Fake Pot On Demand: K2 Igniting The Internet!

Fake Pot On Demand: K2 Igniting The Internet!

St Louis : MO : USA | Mar 07, 2010 at 12:26 PM PST
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NEWS FLASH: March 7, 2010

Parents beware! There's a new drug in town at your local convenience store. It's legal, anyone can buy it-even a child, you can't get arrested for smoking it or being in possession of it, and it is claimed to be even better than marijuana!

The "synthetic marijuana" labeled as herbal incense to mask intended purpose is made in China. It has become a sensation in the New England area, and more recently, the Midwest like St.Louis. The flashy packaging is alluring to teens and kids, who don't realize the havok it does to the brain. It comes in a variety of flavors like "citrus" and "blonde".

"K2" is a brand name for a dried herbal blend that can be smoked. It produces a high similar to that of marijuana but doesn't contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. Instead, K2 contains synthetic chemicals, known as JWH-018 and JWH-073, that mimic THC by acting on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Unregulated in the U.S and made illegal already in many parts of Europe already (Britain, Germany, Poland, France, South Korea and Russia), the is potpourri causing a fury of legal and social issues for law enforcement.

In 2009, Germany banned the sale of "Spice", as some call it, because tests revealed that it contained JWH-018 and yet another potent chemical, CP-47 497, developed by a drug company in the 1980s for research purposes. It produces effects similar to THC and is three to 28 times more potent. Some U.S military commands have already banned it.

Research has proven that naturally produced marijuana leads to health issues, including schizophrenia. With synthetic marijuana being even more potent, it is frightening to consider its potential damage.

Smoking K2 has shown to manifest the following symptoms:

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Increased anxiety, agitation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Chemical dependencies
  • Withdrawls compared to hard street drugs like crack cocaine
  • Severe, uncontrollable vomiting

Various chemicals are being used with different brands of K2, so regulation is nearly imposible. There is no medical use derived from this product. People are playing Russian Roullette by smoking this unknown product.

This reminds me of a nightmare case I had with an offender. He inhaled or huffed paint-a HUGE addict. I couldn't test him for it, as it doesn't show up on a drug test,and he knew it. I knew he was a serious risk to the community. His grandparents were his gaurdians-though he was an adult. (He wasn't the sharpest tool in the box!). His dad also was under the custodial gaurdianship of the same couple. The grandparents wailed and lamented over the offender with every home visit, every phone check, and with every office visit. The police and I couldn't do anything about the poorly behaved man, who created a devestating wake of destruction wherever he went. Eventually, my worst fears played out. The offender was huffing paint while in a stolen pickup-belonging to his former employer. The offender passed out and wrapped the nice pickup around a telephone pole at a busy intersection.Fortunately,noone else was involved. The man broke his neck, and lived. He only had a traffic ticket, despite the overwhelming evidence of drug use, empty paint cans in the truck, and the truck being stolen (The D.A. wouldn't accept the charges). One wickedly ugly head halo and a crap-eating grin later, he was back on the streets. There wasn't a damn thing I could do!

Such will be the case with this K2 drug. People will be killed using this drug or be in the unlucky path of someone using it. Without being illegal and testable, there will be nothing law enforcement can do. Innocent victims will have no justice. Little kids looking for a cheap and legal high will inevitably die.

Just this week it has been sited in Amarillo and the northern-most parts of Texas. For $30, you can buy 3 grams, and it doesn't take very much to get high-a whole lot less than it's cousin marijuana. It is sold in head shops and convienence stores, as well as other mom-and-pop places.

I can understand the argument of making marijuana legal. But, I don't condone people driving under the influence of anything, even legal medications. I don't want to be killed on the road by some a**hole who hated their life or thought they had a medical excuse to use drugs. I have a right to be against it as much as anyone who is for it. I don't think that legalizing it will take money away form drug addicts/dealers. They will find something else to destroy our brains and commit heinous acts of terror with. Just you watch!

Prisons are full of non-violent offenders who had pot in their possession. I know we need more officers watching violent offenders like sex offenders than these potheads. I agree. The tax payers shouldn't be throwing away money to stupid potheads for their "bed-and-breakfast" courtesy of the State. And yes, the cost of rehabilitating them and supervising them in the community is also a waste of money. What about those who have been victimized by non-violent drug offenders? The same can be said about it being a gateway to worse crimes and drug abuse. Then what are we suppose to do? Tell them, yea, you can smoke pot, but no heroin and crack? Yea, smoke that blunt, but don't rob someone to get the money for your pot? Where do we draw the line?

We already have politicians screwing people, worse-their own gender, do we want the average Joe be just as messed up because of conflicting messages about drugs? Think that one over and drop me a line.

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ban these chemicals!
AsherKade is based in Abilene, Texas, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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