Satanic Deceptions

Satanic Deceptions

Taputimu : American Samoa | Mar 11, 2010 at 3:40 PM PST
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There's a website that falsely promises a few things and slanders Christ. It is called Kids and Teens for Satan. I will expose their lies in this report. Remembering that safety is of the Lord God and Lucifer (meaning light bearer) became Satan (adversary to all mankind) because he caused women (and men) to lose perfection through his deceitful but smooth words. He tempted Eve with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life (he tempted Christ along these lines as well) and still uses these same methods today. His followers are the same as their master. They are spreading smooth lies of gross error in an attempt to fool people of Satan's true intentions. He has come to kill, steal, and destroy all of mankind. As he is a liar and the father of it. Also a murder from the beginning. The Devil hates every person and his demons torment those who believed his lie, dying in their sins. Hell was created only for Satan and the demons but when mankind became followers of his ways, it was enlarged. If you go there it will be as an intruder. Yet Christ Jesus died for every single sin ever done by anyone and nobody has an excuse to go there. If you believe what I just wrote (they are scriptural) you'll get baptized in Jesus' name and continue in the words of the apostles until your death. Thereafter, the angels themselves will escort you into paradise. Now while Satan is given a certain amount power, it is given to him from God for a limited time only. When he enters into Hell he will be as weak as anyone there. Satan is a great pretender. He will play act that he likes you and will give you only misery and demon infestation in the end. Sure, he may solve (temporarily) some of your situations, but he has no real long term solutions (nor peace of mind) because he himself will be destroyed or turned into ashes when God is done with him. Satan and his kingdom is already a divided one. Even as demons do turn on one another and even of his devoted followers. Think about the Egyptians who served Satan and his myriad of gods. In the end, they were not only afflicted by his evil angels but destroyed by them (though they evidently served him with great dedication). Here now are the words of this deceptive web site in italics. My rebuttal is in parentheses."Your interest in Satan is a positive thing (If you love death then sure it is). "It's important to put aside all your prejudices in coming to know Satan" (You must be willingly ignorant of God as well as his great love for you and that of Satan's great hatred). "Many lies have been told about Satan and his demons" (By this you must mean that they seek to destroy and deceive everybody, never stopping this until they are banished into the lake of fire by God himself). "Satan doesn't force himself on anyone" (Really? Try playing a Ouija board or calling upon him to assist you in something and you'll never get rid of that unwanted pest unless you ask God for help in doing so). "There are many lies and stories to try to scare people away from Satan" (Well, the truth alone about him will scare anyone as even he will betray his own demons to a certain doom). "True Satanism is about is becoming a god and having god like power" (Like Eve who was lost all power and authority over earth to Satan after his lie to her? Or like Nimrod and the king of Tyre who both were destroyed after a brief time of experiencing it). "Satan shows us that we are important" (The pride of life ploy here. Yes, you important to Satan as long as make God feel grieved at losing more souls to this trickster). The Nazarene has a long track record of turning his back on his disciples in their time of need" (The Lord God will never leave nor forsake you and has made a way for eternal happiness by his son's blood shed in your stead. Yet Satan always leaves his followers hanging, just as he did to Judas Iscariot so he will do so to you)."The legends of his disciples dying horrible deaths are to create a slave mentality in his followers" (Notice how he immediately casts doubt of Christ to cause the disbelief effect, even as he did to upset Eve so he works now in the same manner. Whosoever commits sin is a servant of sin but the son of man gave perfect liberty to follow him. Anybody not following Christ already is a slave to sin and Satan). Now there are lot more things in this site but this is enough evidence to show the deception and arrogance of Satan. Kids and teens can have a hope in this world even though it's falling apart at the seams. Allow Jesus to be your first, last, and everything in between. That is the true secret to success and eternal life. Have a blessed day and God will bless your every step when you look to him for the answer. He will give you power, peace, and a sound mind. You will tread upon the enemy and his flunkies as they fear God, fleeing from him. I can't promise you that everything will go your way but that you'll be glad that you followed God in the end. Yet those who served Satan will only have disillusionment and dismay as their final result.

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Satan Tempting Christ
Satan Tempting Christ
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