work")

Moreover, the cleansing preventative methods researched and offered by those like Mortiz are too often scoffed at when they do indeed hold the power to prevent cancer and other diseases in huge segments of the population. This scorn of integrative medicine is regressive, reactionary, and counterproductive. It is diametrically opposed to the genuine interests of human health and a humane medicine.

Let us hope that the prejudice against alternative medicine, already seen through in our era by increasing numbers of frustrated health seekers, will give way to a full acceptance of it, and that it will become the mainstream in theory and practice, as is its due. One promising sign already: Physicians are leaving medicine for alternative careers, and some of them will go into alternative medicine as a natural segue. (Source)

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